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    Alec Baldwin

    Long-time Democrat Supporter Alec Baldwin Shows Love for a Surprising Candidate

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    Never one to shy away from politics -- or attention -- actor Alec Baldwin has made a surprising "third party" endorsement for president.

    With two of the most poorly-polling candidates in US history currently running for president, it’s understandable that some Americans are interested in other options.

    Even if they’re fictional.

    As part of an effort to convince people to get out and vote, the star of 30 Rock voiced his support for classic ‘toon Charlie Brown, as part of a Rock the Vote campaign.

    "I met Charlie Brown when I was, well, about his age, and I discovered someone who wanted the same things I did, and was as anxious about achieving them as I was," he says.

    "If he’s running for president, I’m voting for him."

    The actor is a well-known progressive, often voicing support for programs of the Democratic Party. In this election, he has recently made waves by earning the ire of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

    While the variety show Saturday Night Live has seen a number of cast members portray the controversial billionaire, this season saw Baldwin step into Trump’s shoes. His performance bears many of the hallmarks of those of his predecessors – short, staccato sentences and a bombastic nature – but Baldwin’s Trump is also decidedly angrier.

    While many critics have dubbed Baldwin’s impersonation as sharper, at least one person is not a fan.

    Throughout his campaign, Trump has criticized the mainstream media as being a tool of the Clinton campaign. He has barred reporters from the Washington Post from attending his rallies, and claimed that New York Times journalists are “corporate lobbyists” for Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

    This may be the first time that he has included a weekend comedy show in his media conspiracy.


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