15:41 GMT21 January 2021
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    As United States President Donald Trump’s plan to cooperate with Russia against terrorism is delayed, time is playing against the American leader, according to Franz Klintsevich, first deputy chairman of Russia's Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security.

    Earlier, sources in the Trump administration and unnamed diplomats told AP that Trump may shelve, at least temporarily, his plan to reach a deal with Moscow, including on fighting Daesh and on other security issues.

    According to AP, such reconsideration may be due to the pressure over the Trump administration over their alleged connections to Moscow.

    "I’m not 100 percent sure that this is true, so it’s 50/50. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that Trump and his team is under enormous pressure via all domestic and foreign channels. This pressure is aimed at preventing him from constructive dialogue with Russia," Klintsevich told Sputnik.

    His opinion was echoed by Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Russian parliament’s upper house.

    "As for now, that’s only rumors. Maybe they’re distributed deliberately, in order to pressure Trump once again," Kosachev told Sputnik.

    He noted that if the information is confirmed it will be an "unprecedentedly successful attack against the US President by Russophobic politicians."

    Moreover, this would be "Trump’s most serious defeat" because he is forced to neglect Washington’s strategic and security interests.

    "Those interests could be effectively implemented in cooperation with Russia," Kosachev said.

    In turn, Klintsevich stressed that counterterrorism cooperation between Moscow and Washington is the key to making the world a safer place.

    "But the American side has confined itself to general statements, having taken no practical steps," he added.

    "We understand that to a certain extent the US President is restricted in his capabilities. We’re ready to wait for a while. Nevertheless, time is now playing against him. He is bound hand and foot and the binds are getting tighter," the lawmaker concluded.

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