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    Chairman and CEO of US oil and gas corporation ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson, speaks during the 2015 Oil and Money conference in central London on October 7, 2015

    Why Confirmation of Trump's Pick for State Secretary Tillerson May Not Happen

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    The expected appointment of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as the new United States Secretary of State is not an accomplished fact yet, said Jean-Eric Branaa, a French political scientist and specialist in American politics.

    Tillerson was nominated for the office by US President-elect Donald Trump in mid-December. Tillerson is known for his close business ties with Russia. The businessman is also believed to have friendly relations with President Putin. He is yet to be approved by the Senate during confirmation hearings later in January.

    Experts suggest that his nomination indicates Trump’s willingness to break the ice in Washington-Moscow ties.

    According to Trump, as US State Secretary, Rex Tillerson will work to reverse years of foreign policy fiascos.

    However, Branaa stressed that it is possible that Senate may not approve the appointment.

    "Rex will be a fierce advocate for America's interests around the world… to reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters," the President-elect commented on his pick.

    "Now, the appointment will need to be considered by US Senate and its [Foreign Affairs] Committee. The committee consists of 19 members, including 10 Republicans and nine Democrats. Those Democrat members are very likely to vote against Tillerson. In this situation, even one vote against from the Republicans will annul the candidacy and Trump will have to choose another candidate," Branaa told the RTBF broadcaster.

    According to the expert, Trump’s political statements are not endorsed by all Republicans in power.

    In particular, hawkish Senator John McCain believes that "Trump betrayed the obligations of the Republicans and there is no place for Trump in US politics," Branaa noted.


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      THIS ONE nomination is why you love being an American, first, and a competitor, second.
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      Darrell R
      Like it or not Trump is there and he is going to stick with his views. He does know what a disaster US foreign policies have been. He is likely to make mistakes of his own but he will work to improve the situation. He is going to improve our the relationship with Russia. If warmongers like McCain put up a fight he won't be afraid to point out their faults and make life hard for them. Washington may want war but people the people want peace.
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      I disagree with the defeatism of the article. It's no wonder that nothing changes for the better when "advocates" for a more sane foreign policy, such as Branna anticipate defeat before the challenge even begins. But I do think Mr. Tillerson will be confirmed.
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      I hope the Trump team is moral but firm. They need to be prepared to be decisive with their opposition. Trump's case is very strong. All he is asking for is reason and what's positive for ALL people. What's the great objection to that?

      The GOP structures that keep selecting McCain and Graham need to be scrutinized, party leader, etc. Democrats can call it what they want, but it;'s time to thin out the RINOs from the GOP.
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      The false perception that Trump narrowly won is BS propaganda. I was watching the results and even the Young Turks coverage made it clear that Trump was in control the whole time. It never appeared that Clinton would win. People had better start respecting that. Trumpland covers most of the US.

      I'm sure Trump and his team can find ways of making McCain and Graham very uncomfortable in the GOP if they make too much trouble, like giving their committee chairs to more reliable GOP members .
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      elsa.zardiniin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, If Clinton did indeed win the popular vote for 3,000,000, which we will never know, it was thanks to five districts out of 100s in New York City (3,000,000 vs. 800,000) and to Los Angeles (1,900,000 vs. 620,000). No wonder why the Electoral College exists.
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      jasin reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, Exactly right. 250 years later, the system worked exactly liked it was supposed to work, and that makes the criminals angry.
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      Antares Prime
      From the quote, it sounds like John McCain is having a total meltdown at this point!
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      hystorically, when appears the opportunity for a change, is the right and only...
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      McCain Just wants a coup against the President of America, or killing him
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      elsa.zardiniin reply toenrique_costas(Show commentHide comment)
      enrique_costas, Yes. The establishment can not stand the reality, the facts, because they are NOT Christians. Christians do not lie. Mr. Trump is a Christian. Mr. Putin is a Christian. Most of the people in the US and in Russia are Christians. That is the bottom line.
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      Lets see how Dumpy stands up for him or just pulls another name out of his Keester!
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      MORE congressional STUPIDITY. They will go against an ICON!!
      Trump is becoming the HERO of U.S citizens!!
      Many that were de[pressed against losing jobs, sleep happy tonight, all thanks top him.

      IF there be elections tomorrow, HILLARY end with 3 votes for sure. She, her husband and daughter.
      The beat be so bad, that they be worst asking re counts.

      And NOT the congress BELIEVES it could end TRUMP? Do they realize this could have grave repercussions.
      THIS could end in a civil war. Think not?
      The BEST for congress is negotiate. A strategy. We want this what you say? And start there. TRUMP is not a big negotiator, BUT may get advise and allow few things.
      Because they will NOT be able to stop ALL. ANd may end in a real TUG OF WAR.

      Anyways he is electing old trouble makers and neo cons. ANd must are against Russia card.

      Perhaps is time to re think strategies. and recon that TRUMP WON, and THAT'S THAT.

      Like I always argued, Electoral college went thru same briefings TRUMP went and determined that TRUMP win was legal. With no interference. HACK DNC? Wait.. No security added?
      Today most personal suits, could tell IF there is any attack at all. NOT ALL . And most have a varied success history.

      And a DNC server is a threat to national security?

      I'm no IDIOT. Maybe fool but not IDIOT.
      This had NOTHING to do with a hack. Hack 's get registered. And usually attack in many different ways. One is ATTACHMENTS. This is one of the oldest forms used by hackers.
      You can compare them with TERRORISTS SLEEPING CELLS. Today is much more sophisticated.
      But the sleeping cells and sneak in options are there.
      They could even hack ANY computer or device in 30 second, using WIFI and even online cable!!
      so give that BULL HORN To someone else. KEEP PUSHING buttons. Enjoy disappointments. Like in physics, for every action there is a reaction.
      They LUCKY PUTIN is in power. They have NO IDEA.

      About covert operations against Russia. Be ready. Russia can do too. And may do one that will SHAKE the NATO foundations. I would play the good boy.. ANd let TRUMP try,.
      Although, after so many lies, lies plus more lies, broken deals, sanctions over nothing.. IF I was Running Russia, I would not sign ANYTHING. You erected those sanctions? YOU take them OFF. No negotiations. Specially arms reductions? REALLY?
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      so what? This is standard procedure - a senate approval. They can play around as per usual, it doesn't detract from the incoming administration. If denied, the senate just continues to look like an ass in suits.
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