15:48 GMT +324 February 2017
    Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton

    Former NYC Mayor Says Hillary Clinton is 'Founding Member' of Daesh

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    Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani claimed that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton played a role in the rise of the Daesh, German newspaper Focus online reported.

    According to the former mayor, Clinton's policies in Iraq, as well as the interference in the situation in Syria have led to the radicalization of Shiites, thus, leading to the creation of Daesh terrorist group.

    "She helped create ISIS [Daesh]. Hillary Clinton could be considered a founding member of ISIS," Giuliani told Fox News.

    "By being part of an administration that withdrew from Iraq," he elaborated. "By being part of an administration that let [former Prime Minister Nouri] al-Maliki run Iraq into the ground, so you forced the Shiites to make a choice."

    Hillary Clinton served as US secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. Syria has been mired in civil war since 2011, with the country’s government fighting numerous opposition factions and jihadist groups, including Daesh and al-Nusra Front.

    The former mayor also added that Republican presidential hopefuls Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would be the perfect choice to defeat the brutal terrorist group.


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    • No Name
      Well, .. normally Hillary Clinton shouldn't have the right to candidate for the American Presidency: she WAS ALREADY President of the USA for 8 years -2 mandates. as her husband approached intensively.... interns-chicks in the ORal-Office ;-)
    • basho
      "we came, we saw, he died."
      this is the most childish, immature, comment anyone could make.
      in the same genre as "you are either with us or against us."
      why do amis come off sounding so stupid. are they that stupid? (rhetorical question)
    • support
      She is a crypto-Muslim, obviously. Perfectly briefed on her security obligations on communications as a US Secretary of State, she repeatedly and with intent violated those regulations to keep her terrorist allies informed.
    • avatar
      As despicable as he is, Giuliani, a dyed in the wool Zionist if there ever was one, and if he is right about HRC, then I say let her be rewarded for the Presidency that the sheeple deserve, and let him be her running mate. They both deserve to be held over the cauldrons of fire they so richly have been involved in. Oh! Did I forget to say something about his enigmatic supporting role in the 9-1-1 affair? "Call me."
    • avatar
      Actually, it was more Patraeus, but the neofascist Guliani is at least in the ballpark.
    • Drain the swamp
      Does this mean Michael Collins Piper was right about Trump being a front man for the mob in LA?
    • avatar
      jasin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, I don't see her as pro-Muslim as much as anti-Christian.
    • avatar
      I have never thought much of Guliani, but when he's right, he's right! Hitlery THRIVES on death and destruction! Her buddy, Albright, and her agree that murdering half a million kids in Iraq was, they felt, "the right thing to do"! Come on now! Burn the bitch!
    • supportin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, I only go on the basis of what people do and by the consequences of their actions. Why am I the only one who lacks today's "closet" Victorianism respecting popular attitudes toward female public figures, please? If a man had done the many things she has done wrong he would be in Leavenworth or Club Fed in an orange suit by now. Why the deference to gender in this age of PC please?

      On a lighter note, two eminent American figures have already defected to Canada to escape the USA which is another US State Department fiasco, this time Lurch's fault:


      Some of the terminology in this satirical journal for "energy patch" seismologists may seem arcane but it is a specialists' journal and insanely funny. Enjoy.
    • Selectric Typeball
      Hillary Clinton is a founding member of Daesh and ISIS.
      Please provide the facts and proofs behind this statement.
      "We came, we saw, he died" is Hillary's politically correct version of
      "We came, We saw, We kicked its ass!" from the movie Ghostbusters in 1984: youtu.be/VWb1z6ZwUoY
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tobasho(Show commentHide comment)
      basho, You ask a rhetorical question and I will give you a serious answer. Yes indeed the vast majority are that stupid.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply toDrain the swamp(Show commentHide comment)
      NWO has been Trumped !!, No one is successful in anything having to do with New York City real estate without being in bed with the mob. Once a person is in bed with them they never get out; they're part of the business from then on.
    • Selectric Typeball
      The Mob is going to win the US Presidency.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, DAESCH from the beginning was an instrument of the ZioAmerican Empire. If she was Secretary Of State at the time it was started she had to be involved in it. This statement of Giuliani's sounds like what is called a "limited hangout". He accuses her of what everybody knows anyway in order to try and conceal just how big the operation is.
    • avatar
      DAESH is Sunni, not Shiite. What are these crazies talking about? And what civil war? It's a US and NATO invasion usung proxy terrorists recruited, yes, by the Obama regime's CIA, with the help of Hillary Clinton.
    • avatar
      The one Who knows
      Clinton and Yellen the two worst women in the US as of now. and it can be even worse - Marc Faber said that Hillary as president would mean the end of the world - I stay with him and his portfolio he knows what he is saying (stay with gold brothers independenttrader.org/permanent-portfolio-models-and-their-long-term-roi.html )
    • avatar
      tony p
      Isn't it the Sunni that are radicalised.
    • Annin reply tobasho(Show commentHide comment)
      basho, bush was even more stupid. He said "You're either with US, or you're with THE TERRORISTS." He left no room for remaining neutral. Good comment.
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