18:56 GMT +324 March 2017
    Angela Merkel and Tayyip Erdogan

    Deal Between Merkel, Erdogan Will Be the End of Europe German Media

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    A difficult question is arising for German Chancellor Angela Merkel before her meeting with Turkish leader Recer Tayyip Erdogan – should Europe deal with a country which buys oil from terrorists? Politicians with principles should have cancelled the meeting, German media reported.

    EU leaders are expected to meet with the Turkish president on Sunday to discuss the deal – billions of euros for Ankara’s agreement to help resolve the migrant crisis.

    The "helpless" EU wants a fast decision to the crisis and considers Erdogan a savior, but it’s a great illusion, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reported.

    There is enough evidence of Turkey siding with Islamic State militants, and Sunday’s meeting should be cancelled, the article read.

    Nevertheless, recently Merkel has shown her favor toward Ankara. One should also keep in mind that the deal is very beneficial for Erdogan as in addition to the money of European taxpayers, he will receive a bonus – Merkel turning a blind eye to all uncomfortable topics.

    Thus, Erdogan would not have to explain why Turkey shot down a Russian jet over Syria, increasing global military tensions. He would not also have to give explanations on his family’s ties with funding terrorists and the journalists who were jailed for reporting on Ankara siding with ISIL.

    Finally, Turkey would not have to guarantee to Brussels that its billions of euros would be spent to tackle the migrant crisis, the author wrote.

    Merkel cannot be sure that the deal with Erdogan, despite all his deeds with terrorists, will not turn European taxpayers into sponsors of terrorism. If reached, the deal would pose a threat to the lives to European residents, and Merkel should try to cancel it, the article concluded.


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    • Mikhas
      What a fine mess the €Urofags has put themselves into. Hostages to a genocidal jihadist with neo-ottoman delusions of grandeur.

      Whatever option that does not include throwing the inbreed bastard in the dungeons of the tribunal for crimes against humanity, is a dead end and mullah Erdogan will flood Europe with freaks and arm them as well.
    • avatar
      Mrs. Merkel now you have to show your real face !! Do you protect the German people, or do you sell Germany to the terrorist State's Turkey and USA ???
    • avatar
      Merkel is a very sinister woman and no one really knows how and why she is in love with Hussein Obama, but from all photos of her with Obama it is clearly visible that she is in love with him. She is all overwhelmed and smiling watching him with absolutely clear admiration. She is 100% in love with him, well if you would know her husband than all would be clear.

      Knowing that and the fact that Erdogan did not act on his own will but under the orders from Washington it is clear that Obama instructed Merkel to be nice and tactful with Erdogan and not to poke in hornet's nest, and that is exactly what she will do. She will avoid all nasty question and pretend that she just had a lobotomy and she does not know anything.

      It is extremely embarrassing for us Germans see that cow to lick Obama's circumcised dick and now for his love she will do the same to another circumcised dickhead. What a glorious cow.
    • vvj3080
      It is clear to the world that NATO is North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and behind them is the father of all terrorism after WWII ie the US. With that Asia would learn not to trust Europe and US. There is a possibility India and China will join hands to the detriment of US. Russia would look more towards the East which is more trustable. Europe and North America should instead prepare for their demise instead of pitting one nation with another.
      It is extremely disturbing that Ms. Merkel caters to Erdogan.

      But then she is a chief proponent of American policy in Europe, and Turkey always has an important strategic place in America's considererations.

      Unfortunately, at this time, Turkey is being run, quite literally, by a madman.
    • avatar
      I agree 100% with author. Germans need to get rid of her and find a real leader willing and able to tell the Outlaw US Empire where it can go.
    • Blackie
      Apart from Obama's known history of lies the fact he wont admit his gender preference
      is sad. I do not know if Michael Obama is a Man?, but i do Know Frau Merkel is taking orders from the US.
      The last revolution in Germany was in the seventies, and they all died.
      The point is "can a Country also commit suicide?" .
    • avatar
      The EU-U.S-france-UK will continue dealing with Turkey. Turkey is their Frontman.
    • avatar
      Mickey Rooney
      Give that money to Syria, help them rebuild the areas destroyed by associates to the terrorist factions.
    • avatar
      The cabal who control our western governments have clearly set their sights on destroying any remnants of European civilization and ethnicity.
    • avatar
      Anas Drak
      It seems to be another wrong step towards the right direction . Unfortunately EU ,especially Germany, makes far too many mistakes.
    • Al SAN
      If they got an agreement they will be telling France f..k u!
    • nadezhdochka_25
      difficult time for Merkel)can they afford to lose Turkey or not
    • avatar
      Tactical Investor
      This will certainly split the currents in Europe
    • avatar
      The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers...
      This is a poem written by Erdogan back in the 90s. Now, all you good fellow Europeans in Germany, ask yourselves: Do you feel lucky?
    • destroying Westerneurope was אמא Merkel's mission and this hit is as good as UKR & Gr
    • Igor R
      Now EU is directly financing ISIS.
    • avatar
      Anybody expecting an intelligent and sober decision from Merkel in favor of Germany must be a fool. Some Western media always refer to her as a mighty Politician. She is not and has never been that, due to her past in East Germany. She is just a puppet moving on strings pulled from the White House.
    • avatar
      armorin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, please, man, let's keep Sputnik clean and there is no need to be vulgar and filthy. No, people would admire you more if the language is clean and decent. We are not any forum of discussion: we are Sputnik and different.
    • avatar
      Poor Germany. Once a great nation, hard working people, one of the most gifted people on this planet, in technics, in mathematics, in computers, software, poets, writers, philosophy, inventions see the huge number of patents stolen by the liberators, aircraft developers, rocket scientists, submarine experts, fantastic carbuilders, fantastic shipbuilders, excellent commodity manufacturers, housekeeping tools and hardwares, weapons inventors and in many cases perfectionists.

      And look where you are again, Germany? You choose the wrong friends like NATO and you remained a slave of your liberators. You let them manipulate and blaickmail you, so you should feel guilt night and day and was willing to do everything your Masters were ordering you to do. You have a Head of State and a prime minister, Germany, but it is all balloony, it is simply a governor of the colony Deutschland. A Lackey. Oh, how deep have they let you fall, Germany.

      The latest humiliation is giving 3Bln Euros to a sultan who is a proven criminal. But you have instructions to be against your neighbour russia and put sanctions over sanctions for fun in service of your liberators and have to be friendly with the NAZIs in Ukraine.
      Again, you have been offered the wrong friends by king Obama and emporor Netanyahoo and his princess Victoria Luland.
      Now finally, you are being forced to go to war again , ordered by your good friends and king Obama. They told you it is your duty to support the thieves and gangsters in the ME and Africa. At least you are now allowed to sit aside the king in public.

      Germany, rice and start shining, throw off the chains and choose your own way. No bloody EU, No bloody NATO. Just do the things you do so well and make the world jalous again: manufacturing, trading etc. but for yourself, Germany.

      Go, Germany, Go and choose the right friends.
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