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    Russian warplanes at the Hmeymim airbase in Syria

    Bad News for Washington: Syrian Conflict Revealing New World Order

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    The post-Cold War world order is "coming apart at the seams," with a limited number of countries no longer able to act according to their own interests while disregarding "international moral code and law," Russian analyst Timofei Bordachev wrote for Lenta.ru.

    Bordachev, who heads the Center for European and International Studies at the HSE, called this the key trend that will shape the future world order. He also added that it has been exposed by the Syrian crisis.

    The situation around the embattled Arab country "has clearly returned us to the era of great powers' rivalry," he said, adding that NATO members, Gulf monarchies, Russia, Iran and China have to a different extent been embroiled in this conflict.  

    These countries have split into camps, or, as Bordachev called them, "support teams." De jure Russia, China and Iran "are not fighting for Syria against the United States and their allies in Europe and the Gulf," he observed. "But a proxy war between them is ongoing."

    The Syrian crisis probably offered a glimpse of what's to come in the fall of 2013 when Russia's vigorous diplomatic efforts prevented the US and its allies from launching a military campaign against Damascus. This, according to the analyst, was something that no one "could have possibly imagined after the end of the Cold War."

    The second milestone took place a year ago when Russia became engaged in the Syrian conflict upon a formal request from Damascus. By that time the war had long since stopped being an internal Syrian matter since other nations, including the US and its allies, as well as non-state actors were directly or covertly involved in the fighting.

    The outcome of the "multilevel standoff" in Syria has not been determined yet, but one key implication of the conflict has already become clear.

    "A period when a small group of countries enjoyed the right to act based on its own interests while disregarding international moral code and law has ended. This is extremely important in terms of understanding what world awaits us in the future and what has to be done to make it if not safer, then less dangerous," the analyst said.

    This is not to say that other countries will openly challenge the West or spark a conflict with the US and its partners. Bordachev ruled such a scenario out.

    "A group of countries will not challenge the West … but they will simply act in the international arena as they see fit and do what corresponds to their national interests," he said. "This in and of itself has collided with the international order that took shape" following the end of the Cold War. "This is why the rule that 'only one can break the rules' will hardly be revived as a norm of international dialogue," he added.


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    • Anton KOMAROV
      The neocons must be spitting with rage at having been thwarted by Russia,China etc in that their game plan is fully exposed and non viable in the covert way they had intended.
    • avatar
      Don't quite understand if any opposing powers have yet born recently. It looked more of a pleasing period than a powers to change the game.
    • Hermes
      Diplomacy is not going to play a role in this conflict unless it's coupled to military threats.
      Talking to US and its alllies is completely useless and will even be counterproductive.
      Hoping for a diplomatic solution is just stupid.
    • avatar
      Syria Forever
      The group is not that small, unfortunately. The whole NATO-crime syndicates are plunder, steal, kill and rape since centuries through our world. That has to be stopped once and for all. After that is done the world will be safer for sure and when the new powers are not same alike the old once we will have not just a safer planet, no even a planet without war. It that will not happen Russia alike China are no different to the NATO-crime syndicates, right? The goal is world peace! No more weapons! No more raping, killing, human trafficking and most of all.. NO MORE children and their organs been traded to the west and their disgusting friends!!
      PS. Personal I am waiting for trails all over the globe because there are millions of criminals involved all up front the Church in Rome!!
    • avatar
      I have been defining that polar shift in definitive terms for the last year! Russia's intervention was a polar shift that has unplugged the 500 year old ruling class and is the unstoppable beginning of a new era based on more fertile and common grounds.

      Hence why peace talks with US were always just a glossary but never the book. As the book is just being written and is far from completion yet its goals are universal and the polar opposite to what the world has endured for 500 years.
    • avatar
      tobi.gelandoin reply toSyria Forever(Show commentHide comment)
      Syria Forever,
      you are right but will it ever happen ??? I am a optimist an say ....
      "We cant reach the STARS but we can orientate on them"
    • avatar
      Syria Foreverin reply totobi.gelando(Show commentHide comment)
      tobi.gelando, who sad that we cant reach the stars, because it is not true. If the parasites would not keep us in permanent war and feed the population with lies, only lies we would travel the stars long time ago.
      Sorry, but I am not a kind of person is happy with half&half...
      Have a good w/e.
    • 007vsMagua
      A smart article. A new world order is indeed needed. The future needs to be less about oil and more about sustainability.
    • avatar
      Aleppo in Syria is the defining battle in the necon/Israeli drive for world domination, the NWO. it is Gettysburg, Midway, Kursk. The future will diverge from this point.
    • avatar
      This is great,now we can also look forward to the Gold Backed Trade and Prosperous peaceful future.Once the Hegemon Monster is back in it's place.No One Nation has the Right to Be King of the World.
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