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    Geroge Soros, long an advocate of imposing more taxes on the wealthy, has himself amassed a massive fortune by delaying those very tax payments - but the bill may be about to come due.

    Soros' Ideology Exposed: A Post-Modern, Post-Family, Post-Border New World Order

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    Over 16,000 people have signed a petition asking President Trump to deprive George Soros of citizenship and expel him from the US. Igor Pshenichnikov, an advisor to the director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, an influential Moscow-based think tank, explains what's at stake in the ideological and metaphysical battle shaping up.

    Thousands have signed a petition at verified petition site Change.org asking Donald Trump to ban the US-Hungarian billionaire and his Open Society Foundations from operating on US territory, accusing him, his family, and his businesses of working to manipulate US politicians and spread post-modern, anti-conservative values in the country and throughout the world.

    "We ask for a warrant to be issued for [Soros's] willful actions to destabilize and bankrupt our economy by pushing his anti-America open borders globalist New World Order society agenda with the intent of destroying our country," the petition, authored by Ohio-based activist and songwriter Vanessa Feltner, reads.

    The billionaire, according to the petition, is trying to destroy the US by "buying our governments, manipulating our currency, buying politicians and negatively buying influence over our Western values." Listing the issues of particular concern to conservatives, the petition protests that "Soros has provided funding for abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration and other radical experiments in social engineering." 

    "We want America to remain sovereign, a Republic nation," the petition stresses. "We want to remain a Christian nation. This man and his son will continue to attempt to destroy our Western values and we agree he must be removed or arrested immediately to guard the safety of our values and our country." 

    Taking a look at what is known about Soros' global efforts, and offering a distinctly Russian perspective on the billionaire's initiatives, RIA Novosti contributor and Russian Institute for Strategic Studies expert Igor Pshenichnikov pointed out that virtually everything laid out in the Change.org petition applies not only to the United States, but far beyond its borders as well.

    Business magnate George Soros arrives to speak at the Open Russia Club in London, Britain June 20, 2016.
    © REUTERS/ Luke MacGregor
    Business magnate George Soros arrives to speak at the Open Russia Club in London, Britain June 20, 2016.

    "Soros," the analyst recalled, first "outlined his view of the world in his book 'The Age of Fallibility'. His main aim is to create a world without borders, where everyone is equal and free, where the interests of all minorities, especially sexual ones, are not only secured through legislation, but prevail over the interests of the majority."

    The billionaire, Pshenichnikov added, is the proponent of a gender ideology "borne in the depths of the feminist movement, and which today has become a socio-political foundation of Western society. This ideology implies 'freedom from gender identity': however one imagines him or herself in the gender sense is how they should present themselves to the world. In the West today, this is de facto the 'dominant religion', and Soros is a fanatical follower of this religion."

    Last year, hacktivist-run website DC Leaks published dozens of secret documents related to Open Society Foundations operations, demonstrating, among other things, how Soros' fingerprints were all over efforts to affect Western societies in ways disturbing to conservatives and others opposed to a post-family world. This, Pshenichnikov noted, includes the depatholization of sexual and gender identities, along with strategies to decriminalize prostitution and legally recognize transsexualism as a psychiatric norm.

    "Soros has also actively intervened in the work of the World Health Organization," the journalist noted, "and has tried to change existing international classifications of sexual disorders so that the postulates of 'gender ideology' could be scientifically justified." The strategies include support for advocacy groups working to change the WHO's International Classification of Diseases to remove transsexualism as a psychiatric diagnosis.

    The WHO's European bureau, where Soros' supported 'advocacy groups' are also in place, have also been highly active in supporting the billionaire's agenda, specifically with the 'Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe'.

    General view of the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, February 1, 2016
    © REUTERS/ Denis Balibouse
    General view of the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, February 1, 2016

    This document, Pshenichnikov noted, includes instructions "on how European children are to be reformatted from a young age, their traditional innate matrix destroyed. Here's just one excerpt from these standards: 'Sex education is firmly based on gender equality, self-determination [of sexual identity] and the acceptance of diversity.'"

    Furthermore, the commentator added, DC Leaks has confirmed in its 2016-2019 strategy for 'women's rights' an aggressive campaign to promote abortion, aiming not only to remove anti-abortion restrictions, but to stimulate their growth in countries where restrictions do not exist. "The implementation of this strategy involves a national representative presence by Amnesty International, various associations and family planning centers, and organizations defending women's right to abortion. In the first stage, Soros' plan calls for an attack against Catholic countries, especially Ireland and Poland, which have strong anti-abortion legislation in place."

    Billions for Regime Change Worldwide

    The financing of NGOs meant to destabilize countries which don't meet Soros' value system is no secret to anyone, Pshenichnikov noted. "On its own website, Soros' fund does not hide that it has spent $1.6 billion on the goal of 'democratic development' in the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union over the past 33 years."

    "Furthermore, $2.9 billion has been spent on 'human rights', including 'often marginalized groups such as drug users, sex workers, and LGBTQ communities.'" $2.1 billion more has been spent on 'education projects' from pre-K to higher education, including the aforementioned sex education projects.

    In 2017, Soros' fund plans to spend a total $940.7 million dollars, "from which initiatives in the US will get $98.7 million, those in Europe $65 million, and those in Eurasia (meaning Russia) $42.8 million."

    Three years ago, Pshenichnikov wrote, Soros' tens of millions of dollars' worth of investment into 'pro-democracy' NGOs in Ukraine paid off, and the country was subjected to the unrest leading up to the Euromaidan coup d'état, a cataclysm from which the country continues to reel from today. Other Eastern European countries, from Bulgaria to Hungary, have also been affected.

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (second left) and George Soros (right), founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations, during a meeting in Kiev
    © Sputnik/ Nikolay Lazarenko
    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (second left) and George Soros (right), founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations, during a meeting in Kiev

    Nationally oriented leaders in Eastern Europe have made clear where they stand on Soros and his foundations. Last year, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had the following to say of the billionaire's activities: "There are some who envisage a world without borders: this is exactly the concept which George Soros and his civil society organizations seek to popularize. This notion is at best well-intentioned and naïve, and at worst is based on a calculated assessment of processes leading to the end of traditional civilizations, ways of life, cultures and nations."

    Now, Pshenichnikov noted, following Trump's election, mass demonstrations of the kind long seen in developing countries around the world have begun popping up in the US as well, including via Pussyhat Project, which US alternative media have warned sounds quite similar to Soros-linked projects, complete with its own color and brand identity. 

    Ultimately, the journalist stressed that as far as the US is concerned, Trump is now the main figure "expressing the will of traditional America. For this reason, he appears to be the main headache for Soros." Who will emerge victorious in the ideological, political and metaphysical battle between conservative nationalism and liberal globalism? Only time will tell.


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    • choticastilein reply toasimpleguest(Show commentHide comment)
      он отвратительный старик! -- il est faute de vieil homme!
      A vile old alien lizard ....
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      Make a donation to the Clinton Foundation and have Hillary drone him.
    • Blackiein reply tosukhoi47(Show commentHide comment)

      True, they are racists.
      You must prostrate yourself to their masters Rothchild filth.
    • Blackie
      Jews are Gods chosen people so they keep telling us, and the Talmud is their faith, plus The Protocols of Zion are real not fake .
      They worship the golden calf .
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      Some of this seems laudable but the notion of globalization is in my opinion a dangerous one that looks an awful lot like totalitarianism. Of course as history shows having a few people making decision's for a larger group has never worked out well in the long run.
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      Antares Prime
      Maybe these people should create their own LGBTQEFDKZ country up there in ultra-liberal Massachusetts or something. Soros could be its president, but only under the condition that he not be allowed to meddle in the affairs of the rest of the country or in any other countries of the world. A kind of gilded house arrest encompassing enough space to hold all his associated sicklings.

      Maybe then they'd stop bothering the rest of us and trying to change us into something we're not.
    • John Twining
      Soros is certainly no proponent of postmodernity. There's an awful lot of garbage spoken about postmodernity, largely by the entrenched left who don't understand it, refuse to understand it, or seek to pervert, subvert or avert it. The postmodern epoch is about rejecting the grotesque aggrandisement of idealism and intellectualism which has marked the 5 centuries of the era of western modernity. "Postmodern ideology" is an oxymoron.

      It's typical to find Soros appearing under false banners - in this case it's the banner of postmodernity. I say send him home to Hungary and forbid him ANY passport. The Hungarians will know how to deal with him.
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      He should be praised for the spread of anti-conservative values.......
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      The Soros plan is to enslave people through there own vulnerabilities its a form of fear used to cocoon young mindless generations in there own indulgent self thought.
      Soro's fear it that western capitalism has reached its end date and cannot sustain unless borders are eradicated to free up resources the only way to achieve that is through social engineering.(previously it was done through a major war but with Nukes its much more difficult).
      By encouraging group individualism (tribalism) which is primarily manifested by social media this experiment creates pliability to accept living in and around and integrating with other cultures alien to them whether harsh or punitive.
      Thus also creating massive dependence on state, and acceptance to state and to accept living in relative poverty as we now have in the US.

      As borders give way and with it the intrinsic sense of belonging to a culture disappears patriotism and need of power in the individual who can now no longer be provided with the norms associated with good sound government like full employment with prospects.
      Soro's is guiding these people to learn to accept that is there fate, whilst the rich get richer still with access to unfold riches that prior belonged to another nation.

      In essence Soro's is protecting his loot by looting others with the full support of the new generations of baby adults who walk around with a dummy in there mouths and spit them out frequently if any one dares trying to take away their teething blanket.!
      Which is a false sense of security because their inner self is being cocooned which is also a major rhyme and reason in some mental illnesses, which Soro's wants to debunk but of course manipulate for his sick sad purposes as is being the case with a number of his inspired demonstrators.
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      Soros just doesn´t respect the national sovereignty of other nations
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      How come he gets away with it all?
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      Most all of you are complete hypocrites.
      Yeah, Soros may be scum for his attempts to influence global politics. But he's not alone, not by the greatest stretch of the imagination.

      Name a single billionaire who doesn't use his wealth to try to influence politics, to their own advantage.

      Trump is a globalist. Trump has business dealings across the globe. Trump, like most all billionaires, looks only to enrich himself, at the expense of all others (except perhaps his close allies).

      Bill Gates is a globalist. How many of you ignoramuses are going to boycott Microsoft for their role in globalism?
      Steve Jobs was a globalist. How many of you boycotted Apple products due to his global quest?
      Tim Cook is a globalist. Again, how many of you are boycotting Apple products?
      Warren Buffett has amassed his billions of net-worth engaging in globalist business pursuits.

      One can't become a billionaire without engaging in globalism, or in using your wealth to influence global political structures to further enhance one's wealth.

      In fact, look at any multinational corporation and you will find a globalist running the company. Yet how many of you hypocrites take the same stance against those corporations?

      Monsanto is a behemoth global entity (they're being handed billions yearly, in taxpayer/government money to dominate & control the world's ag market). . GE is a gargantuan global entity. Look at any of the largest defense and aerospace contractors, they influence politics to ensure maximized profits (via weapons & equipment sales). I can go on and on here.

      What of the largest banks? The same global banks being shown favoritism by Trump. Are you against their globalist attempts?

      What of the largest oil & energy companies, such as ExxonMobil, BP, Total, Chevron, etc. Are you hypocrites going to stop buying petroleum and energy products from them due to their globalist presence? They have cause perhaps more worldwide disruption than any other industry, in their never-ending quests for more energy sources.

      What of Trump's buddy, recently appointed as Trump's Regulatory Adviser? Talk about market and currency manipulation. Icahn has amassed a fortune by manipulating stocks, currencies, and commodities...for his own personal benefit & wealth. He has destroyed several companies, such as Motorola, TWA, and many, many others, for his own benefit. He has global interests & operations.

      Do yourselves a favor and read the book "Super Class" for more information on the political influential nature of globalism, and the world's other billionaires.

      You people are total dolts. Sadly, the ignorant need a common enemy in order to band together, and follow some self-appointed "leaders", whom are just as corrupt as people like Soros. Distraction is often used as a means to confuse the mindless masses away from other issues. While you idiots are busily criticizing one man, Soros, the remaining globalists are controlling every single aspects of your pathetic lives. And you are worshiping them for doing so.

      "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge"
      -Charles Darwin-

      "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure, and the intelligent are full of doubt"
      -Bertrand Russell-

      "In fact, the more one thinks he knows, the less he knows"
      Menocchio, the Miller (on trial during the Inquisition of the 16th century - taken from the book "The Cheese and the Worms").
    • Igor R
      We need a post soros ideology.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Soros has stepped up his game because every effort he made to put Hillary into the White House failed..... he misread the true American people and thought his sick leftist agenda would prevail. Soros represents the Americans who hate their own country, they blame America for all of the worlds problems, they believe in some freakish utopia society that only exists in Disneyland. Trump made Soros look like a fool...... Soros is a master of destroying countries and peoples lives while making billions doing it.......well not this time around ! He must be extremely mad he and his fello libtarts lost the election ! Not because of all the BS fabricated Russian hacking but they lost because the people rejected his leftist liberal twisted agenda ..... Soros and Hillary and obamas globalist view was rejected by the hard working Americans .... not the Americans who are free loaders of society living off the welfare system.......now the corrupt mainstream media has coordinated with Soros and company to fabricate lies against trump and to try their best to distract him from the promises he made to the real American people. The fake news media is Trumps opposition. They are the mouthpiece for the socialists who have lost the election. Notice how Trump goes right after the fake news media every time they say something derogatory about him he attacks back. This is something the fake news media is not used to........ Trump is prepared to go after them full steam ahead and still commit to his promises as well.
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      Soros and his ancestors are neither Jews or Hungarians, they flee from Khazaria. They stole identities, they were doing it since ages - using the technics of BLACK MAGIC, followed by robbery, killing etc. During the history, the Russian czar found out about their practices and to end the robbery he got them persecuted away from Khasaria - the caused a lot of trouble for the neighbouring countries. They mostly flee towards Europe and infiltrated, settled in Eastern, Middle, later Western Europe, America and later the whole World. Their biggest enemies are still the Russians. They vowed revenge. Now they want to play USA against Russia to fulfil their utter goal to ruin Russians no matter how many innocent people suffers thru the lines. 2017 is the turning year. More and more people will understand the real history, which was covered, falsified by them until now. No matter if they infiltrated the World, this knowledge will separate them from the rest of the society. They will be visible, then, maybe we will ask Trump to establish a SAFE ZONE for them a state somewhere on the Planet and build a HUGE and tall wall around their country.
    • avatar
      Steven888in reply toenrique_costas(Show commentHide comment)
      enrique_costasenrique_costas, of course not...Soros and his kind lost their "homeland" and they are making wrong others for their loss. The national sovereignty reminds them for their loss...
    • Ildelisa Pujol
      Astonishing, an article of 1,300 words on Soros&Co’s ideology followed by over 2000 words in the comments area, but there is not a single reference to the motivation those bloody bastards have to act as they do.
      Ask yourself how Soros and others are making their money? – Simple answer: it’s all about financial speculation at a global scale!
      What is needed in order to speculate? – Nothing else but free access towards all kind of natural and human resources worldwide!
      Which is the most important obstacle for a universal access towards those resources? – National laws/restrictions, social and economic traditions, traditional values!
      So what has to be done? – Remove any state regulator, destroy any kind of social structure, install a network of local oligarchs and control them! This is what Soros calls an “Open Society”, open to unlimited exploitation, where you can buy a farmer’s land for one dollar per ha and resell it to Monsanto at 10,000, where you can build a monopoly on land, seed, gas, coal, oil and ore, manipulate prices and stock markets, and, and, and…
      This is why Soros&Co found all kinds of movements capable to destroy existing societies, this is why they support all kinds of destructive and disintegrating ideologies, this is why they equip and finance all kinds of violent extremists. Segregation is the key word. As soon as there is no kind of community, no kind of solidarity left and everybody is every body’s enemy, then a nation is open to unlimited exploitation.
      You might call it satanic or psychopathic; in any case you would be close.
    • John Twining
      No borders, no nation states, no families? What would be next? No walls for our houses? Utterly, insanely absurd. Soros is half shot away inside, like many other loony left modernists who've always wanted humanity to be ruled by disembodied ideas and logic. The Soros agenda is hypermodernist, not postmodern, and not a million miles apart from much of today's Left agenda in the US.

      Russia went postmodern in 1991 and is doing fine. China turned away from Maoism and, encouraged by Deng Xiaoping, started moving into postmodernity in the early '80s, and is also doing fine.

      The US on the other hand is still mired in the 18th century philosophy enshrined in its Constitution. However, Trump is no ideologue, no intellectual, not really a card-carrying modernist at all. But nor is he a stick-in-the-mud. Far from it. He's taken up the colossal challenge of introducing the USA to postmodernity, no less. Man, is he up against it. The US Left is acting up like I've never seen before. They're very, very uncomfortable with the prospect of ideas and logic and pseudoscientific world pictures of humanity and human affairs no longer reigning supreme. It's not hard to imagine that Soros is something of a saviour for those wretched soulless modernists - he's not just preserving and defending the modernist status quo but pushing it onwards to new extremes. And he's got the money to make it happen.

      There's nothing virtuous in what Soros is doing and seems to want to achieve. It appears he wants everyone else to be at least as f****ed up as he is, preferably more so, perhaps so that he can at last feel comfortable as an eviscerated, soulless, alienated, malign excuse for a human being. But Soros fears that Trump's postmodern revolution will leave him and others of the far left behind as relics of a bygone era. And Soros doubtless understands that the best way to disguise being reactionary is to appear to be ultra progressive. Even so, he won't be able to resist the power the people have in making and breaking their idols.
    • avatar
      why talking about soros ?!?!
      HE IS ONLY A ROTHSCHILD PUPPET, have you forgotten it my dear brainwashed masses ?!
      there will always be another soros-puppet, go against his masters...
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      solinoktoin reply toIldelisa Pujol(Show commentHide comment)
      Ildelisa Pujol, why talking about soros ?!?!
      HE IS ONLY A ROTHSCHILD PUPPET, have you forgotten it my dear brainwashed masses ?!
      there will always be another soros-puppet, go against his masters...
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