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    Everyday life of the Russian air group at the Hmeymim airfield in Syria

    Western Lies on Russia's Syria Campaign Exposed on Air

    © Photo: Russian Defence Ministry
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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    Russian President Vladimir Putin could well resolve the Syrian issue and destroy Daesh, French politician and former Minister of Vocational Education Jean-Luc Mélenchon told French journalists Lea Salame and Yann Moix, who have tried to accuse Moscow of bombing Syrian opposition instead of the terrorist group.

    "The Russians are the ones who cut off supply routes which Daesh used to smuggle oil into Turkey. I am not the one who is saying this – the Turkish opposition confirmed this. These are the sites that have been bombed. I congratulate the Russians on disrupting these deliveries because this will be the reason for Daesh's defeat," he noted.

    Apparently dissatisfied with Mélenchon's stance on what is happening in Syria, the journalists interrupted the politician claiming that Russia was not targeting Daesh, but so-called moderate opposition. "Ninety percent of airstrikes are not aimed at Daesh, but rebels," Moix suggested.

    "This is not true," Mélenchon retorted. Those, who spread unsubstantiated information regarding Russia's efforts in Syria, are trying "to fool you and throw dust in your eyes to bring you on their side."

    Russia launched a multinational counterterrorism operation in Syria following a formal request from Damascus on September 30, 2015. Moscow has been largely credited with helping the Syrian Arab Army turn the tide of war against Daesh, al-Nusra Front and other radical groups, who are trying to oust President Bashar al-Assad and establish an Islamic caliphate in Syria.

    Damascus-led forces have scored major victories against terrorists in all key provinces and are currently focused on liberating Syria's largest city of Aleppo.

    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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      Ny, Pogodi !
      Moix and Salamé are well-known in France for being the voice of political correctness.
    • avatar
      rmukarutabanain reply toNy, Pogodi !(Show commentHide comment)
      Ny, Pogodi !, But I thought this foolish Lea Salame girl was of Syrian origin? Doesn't she want her homeland to be freed from Daesh? Or is she so stuck with Hollande's and Fabius' idiotic "Assad-deserves-to-die" line that she can't see the reality?
    • sophm0e38
      Just watched the French clip and I'm right: propaganda in French sounds as nasty as it does in English. The French presenters just went on a US state dept-sponsored demented rant.
    • avatar
      une fois n'est pas coutume, je partage entierement l'avis de monsieur Melanchon. Respect. Quant a Salame et Moix, ce sont des anes pas des journalistes.
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      There is a good article on Global Research, and well worth reading. It links into this article.

      Former Turkish Officer’s Revelations on Subversive Operations of the Turkish Intelligence Agency MIT Against Syria
    • A = π r 2
      Summary of the Western dezinformatsiya campaign against Russian air operations in Syria:

      1) accuse Russia of not bombing Daesh positions
      2) accuse Russia of bombing soft targets
      3) claim Russian air strikes as their own

      Then rinse and repeat.

      Incidentally if you mix 2) and 3) they end up congratulating themselves for bombing hospitals.
    • avatar
      CocoChannelin reply tosophm0e38(Show commentHide comment)
      You're completely right. The French presstitute propaganda, is so disgusting, than a lot of people has turned their back on MSM.
      A week ago, the France2 channel (state channel), broadcasted a video, showing Russian strikes in Syria, but the US coalition was credited with the success, by the so-called journalist, , and, the ice on the cake, explaining how the pilots were always, cautious, mindful, not to hit civilians ! Really ? Sputnik&RT revealed the fraud.
      You see !
    • avatar
      CocoChannelin reply tormukarutabana(Show commentHide comment)
      The stupid little pest is from Lebanon. And she is, most likely, agreeing with "Al-Nusra is doing a good job", another famous Fabulous' quote !
      Just pathetic !
    • avatar
      Syrian opposition never been in Syria to be bombed by Russians.
    • Ann in reply toNy, Pogodi !(Show commentHide comment)
      Ny, Pogodi !, You mean the voice of western propaganda in France.
    • Ann in reply tormukarutabana(Show commentHide comment)
      rmukarutabana, Money clouds the judgments of weak people.
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