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    Mainstream Media Engaged in ‘Falsifications’ Around Aleppo Italian Journalist

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    Against the backcloth of the Western coalition’s failure in Aleppo, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande extended anti-Russian sanctions, and mainstream media is faulting Moscow for alleged killings of civilians in Aleppo, independent Italian journalist Giulietto Chiesa told Sputnik Italy.

    As if that was not enough, a British Labor MP has blamed Russian hackers for swaying the Brexit vote and US President Barack Obama has ordered America’s intelligence community to conduct a full review into alleged Russian hacking aimed at influencing designed to influence the outcome of the US presidential elections, including hacks of Democratic groups like the National Committee of the Democratic Party.

    In an interview with Sputnik Italy, Giulietto Chiesa said that all this is done to take public attention away from domestic problems with mainstream media portraying the closing days of the siege of Aleppo as one big bloodbath perpetrated by Russian-backed Syrian government forces.

    “The humanitarian tragedy does exist, no denying that, but the media, the main protagonist of the hybrid war, pretends that it has no recollection of who created this tragic situation and who is trying to make it go forever.”

    “Television, this “heavy artillery” of the Anglo-Saxon propaganda machine, is the only source of information hundreds of millions of people can get about what is  going on. There is no trace of any Russian press releases or television reports which offer a different picture of what is really happening in Syria,” Giulietto Chiesa continued.

    “The Russians are not impartial either, of course, and the information their media provides also needs to be checked out. The problem is, however, that no one in the West even tries to do this because all information that does not fit the picture painted by the mainstream media is simply ignored,” Chiesa noted.

    He added that the information that is being fed to the Western public is 100-percent war propaganda.

    “They have stopped talking about murderous terrorists who now are being pitied and sympathized with.”

    “Therefore, one has every reason to say that we are bearing witness to modern and very sophisticated hybrid war, a strange mix of real bombings of civilians and virtual attacks on Western people’s minds,” Giulietto Chiesa said in conclusion.

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      Why Russia has to be concern about things gone bad in Aleppo? Russia must understand that Russia coming to the game after tge terrorists already sent that city back to Stone Age. And the terrorists have reduced its population into many mass graves. Therefore, Russia just have to do what have to do to free that cities. Some one else intentionally leveled hospital and other pkaces,, yet they got away with any claims. A War is war, and a war will always have collateral damages.
    • md74
      MSM is the most important segment of the fascist zionist machine controlling the west & it's vassals.
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      The US and European mainstream media have been obamas voice, giving a whole load of bloody bullshit to confuse the general public, he thinks, what an idiot he is.
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