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    Illusions Wearing Off: Eastern Europe Turning Eyes From EU to Russia

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    As the European project seems to be finding itself in havoc, many countries from the former Eastern bloc have started to realize that they were too hasty in deciding to join the "European family," which was never a "fair game" and where they were "left to stagnate," thus they are now looking to Russia, according to political scientist Phil Butler.

    "Former Soviet bloc countries are a kind of litmus tests that shows the EU was never a fair game in the first place. Germany and the central Europeans thrived for a time, while other nations were left to stagnate." political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe Phil Butler writes in his analytical article for New Eastern Outlook online magazine.

    "The EU, NATO, and the western alliance have utterly failed the people of eastern Europe. The unrequited love of former Soviet bloc nations is slowly turning to scorn. The Euromaidan and ensuing civil war have laid bare an ideological and cultural divide ages old. With Brussels and NATO reeling from recent events, the fear mongering used to leverage aligned nations is losing its effectiveness," he says.

    The political scientist then cites as an example the ongoing political processes in a number of Eastern European countries.

    In Moldova, he says, there is "the general eastern shift to Russia." The country's new government was able to win because "the majority of Moldovans are for a strategic partnership with Russia," which the new team is advocating.

    "In 2014, our current pro-European coalition in the parliament signed an agreement on association with the European Union, and, frankly, we got almost nothing in return from the European Union, while sustaining a major economic setback by losing the Russian market and our strategic partner. This is what happens when politicians who try to destroy age-old ties and traditions between our peoples come to power,” the author quotes Moldova’s former PM and current head of the Socialist party Zinaida Greceanîi as saying.

    To the south and west of Moldova a score of EU member states discuss a “Brexit-like” abandonment of a globalist system many see as doomed to failure, he further says.

    Hungary to the west has begun to lean towards Russia as well, he says, and Bulgaria to the south of Romania was "never fully a western satrap."

    In a recent poll conducted in Hungary, the author says, 75% of those asked favored pragmatic relations with Russia as opposed to only 5% saying that “Hungary should not even talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin at all”.

    "Upheaval in Bucharest over real or perceived corruption by leadership, Greece’s ongoing plight, the old sounds of Serbia and even countries like Slovenia – send a clear signal," he says.

    The Turkish reset with Russia, especially the renewal of the south stream pipeline project mirrors the Russia tilt in Greece, Macedonia, Slovenia, Italy, and other formerly devout NATO-EU devotees, he further notes.

    "No matter how one classifies all these geo-political moves, the clear trend in favor or Russia ties is crystal clear," he concludes.

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      terryjohnodgersin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, There is no reason on God's Earth why Trump should not cancel the national debt which would then undermine the very people who have caused such a mess throughout the West. As for the Ruble, well I believe that 'ol Vlad has that well and truly under control.
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      What .... country's place illegal sanctions on RF ... and then expect to trade with RF .... what are these country's smoking !
    • Zoanthropy
      The Freaky Deaky Dutch.
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      In the capitalist world and the imperialist intentions of the elites by existing and or re-emerging powers, the continuous warmongering and threats, the international mass media supporting the agenda of the elites and spreading fear and terror, people are disorientated and lost in the illusions that they have to select their tyrant and patrons instead for strangling against them. Peoples should understand and believe to their power to change the world to their benefit against the plutocracy .
    • Hermesin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      I think you are wrong. There is actually no economic idea, ideal, purpose or policy behind the incorporation of eastern european countries in the EU. The main purpose is setting up USA (sometimes called NATO) military bases and missile defense shields there. They couldn't care less about people or economy. Once they have tricked them into becoming a military outpost of USA' they loose all other interest and for them the game is over.
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      armorin reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, right there. Encircle , WEAKEN Russia if they can, DISMEMBER Russia
      ideally: THAT's the 'game' the Us of NA and Nato/Eu etc are playing. Slavic peoples, go to your natural allies, Go back to your Christian Roots , and soon you'll see the difference. Forward in Faith.
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      Exactly right..
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      K9in reply toMishka Kyiv(Show commentHide comment)
      Mishka Kyiv, Poroshenko et al backed by the USA and the EU are in the business of ethnic cleansing. Kiev is rules by a bunch of NEANDERTHAL THUGS
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      armorin reply toK9(Show commentHide comment)
      K9, I think it's best to ignore the man(m.k.).
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      Too many people have ignored...
    • choticastile
      Phil Butler, as usual, nailing it-- a straight arrow hitting the rotten and crumbling core of western politicos and their global masters' agenda! Ooh, it makes my heart beat custard!

      After WWII and the greed crazed carve up of Europe which followed-- specifically the nations of Eastern Europe were condemned to endure horrific treatment at the hands of the west. But at last breaking point is finally arriving-- heralding a return of sanity to the embattled nations of Eastern Europe who are coming to understand fully where its only future lies-- which will always be with its own!

      Interrupting myself here-- lest I forget to add it, I recommend the following article:-- dublinsmick.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/paris-terror-attacks-ordered-by-the-committee-of-300 -- Very informative read and worthy of sharing with others far and wide! IMO, its the only way we can bring our bit to defeat these un Godly bstds! -- (with apologies for my somewhat profane universal shorthand!)

      Today Eastern European countries, fully understand that the European Dream was a delusion-- became a nightmare, not only in Europe, but in most countries worldwide.

      Virtually all countries hijacked and held in the grip of the Central Insanity Agency and its MIC, however, the good news is that, one after the other, countries globally are claiming their independence and rights to self determination, resisting and shaking off what even in modern day, remains the archaic colonial imperialists' enslaving, thieving and strangling fascist global yoke.

      Long overdue, respect for and recognition of the rights of each country's territorial integrity and sovereignty demanded!-- It is becoming an unstoppable global contagion, guaranteeing the defeat and demise of the western global policeman's unholy agenda-- as the world truly journeys into a true reality, whereby every country and its peoples, have the opportunity to grow and flourish as a productive entity of the global community in the balanced environs of a multi-polar world -- where building BRICS -- not shattering the bricks of any country, but opening the doors to stability and a world of peace and cooperation.

      Thank you Phil Butler-- I saved and treasure the mail long ago received from you, because more than words can say, it is testimony of your humility and the deep integrity of your commitment to the World and its many diverse peoples -- to the Planet we all share and call Home.
    • choticastilein reply toK9(Show commentHide comment)
      K9, No worries -- their desperation is palpable and find themselves the losers-- Part of the bitter and twisted losers-- the REAL global barbarians -- left without recourse and isolation -- sorrow is theirs. While some are paid trolls-- sadly others are just too brainwashed to recognise the reality of a world forever changing for the better.
    • Mikhas
      Of course it wasn't. Some inferior states was just a "in your face" to Russia just because they could and others was for the containment policy and others again (Romania, Bulgaria, the Ukraine), to corner Russia and making Black sea a NATO lake.

      The last one failed and backfired miserably and the main prize (Crimea) is now eternally Russian. Vickie Nudelmans dream of her and other members of her tribe, like ukie Ambassador G.Pyatt & assorted friends standing on on the shores of Sevastopol blowing their noses, laughing and waving good buy at the Russian fleet leaving, was just a dream too good to be true. Nudelman is now back in the basement gnashing her teeths in Yiddish rage. eventually the rest of the Black sea cost will be liberated by Novorossiya, which it is a part of.

      The €urofags will soon dissolve and the ghastly & racist "€urovision song contest" with it.
    • choticastilein reply toRick Sanchez(Show commentHide comment)
      Rick Sanchez, No problem-- as with the return of fair trade afforded by the Eurasian Union-- the sky is the limit for Eastern European countries. Their economies growing to strength and leaving western European nations behind-- licking their suppurating wounds-- (laughing) The hustle and thrive busting forth within Eastern Europe will serve as a natural social equaliser, as nothing like being left with miserable futures, to make western arrogance and superiority fade away like mist in the sun!

      Also-- Don't forget that the countries and people of Eastern Europe, stolen from Russia's lap-- share the same ancient and rich culture as that of their original Motherland. Struggle and even the worst suffering and poverty ever dealt to and endured by any one nation, was visited on Russia for almost a millennium-- yet not even this most wicked and inhuman travail ever succeeded in erasing Russian culture-- the real purpose of her hideously cruel and ruthless enemies. Yet, Russians, amongst very few nations-- while rightfully proud of their country and heritage, have a genuine humility-- not afflicted with the vanity and arrogance so common in the western world.
    • choticastilein reply toMikhas(Show commentHide comment)
      Mikhas, Love what you said-- !! The truth, but put across with such aplomb and clever irony -- that it had me in stitches!
    • Rick Sanchezin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, Amen to that brother! I've got 2 kids, one half American, the other half Russian. Though their moms look like, their personalities are like night and day. You hit it right on the nail about them being proud of their country and heritage as well their genuine humility.
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      jerstefin reply toMishka Kyiv(Show commentHide comment)
      Mishka Kyiv,
      "No-one want these savages living next door."
      So,why don`t you move?
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      michaelin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, agreed wholeheartedly. :)
    • choticastilein reply toRick Sanchez(Show commentHide comment)
      Rick Sanchez, Yes-- Fortunately, return of critical thinking seems to be taking a leap into the positive -- would be great if it turns into the quantum leap the world needs ASAP.
    • Hagbard Celine
      It´s to do with M, more than anynthing else. So now we know, Putin is responsible for getting Merkel into office, he planned this all along.
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