07:23 GMT +328 March 2017
    Billionaire financier George Soros

    Trump Foiled Soros' Master Plan to Impose New World Order - Hedge Fund Manager

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    Wall Street hedge fund manager and financial analyst Mitch Feierstein claims that Donald Trump came to power just in time to prevent billionaire George Soros and Bill and Hillary Clinton achieve a Trans Pacific free trade deal hidden from the public.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — President Donald Trump came to power just in time to prevent billionaire George Soros and Bill and Hillary Clinton achieve a Trans Pacific free trade deal hidden from the public, Wall Street hedge fund manager and financial analyst Mitch Feierstein told Sputnik.

    "George Soros and Clinton Inc. were nearly able to declare ‘Mission Accomplished’ on their vision of establishing an opaque ‘New World Order’," Feierstein, a hedge fund manager who has spent 38 years working in the New York, Tokyo and London global financial markets, said on Tuesday.

    On Monday, Trump announced that he was scrapping the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that his predecessor President Barack Obama had sought to complete during his eight years in office.

    "Forget Soros's New World Order for now because a new sheriff, Donald Trump, the 45th US President arrived on in Washington promising to drain the swamp. TPP is a now history and it will be interesting to see who is naked at low tide," Feierstein noted.

    The top-secret TPP free trade agreement was one of the worst trade deals ever crafted by Washington’s pay-to-play culture of corruption, Feierstein stated.

    "How could any rational individual or sovereign be supportive of a secret ‘trade deal’ with zero transparency and legal language drafted by multi-national corporations?" he asked.

    The TPP was deliberately crafted to ensure a form of "globalization" so that these same corporations who designed the "rules" could operate in the dark with total impunity while stripping member nations of their sovereignty and denying consumers of all their rights and protections, Feierstein explained.

    "TPP was Obama’s ‘Crown Jewel’ achievement after 35 years of failed neoliberalism funded by oligarchs for the benefit of oligarchies," he observed.

    Feierstein is a British-American investor, banker and writer who has worked as a columnist for the Daily Mail and currently works as a columnist for The Independent and the Huffington Post.


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      Darrell R
      Trump should declare Soros a financier of terrorist groups and freeze all his assets. Get him where is counts.
    • avatar
      lokalhorstin reply toDarrell R(Show commentHide comment)
      Darrell R,
      this surely wont happen,look at what Trump is doing for Israel.
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      So good to see this filthy piece of human feces has finally somewhat been TRUMPED!!! ) The Australian P.M. has bemoaning and sookling about it since Trump signed of it not going ahead. And had the Japanese P.M. even doing a special trip to Australia scrambling to make new arrangements. Goes to show who is who when something like this surfaces and reveal there true alliances. The wheel has fallen off Soros apple cart on this one!!! Pity this abomination would not go away someplace to die and rot!!!
    • avatar
      Walter Wolfin reply toAdrienne Adonis(Show commentHide comment)
      Adrienne Adonis,
      Oh my dear, sure, the stealing starts from little unpunished delicts. Then society makes him bigger or lesser con artist. If his personal attitude resonates with national he rises to the top of society and prosper unless natural barrier which is in this case Russian elementary school hackers (or whatever from Africa could be).
    • avatar
      I really hope Soros looses some big money! In a null-sum game, that would be distributed to others, Maybe some to me, which would be wonderful:-)
    • sapper
      But don't go to sleep yet, there might be something worse about to be imposed!!!
    • supportin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, if President Trump really wanted to break one off inside Soros whilst helping balance the US Federal Budget, he should consult with the Director of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission about disallowing futures derivatives trading altogether in the USA. That is what India's government did for their own country to turn around the lack of Indian commercial reinvestment in the Indian economy several years ago. Doing so made and is making a massive difference. Prime Minister Moti I am sure would be pleased to show President Trump how this is done.

      It does not take a Hayek to determine empirically that futures derivatives trading is just a Lorentz-transform based Ponzi scheme which provides no value-added benefit to those nation or those nation's governments who tolerate it.

      If it were 80 years ago, Lucky Luciano would have sorted Soros out just for practice. Soros is elected by no government on Earth. Why is he therefore allowed to joystick government policy worldwide with impunity?
    • avatar
      Soros should be indicted for threatening to bring down the Trump Govt during a speech in Davos last week.
    • avatar
      Darrell Rin reply tolokalhorst(Show commentHide comment)
      lokalhorst, I have been known to praise Trump on some subjects, but I do not praise his very pro Israel stance.
    • avatar
      Yes, The New World Odor has been temporarily foiled. Rothschild will not sit still for this, however. His little agent, Soros, is on the job. He has sons lined up to continue the usurpation of any democracy movement that may arise.

      Anyone interested in maintaining any autonomy at all must seize the moment. There will not be another.
    • Lloyd Hart
      Soros is only one in a long line of billionaires that are constantly attempting to insure profits and power over us plebs but as you can see these monstors with money are really just stupid old men hiding behind curtains waiting for the day they too are exposed. When I saw what Soros and his gang were doing to Latvia, trying to hatch America in the Baltics, I realized that the western gangsters had already taken over Riga. When I pulled into Riga in 2001 almost all the gas stations were having their signs replaced with Yukos oil signs. Yukos oil was the CIA's main target for annexing control to Exxon. If the US could get Russia's oil, well that would be complete control of Russia by foriegn corporations. It always shocks me how twisted we can get when we get a little power.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, one of the problems of a 'successful' government is that they believe that no other government / way / culture can teach them anything - more to their regret in the long run.

      I don't think that it is soros who is the problem...it's those around him, the goverments, the yes men, those with little confidence in what they can achieve and so on. If there is someone acting like a soros is, then it is up to the rest of us to stop his behaviour - or anyone else from emulating him.
    • supportin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, there also are too many unelected governments with big budgets that need their grubby knuckles rapped by Teacher. These unelected governments do not ever face the consequences of or remediate the damage which they cause.
    • hp b
      Trump did more in one year, to save Western Civilization from being assimilated, than have the last two Popes combined.
      And this before even taking the oath of office..
    • avatar
      It was High Noon that President Trump came to Power !!!
      The politic of Obonga and the Old Bag came to a Stop !!!!
    • avatar
      tobi.gelandoin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, Very well say I could not do better !!!
    • avatar
      michaelin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, and nepotism is rife!
    • avatar
      Only the ownership of the UK's MSM by Neocons can explain the blase way they were reporting even today on the putative ongoing negotations over the EU signing up to the TITTP.

      If, as they seemed to indicate, only France was holding out against it, our European leaders really would have gone mad. So, I'm greatly heartened to read that you think they would be insane to do so. But the threatening tone of Obama's US spokesman when confronted with recalcitrant European leaders was really something read.

      As it is, there seems to be another 'backdoor' ploy that May is considering, just as bad, i.e. the CETA

    • Hagbard Celine
      Soros is the kind of person, the Nazis always claimed exists.

      And considering finding this in Russia State owned media is an irony of fate, isn´t it ?

      Soros is part of the shadow network of political power in the US and Europe, the dark pool of politics. He is systematically reducing the inherent social cohesion in the states where he is active by promoting individuals that stray from cultural and social norms.

      I would like to point out, that once social cohesion has been more or less eradicated along with the culture, it is easier for the shadow networks to reign, maybe even dictate.

      Soros is a bigger threat to Russia than any US missile could ever be, because he aims at your soft underbelly, your culture.

      He does not want to kill the Russians, he just wants to make them forget who they are. A humane Genocide so to speak.

      Yes, these are evil words, but they are deserved.
    • avatar
      One retched old turd that won't flush, and nothing better to do with his life. Arrest the old coot and hand him over over to ISIS; the same way he handed over Jews to the Nazi's. I hope you die soon, but not before suffering enormous pain, you shit stain.
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