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    Syrian army takes offensive against ISIS militants in the north of Hama Governorate

    Syrian Politician to Sputnik: 'WWIII Has Begun, and It's Being Fought in Syria'

    © Sputnik/ Michael Alaeddin
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    Syrian Social Nationalist Party representative Tarek Ahmad says that the war in Syria has reached a dead end, with the intervention of foreign powers turning the situation into a chaotic mess. Moreover, the politician says that Syria is just one front in a Third World War being waged by Washington and its allies.

    The Social Nationalist Party is one of Syria's oldest and largest parties. Up to 8,000 members of its armed branch, known as 'the Eagles of the Whirlwind', have successfully fought alongside the Syrian Army against Islamist militants, including Daesh. At the same time, the party has remained a key member of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, a bloc of opposition parties in the country's parliament.

    Anti-ISIL airstrikes
    © AP Photo/ Senior Airman Matthew Bruch, US Air Force
    Speaking to Sputnik, party representative Tarek Ahmad said that the military situation in the country has come to an impasse, with the political crisis only fueled and intensified due to the intervention of multiple uninvited regional and global powers. 

    Commenting on the intensification of the conflict between Damascus, its allies, and the United States, following the US-led coalition's attack on Syrian forces in Deir ez-Zor last week, Ahmad warned that it's important to understand that the US position in Syria is tactical – not strategic.

    "The US's goal is not limited to Syria," the politician emphasized. "The Syrian front is not the goal in and of itself. We need to look at this issue objectively, and to admit that a Third World War is taking place in Syria, one which is led by the US and its allies – even if these allies are simultaneously victims as well."

    "America's main objective," according to Ahmad, "is to bring any world power that threatens them under control. Consequently, [Washington] is waging a war with these powers; and these powers include China and Russia."

    Ultimately, Ahmad suggested that "the lies told by President Obama at the UN General Assembly are merely the continuation of the American 'television show', whose plot consists of the US desire to continue this war. Every US action takes place with the aim of continuing this war for control of the world."

    With regard to the recently agreed-upon Russian-US ceasefire agreement, which is now looking less and less likely to be restored, the politician suggested that "Russia always understood that the US-Russian agreement on Syria would mean a US defeat in this conflict…if the agreement was adhered to." 

    Accordingly, it's only natural that the US struck Syrian forces in Deir ez-Zor, and then (baselessly) blamed Moscow and Damascus for hitting a humanitarian convoy in Aleppo. They could not afford to lose their position on the 'Syrian front' of their global conflict against the proponents of a multipolar world.


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    • Tree Oxygen
      Anything going on in Alaska lately?
      Have you checked the Children?
      The Children 1980 trailer

      Hair - Don't Put it Down
      World War III - Trailer - 1982
      WarGames Official Trailer (1983)

      101 Strings -- Good Morning Starshine
      Никсон в Москве / Nixon in Moscow (1972)
      Stan Freberg - Rock Island Line
    • avatar
      This guy gets it. Too bad most people in the West prefer not to see reality.
    • American Socialistin reply torasoj(Show commentHide comment)
      rasoj, too bad Syrians fighting for the Yanks don't realize this.
    • avatar

      "television show", indeed. John Lenon (The Beatles): "Show business is an extension of the jewish religion". And he knew! Interview by NY Times during their first visit to the States.

    • avatar
      For now, War is just regional but it wil become global when the U.S.- U.K. attack the Chinese Fleet in the South China Sea trying to destroy it. If they succeed, China will be over for some decades, but if they fail, the hub of global trade and investime will turn to Beijing from Washington DC....
    • avatar
      us is facing challanges that knows can't win so dirty play comes more and more usual...(great mistake!)
    • Sam S
      Russia and the US or NATO may be equal in military power but Russia needs years to come to the level of the Americans in their reach and influence all over the world. Russia needs China to be active in destroying the US dollar but China isn't doing it because they benefit a lot from trading with the US and buying the world's minerals and investing around the world using that money. Military power alone won't do it. The US will continue to be the leader for decades to come.
    • avatar
      sad but true. Millions of refugees and leaders act like children....but with heavy weapon. For me, they are not leaders. All side.
    • FlorianGeyer
      The people of America's servile vassal states, such as Japan and European countries need to realise that if the US elite is able to conquer its enemies in the world and plunder their resources, the vassals will next be in line to feed the American Debt.
    • avatar
      U$ Amer,can Nazi's with rest of 5 eyes, EU the BAD Guys ... 220 - 40 Bad Guys countrys versus teh rest !
    • avatar
      Sam S ....Equalization could take decades but the end to all of the colonisation will come much quicker..yes China must ease into the change away from US Dollar but it must for its own survival continue the change over.

      What will change almost instantly is the ultra nationalist inspired Foreign policy firstly the money wont be there to fund the act secondly International pressure and internal politics will not allow it.

      All in all the US has no choice but to take the righteous path no matter how much it pains them to do so.
      The only other choice is not really a choice just ask Hitler as he put a gun to his head when the Russians conquered Germany and arrived in Berlin.
    • avatar
      Rightly many countries are worried about Syria failing in this proxy war of the US of A and its gulf allies. Turkey should wise up that if its neighbour falls, it will be the next target alongside Iran and Russia. This is because no country that has the temerity or power to stand up to the hegemon and its geostrategic plans in the MENA will be tolerated. It will just be a matter of time before Turkey will be in its sight.

      However, let's face it. With China and Russia building mutually beneficial relationships, politically, economically and strategically in such a widespread manner internationally leaving the US of A to trail far behind, it is almost difficult to imagine how the latter will be able to catch up when it comes to its senses.

      Will the US of A in its last breath unleash a cataclysmic nuclear WWIII? One has only to listen to Putin's message, ie, Russia hopes that it does not have to use any nuclear weapons. Americans have to wake up to a very real threat of its country's own annihilation having gone too far in its military adventurism on the slightest fancy and whim. Is the country ready for payback time, and it is going to be big time if it persists down the road of folly to the point of no return. There is still time, but the "insanity and wickedness" behind the WH must be curtailed.
    • roadside_bum
      The arab spring was started by the u.s to flood europe with millions of primitive animals but the Syrian war was started by the u.s to install even more primitive and hostile animals to ensure the future expansion plans of israel.
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