03:07 GMT25 October 2020
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    The Ukrainian authorities are waging a war not only against the militias: they also have to fight against corruption, propaganda, unemployment and economic crisis in the country, the Polish publication Kurier Wilenski wrote.

    “Since the change of government in Kiev took place there has been no improvement in the situation in any direction. If this continues, Ukraine may be headed for the fate similar to that of the Yugoslavian collapse.”

    “The economic crisis, unemployment, the impoverishment of society and its radicalization, the omnipotence of the oligarchs, smuggling — are just a few of the fronts on which the Ukrainian authorities have to win, not just for the country to begin to develop, but to remain a sovereign state on the map of Europe” wrote Stanislav Tarasavich for Kurier Wilenski.

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who in an interview with Slovenian television predicted that the fate of Ukraine would be similar to that of Yugoslavia, mentioned that if Ukraine collapses it would be because of the Ukrainian authorities.

    “Who remembers a country called Yugoslavia? I think most of the young people are already struggling to recall that this country had been on the map of Europe once. I bring up Yugoslavia because I really hope that after a while we won’t have to remember that there once was a state called Ukraine. The existence of Ukraine right now depends on the wisdom, patience, tact, inclination to compromise and willingness to negotiate of all those who make decisions on the territory of Ukraine,” the Russian prime minister said.

    But Ukraine decided to strengthen its defenses instead, which they saw to be effective in their fight against separatism in the east of the country. They focused on developing local governance, which would prevent the emergence of separatism in other regions, to reform state institutions. This they felt would effectively overcome corruption.

    But so far there are no visible effects. As the journalist points out the Western public opinion of Ukraine is changing day by day. The West now sees that the change of power in Ukraine more than a year ago was just a waste of time. The Ukrainian system is now so eroded by corruption that Ukrainians will not be able to handle any war be ordinary, advocacy, economic or war against corruption.

    Tarasavich notes that the authorities in Kiev understand this position of Ukraine and hence under pressure they tend to make radical and often unusual decisions.


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