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    U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul

    McFaul Fail: Former US Ambassador to Russia Can’t Wrap Head Around Trump Victory

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    Donald Trump’s stunning upset in the US elections Tuesday night has prompted an almost endless source of telling reactions from people from all walks of life and corners of the globe. Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul is just one of them.

    McFaul, who resigned from that post in 2014, was active on Twitter on election night.

    "If Trumps wins, I will be first to congratulate him," he tweeted, presumably sarcastically, moments before the vote count was in.

    After Trump was announced the president-elect, McFaul did congratulate the mogul-turned-reality-TV-star-turned-US-president.

    "I am in shock, but the American people have spoken," was McFaul's next tweet. Apparently, that shock is what prompted what came next.

    At first, McFaul seemed coherent, even posting some ideas on foreign policy.

    "Biggest loser in the world tonight-Ukraine," he observed. "Your only hope is to get really serious about reform and keep Euros supportive."

    It's hard to argue with that, given that US Vice President Joseph Biden, known for his close contact with Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko, is on his way out, no doubt along with other Obama Administration officials behind that country's coup. Perhaps concrete predictions are unwise at this juncture, but Trump said enough during his campaign to suggest that the US is likely to reduce its intervention in other states' internal affairs.

    Then, things got weird.

    Two hours after the vote count was over, McFaul congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin, politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Russia Today's editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, Sputnik International (thanks, Ambassador!) and activist Mariya Katasonova, with the Trump victory. Why exactly he picked that particular cast of characters is not known, though in his acceptance speech, Trump did set something of a peacemaking tone.

    "We will seek common ground," he said, "not hostility. Partnership, not conflict."

    Putin has expressed a willingness to work together to improve bilateral relations with Washington, and perhaps Trump's victory does indicate international tensions, perpetually tightened over the course of Obama's presidency, may loosen.

    As for Sputnik? We're flattered, but we think your congrats are misplaced.

    Dear Ambassador McFaul, Sputnik News Agency did not work on behalf of Donald Trump's victory, so, while we appreciate the credit, we certainly don't deserve anything of the sort. With the US' mainstream media praising ad nauseum Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and lulling the American public into a false sense of security in a Clinton win, we were only doing our jobs: telling the untold. And thanks to the selective approach taken by many of our colleagues in the States, we are never very short of things to tell.

    Evidently, however, McFaul meant to lump Sputnik into Russia's alleged meddling in the US presidential election:

    "Putin intervened in our elections and succeeded. [Good job]," the former envoy tweeted, then deleted — but not before a number of people responded:

    "Doctor, you're flattering me," was Simonyan's reply.

    Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Mariya Zakharova post was more thorough in her response, on Facebook:

    "First, the Obama Administration appointed these ‘McFauls' to positions of responsibility, and entrusted to them the management of not only their own country, but many vassal states, and when the situation came to stalemate, it started shouting that Moscow is to blame for everything."

    After McFaul deleted his post, he claimed that he had heard "better arguments," and that "facts and logic matter to him."

    After a massive campaign to blame Russia, without evidence, of interfering in the race, we're not so sure about those facts and logic to which you refer, Mr. Ambassador.


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      Donnyin reply todouble bonus(Show commentHide comment)
      double bonus, You are talking about political things, maybe metaphysical, perhaps even more . You know, as learned in the think-tanks, you have to talk the talk. I am talking about other things, real things, not think-tank imaginations. That real thing is this: 'there is a strong Slavic spirit in the US.
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      Donnyin reply toDonny(Show commentHide comment)
      Donny, As I said, they call us Mill Hunkies, Hunks for short.
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      Wait a minute. Do you, or do you not, know there is a strong Slavic spirit in the US?
    • avatar
      double bonusin reply toDonny(Show commentHide comment)
      I did not grow up in an immigrant community, with anyone
      "off the boat" around me, to know what that could ever mean?
    • avatar
      Thanks for the reply bonus. That's a good sign, it's dialog. By your definition I am "just off the boat". One thing, I am not talking about leaders, about CEO's, I am talking about workers. About those who do the work which gives the leaders & CEO's their mega-wealth. You know, simple hard workers.

      I know you won't admit it but that working spirit, whether it be Slavic or Mexican, or Black, that working spirit has not died. In fact, it is stronger today than ever. And guess what? They call us hunks.
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      You don't know what to say? Really?
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      Erik Trete
      And this from a country that regularly meddles in the affairs of other countries. Whether handing out cookies on Maidan Square or threatening the British people with "consequences" if they choose Brexit.

      Clinton lost, not because of any foreign influence, but that enough Americans were not fooled by Clinton's MSM broadside on American Values.

      Clinton is a two faced liar, telling the plutocracy one thing while telling the "little people" another - as revealed in the private lectures she gave to bankers

      Clinton's manipulation of the DNC swindled many democrats out of their candidate, Bernie - How many Bernie supporters ditched Clinton for this flagrant abuse? In all likely hood, it is one of these disillusioned individuals that was most motivated to hack the DNC to expose the truth - Not Russia.

      Clinton's private email server, anyone with half a brain knows she is a felon who either through ignorance or arrogance turned over 1000's of state documents to foreign powers when her server was hacked (probably by just about every government with a clue) who should be serving jail time.

      Clinton is a compulsive liar - whenever the truth is inconvenient. She perjured herself in front of Congress no less.

      Libya - Libya - Libya - is there a need to say more?

      Syria - not a lesson learned from the disaster she made of Libya. Now she wants to double down. Americans are tired of all these foreign interventions that have drained the country.

      She Never came clean on her health - Don't think people were not thinking of the consequences of her failing health during a crisis.....or what kind of president Kaine would have made.

      The body count.....Nearly 20 of her close friends, advisors or work colleagues died either of suspicious suicides or murder....and not one perpetrator was ever caught.

      The people which she has surrounded herself - Saber rattle war mongers making threats to kill the citizens and soldiers of country that is an existential threat to the US - start WW III - This alone surely influenced many people to ditch Clinton.
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      It is time to tell the truth about Ukraine that it was all about US/EU elite to control the gas distribution system of the country. Nothing more and nothing less and now they are seeing their corrupt illegal act going down the drain. Puppet government in ruins, whom will now pay out of their own personal pocket ? Rotchild/Biden/Rockefeller/Merkel/ Who oh Who will pay out of their own pocket when money can't be drawn anymore from the FED by the US or IMF for so called supporting a bunch of thieves and criminals!!!!
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      Guy need some toothbrush and a thick one. Talks too much. Soon a new thing may appear. Extraterrestrials helped Trump win. Watch/
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      Marques rouges
      What is stunning is the proximity between Liberals and Neoconservatives when it comes to foreign policy !

      Doesn't this clearly expose the reality of a conspiracy ?
    • avatar
      Concrete Mikein reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, beautiful comment sir, we succeded in our quest my brother
    • avatar
      Yes we did Concrete Mike ....we were a couple of teeth on a cog of many but a vital shift cog from reverse to first. The world now has a golden opportunity to learn and understand that International trust and diplomacy that benefits all with robust trade is a far better movement than the 500 year old Imperialist Empire building model at the point of a bayonet (old term) perhaps we could now replace "bayonet" with "Drone".
    • avatar
      Trump will bring in his own Ambassadors and that means McFaul and all his buddies, who were so supportive to Biden and McCain will be on their way out. Including Power, Nuland and Pyatt.
    • avatar
      anne00mariein reply toThe SPutin Image(Show commentHide comment)
      Harold Jay Hoover, Isn't that trip to Antarctica to get him up to speed with his masters instructions? I am so seriously keeping my fingers crossed, that they are on their way out. However, the Ambassadors are the Presidents gift. They have to resign when the new President comes in. Looking at the Soros/Obama crowd, that can only be good news. The other thing is the fact that Trump builds, he does not destroy. If it is not performing, he will asset strip and sell on, keeping the best and disposing of the part that does not make sense or profit. So he is not going to surround himself with unproductive rubbish, that brings nothing to the project, but costs a lot to run.
    • The SPutin Imagein reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, not being an 'elite' myself and rather non-exceptional, I am not privy to the true reasoning behind all these recent and mysterious trips to Antarctica by so many world leaders. Yet, I am suspicious of the 'Masters of the Universe'. There are many 'alt' ideas and 'conspiracy theories' regarding this.

      I agree in your assessment of Trump not being a destroyer and hope that he does not betray the confidence of those who voted for him. The vote for Trump was a vote against the Bush/Clinton/Obama 'crime cabal', not so much a vote for Trump, the man. It was also not just the vote of 'America'. It was the vote of Humanity which rejected the neoconservatives.
      The purge of neocons and their hegemonic interventions should now begin.

      The failing western financial system must now be addressed. If we can avoid a potential dark age, then humanity could be on the verge of something truly great.
      Freedom from slavery is at hand. Humans will no longer be pawns and fodder of elites but co-creators in an epic human future.
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      McFault all your fault.
      Reset to DeFault.
    • avatar
      McFault needs a urgent brain surgery.
      We are still searching for a compatible chimpanzee donor.
    • avatar
      Who knew that the American votes would have such a drastic effect, domino-style no less, on the McVassals lurking in the cupboards? Nothing pleases me more than to hear the ruthless outcries of the cynics like McFail.
    • avatar
      Yet again West is waist of time and should be waisted ASAP !
    • avatar
      If McFoul can't wrap his head around a Trump presidency, then he should wrap his anus around his head.
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