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    Kremlin Comments on Kerry's 'Plan B' Should Syrian Ceasefire Deal Fail

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    Moscow will focus on “Plan A” in accordance to the agreement signed between the United States and Russia on the cessation of hostilities in Syria and is not looking at “Plan B,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Earlier, Kerry announced steps that would be made toward a backup plan that could include the division of Syria if the ceasefire planned for February 27 did not work or if an actual swing to a transient government does not happen within the next few months.

    "Currently, we are focusing on ‘Plan A’ and believe that the discussion and work for the realization of the plan that was agreed by the presidents of the two countries [US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin] should be our priority," Peskov told journalists in response to a question regarding US Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement concerning a backup plan should the cessation of hostilities agreement fall apart at the seams.

    On Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced an agreement on cessation of hostilities between the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad and the armed opposition factions had been reached. The agreement will come into force on February 27.

    Russia and the United States are using their influence and potential to bring sides with opposing views on the Syrian settlement closer, he added.

    "These are talks between the two countries that could really contribute to a settlement… In this case, Russia and the United States are using their influence, their potential to bring parties with diametrically opposed views on settlement closer," Peskov told reporters.

    "Once again, I remind you that in his address, Putin said that Russia intends to work closely with Damascus, Syria's legitimate authorities, but expects that US partners will use their influence on the groups they support," he noted.


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      "Currently, we are focusing on ‘Plan A’ and believe that the discussion and work for the realization of the plan that was agreed by the presidents of the two countries [US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin] should be our priority," Peskov told journalists . . . .

      But the US priority is "regime change".
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      You can not trust the yanks when the USA warmongers pull the strings in Washington, they won't take any blame if things fall apart.
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      megargyin reply tojj42(Show commentHide comment)
      jj42, Never forget that US stands for Unlimited Savagery with a smile pretending to be the "good guys" - Look how many they killed since they sponsored Hitler - the carnage has never stopped.
    • Huh?
      And so the waters part and the mysterious "Plan B" is mentioned. Ok and that assumes any of us were buying into the "Plan A". I guess next is the more intriguing, "Plan that must not be named". I really hope that the people sitting at the table are clever enough to see through this ruse.
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      I'm sorry to say this, But it seems that Russia and US are playing for Greater Israel. Syria is the loser here.
      Watch here:
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      "Plan B" has always been "Plan A" for the New World Order. The world is being given a respite; I have little doubt that Russia will be succesful in implementing the current "Plan A", God willing, but if not, at least Russia tried.
    • in reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, that and carve the country. same thing with Iraq. They are already preparing us for that.
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      Kerry lies once again. What he calls plan b has been the terrorist American governments plan "a" all along.
    • Ann in reply tojj42(Show commentHide comment)
      jj42, if it means they will get what they want if things do fall apart, you can bet things WILL fall apart. The US will see to that. I hope Putin wasn't that naive, to even include "plan B" in the deal...unless he plans on catching the US in the act - again.
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      dvdgrg09in reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Bernardo Mendes, yes, undoubtedly partition is a plan for both countries, but it won't happen, the perpetrators themselves would get partitioned.
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      USA playing the big bully is beginning to look old and pale.They should just roll up their blankets and go home or Russia and China will give them a good knee jerk not very long into the near distant future.sorry i think it's already happening in Crimea,Syria and South China sea.
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      Pentagonisabeastin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, They can rebrand how much they want but Putin knows it. Putin is there before Obama and Kerry and they will be gone in a few months and Putin will twist the arm of the next pair
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