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    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (R) and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini hold a press conference in Vienna on January 16, 2016.

    European Union, US Lift Nuclear Program-Related Sanctions Against Iran

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    Iran Nuclear Deal: Hope for Peaceful Future (156)

    The European Union and the United States are lifting Iran nuclear programme-related sanctions.

    The United States and the European Union are lifting sanctions imposed on Iran due to its nuclear programme.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States lifted sanctions against Iran.

    "I hereby confirm that the International Atomic Energy Agency has verified that Iran has fully implemented its required commitments… The U.S. sanctions-related commitments described in Sections 17.1-17.5 of Annex V of the JCPOA are now in effect," the statement said.

    Kerry also said that if Iran decides to violate its obligations under JCPOA, the United States will have time to react.

    ​US President Barack Obama issued an executive order revoking the sanctions.

    "I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, have determined that Iran's implementation of the nuclear related measures specified in… the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action of July 14, 2015 (JCPOA)…  marks a fundamental shift in circumstances with respect to Iran's nuclear program,"

    The statement comes after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed the Islamic republic fully complied with its obligations under the landmark nuclear deal.

    "In order to give effect to the United States commitments with respect to sanctions described in section 4 of Annex II and section 17.4 of Annex V of the JCPOA, I am revoking Executive Orders 13574 of May 23, 2011, 13590 of November 20, 2011, 13622 of July 30, 2012, and 13645 of June 3, 2013, and amending Executive Order 13628 of October 9, 2012, by revoking sections 5 through 7 and section 15," the statement added.

    US Department of Treasury announced that it lifts sanctions imposed on Iranian Central Bank and Iranian international oil company, as well as ban imposed on Iranian oil trade with third countries. Washington also lifts ban on export of civilian airliners to Iran

    High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said that EU and US had issued relevant guidelines on lifting the sanctions against Iran. She also noted that the European Union hails beginning of JCPOA implementation.

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also hailed Iran deal implementation day.

    ​Russian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that Russia considers that all sides of agreement on Iranian nuclear program will continue to meet obligations under JCPOA.

    "We hope that all the sides of the agreement [on Tehran's nuclear program] will continue to approach the issues related to the further implementation of obligations under JCPOA honestly and responsibly," the statement said.

    Iran Nuclear Deal: Hope for Peaceful Future (156)
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    • Huh?in reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, Could be they would all be hanging out together....just for fun though...nothing serious. It all starts with a kiss.
    • Mother Gorilla
      We can see from that the sanctions did not work, only diplomacy could win the day!
    • avatar
      artin reply toHuh?(Show commentHide comment)
      Huh?, I doubt they can see each other in the face. They would get into a fist fight blaming each other: you said a bomb will go off in that hotel today. What happened? I trusted you moron...
    • Huh?in reply toart(Show commentHide comment)
      art, haha...now that's funny right there. See, this is the problem, too many chiefs and not enough indians.

      sidebar...anyone whose is Native American, there was no disrespect meant in that comment.
    • King Arturus
      Good, now iran can do energy business with Europe and China just like they said before.
    • Ann in reply toHuh?(Show commentHide comment)
      Huh?, sometimes it all starts with a slap on the behind...LOL
    • avatar
      Good for Iran. Congratulations. They've been quite patient and polite throughout and incredibly unjust period of sanctions and provocations.
    • Ann in reply toMother Gorilla(Show commentHide comment)
      Mother Gorilla, "Diplomacy"? The bullies just don't want any other country to be able to defend themselves. It's easier when your opponents are unarmed, when you want to impose your will on them.
    • Huh?in reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, Well now...we have waded into interesting water. I will venture that the following comment would be, "Gimme some sugar baby".
    • Mother Gorillain reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, you don't seriously think there would have been or would be a war US-Iran. Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq had it coming for being weak and/or for a long time under American influence, Iran is a different matter, it should have been clear from the start that only diplomacy would work there.
    • Mother Gorilla
      And I'd even add that even Russia needs to be careful at times not to be weak, too eager to be like the US, to share in the filthy American way!
    • avatar
      Illegal sanctions based on the Big Lie destroyed by Truth. Lots of other Big Lies need destroying, particularly the claim of Exceptionalism by the Outlaw US Empire.
    • avatar
      The Zionists told US EU they may come down now from the jump they had told US and EU to do long ago and lift the iranians sanctions.
    • avatar
      accuse clowns run Iran. I impose secret sanctions against them. NOT allowing investments or buying anything inside Iran. Any wall in English I'll erase it. And begin a soft propaganda against them.
      Regime change is coming soon to a theater near them. And attempts to turn them like Syria.
    • avatar
      What US and EU needs is remowal of their powers in controlling anything in this World and removal of particularly THE WESTERN ELITE THAT IS THE MOST EVIL ORGANISATION ON THIS EARTH !!!
    • avatar
      at last EU /US finally accept they can not rule the world , very good very good
    • avatar
      I imagine now that the sanctions are lifted, hundreds if not thousands of western NGO's will flood into Iran at same time business does (they go hand in hand) and eventually, regime change and other issues will arise. Like it has in plenty of other countries.
    • avatar
      Excellent news. But I wonder if the USA and the EU are concerned with Israel's huge nuclear arsenal, and its refusal to be inspected.
    • Ann in reply toMother Gorilla(Show commentHide comment)
      Mother Gorilla, No you're right, I do not believe in picking on the weak, and nobody has that kind of horror "coming". In fact just to be clear, if I had my way, all of those little "weak" countries would be armed and trained, so that they never had to worry about being squashed by a bully state.

      As for Iran, if you block out everything you've heard from the western media, which is mostly BS, there really isn't anything bad out there about Iran. I tossed all of the MSM BS out a long time ago. Now when I speak about a country, I speak only of my personal impressions based on what I see, without the propaganda biases. I too think diplomacy is the best option, BUT WE ALL KNOW WHAT THE WEST CONSIDERS "DIPLOMACY" - That I do not consider an option. It's NOT diplomacy when you threaten a country to force them to do what you want, and when that doesn't work, you sanction/starve them into submission. JMO of why western "diplomacy" is a sham.
    • Ann in reply toHuh?(Show commentHide comment)
      Huh?, LOL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ❤
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