13:17 GMT11 August 2020
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    • International Bikini Day Erasing Borders: Stunning Soviet Beauties Enjoying Summertime in Swimsuits
      Last update: 11:47 GMT 05.07.2020
      11:47 GMT 05.07.2020

      International Bikini Day Erasing Borders: Stunning Soviet Beauties Enjoying Summertime in Swimsuits

      The world celebrates International Bikini Day - one of the hottest holidays, held during the hottest days of the year. But this is not the best time for photo sessions in crowded places, so we're going to show you some beauties from the past, so that you may appreciate their vintage appeal.

    • Last update: 14:14 GMT 03.07.2020
      14:14 GMT 03.07.2020

      This Week in Pictures: 27 June - 03 July

      While the deadly coronavirus pandemic is refusing to give up ground as nations are anticipating a possible second wave of COVID-19, life is still going on despite the crisis.

    • Last update: 11:56 GMT 02.07.2020
      11:56 GMT 02.07.2020

      Where Sea Was Once Land: Underwater Aboriginal Sites in Australia

      Genomic studies have revealed that Aboriginal Australians are the oldest known civilisation on Earth, having diverged from Eurasians 57,000 years ago following a single exodus from Africa around 75,000 years ago.

    • Last update: 15:35 GMT 01.07.2020
      15:35 GMT 01.07.2020

      Future on Your Plate: Meet 3D-Printed Meat

      As the modern world leans towards the idea of leaving a lesser footprint on the environment with electric cars becoming more popular and separate collection of waste becoming widespread, the Redefine Meat company has decided to make its own contribution to the greater good, inventing 3D-printed meat.

    • Last update: 13:50 GMT 30.06.2020
      13:50 GMT 30.06.2020

      Power of Nature: World's Landmarks Illuminated by Lightning

      Lightning is a truly marvellous natural phenomenon that had been terrifying humankind for ages before it was understood, as it was once considered the manifestation God's power and will.

    • Training flights of female cadets of the Krasnodar Air Force Academy specialising in assault, fighter, and long-range aviation at the Kushchevsky Airfield in the Krasnodar Territory.
      Last update: 12:09 GMT 29.06.2020
      12:09 GMT 29.06.2020

      No Job for a Lady? Russian Female Air Force Academy Cadets Conquer Skies With Skill and Charm

      These charming ladies from southern Russia dominate the sky with their expert piloting skills – and irresistible smiles, of course. Attack aircraft, fighter jets, or long-range warplanes – no challenge is impossible for these female cadets from the Krasnodar Air Force Academy.

    • This Week in Pictures: 20 - 26 June
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 26.06.2020
      11:00 GMT 26.06.2020

      This Week in Pictures: 20 - 26 June

      Nations across the globe are continuing to report new cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), but nevertheless life goes on in the various parts of our planet despite the pandemic.

    • Military vehicles in Volgograd during the military parade to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in World War II
      Last update: 17:04 GMT 25.06.2020
      17:04 GMT 25.06.2020

      Cities Across Russia Celebrate 75th Anniversary of WWII Victory

      On 24 June, Russia celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, with military parades and celebrations held across the country.

    • Last update: 16:38 GMT 24.06.2020
      16:38 GMT 24.06.2020

      Historic Shots of 1945 Victory Parade in Moscow

      Usually, the Victory Day parade is held on 9 May in Russia and several former republics of the Soviet Union. This year, however, the Russian authorities decided to move the event to 24 June amid the severe coronavirus situation.

    • A woman during the international 'Candle of Memory' vigil, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the start of World War II at the Eternal Flame in Kazan, Russia's Victory Park.
      Last update: 12:29 GMT 22.06.2020
      12:29 GMT 22.06.2020

      Candlelight Vigils Held Throughout Russia Honouring Fallen Heroes of Great Patriotic War

      Every year on 22 June, Russia commemorates the Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, the anniversary of the day in 1941 when Nazi Germany went to war with the Soviet Union, launching the largest military invasion in human history .

    • Moskvoretsky Bridge with the White Kremlin in the background. The artist depicted a large number of cars and other means of transportation passing across the bridge while a plane is readying for takeoff nearby. Another notable feature is the airtracks for trams just above the bridge.
      Last update: 13:35 GMT 21.06.2020
      13:35 GMT 21.06.2020

      Future Almost Here? Visualisation of 23rd Century Moscow in Series of Russian Empire-Era Postcards

      The postcards date back to 1914 and were ordered by a confectionery manufacturer, Einem, which is now known as Krasny Oktyabr (Red October).

    • Street performers dressed as movie characters wait for customers to take photos, on Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, California on 12 June 2020.
      Last update: 11:45 GMT 19.06.2020
      11:45 GMT 19.06.2020

      This Week in Pictures: 13 - 19 June

      This week was marked by another wave of mass rallies across the world - in the US and Europe, thousands protested against police brutality, while various demonstrations were also held in Brazil, Lebanon, and France.

    • Dust Clouds and Vast Expanses: Deserts Capable of Engulfing Cities
      Last update: 12:00 GMT 18.06.2020
      12:00 GMT 18.06.2020

      Dust Clouds and Vast Expanses: Deserts Capable of Engulfing Cities

      The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is a United Nations observance each June 17. The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the existence of desertification and drought, highlighting methods of preventing land degradation and recovering from drought.

    • Kim Yo-jong: North Korea's Most Powerful Woman
      Last update: 13:32 GMT 16.06.2020
      13:32 GMT 16.06.2020

      Kim Yo-jong: North Korea's Most Powerful Woman

      Kim Yo-jong is the granddaughter of NK founder Kim Il-sung, the daughter of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, and the younger sister of Kim Jong-un, the current supreme leader. Officially mentioned for the first time on 9 March 2014, she was later identified as a senior official in the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

    • Last update: 13:18 GMT 15.06.2020
      13:18 GMT 15.06.2020

      Global Wind Day: Get You Dose of Lulz Watching Politicians Trying to Deal With Strong Gusts

      More than 10 years ago, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) joined forces with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) to pronounce 15 June as Global Wind Day.

    • Buddy the dog peers from a vehicle before the start of a movie at a drive-in cinema in Snagov, Romania, Monday, 1 June 2020. Romania further loosened the measures imposed during a nationwide lockdown in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 infections, with museums, open air restaurants, cinemas and beaches opening to the public on Monday.
      Last update: 13:20 GMT 14.06.2020
      13:20 GMT 14.06.2020

      The Perfect Bond Between Humans and Dogs

      Dogs were originally domesticated to assist humans in hunting approximately 15,000 years ago in Central Asia. Since then, they've become our loyal companions.

    • A woman wears a face shield as she wades in the ocean off South Beach on June 10, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida.
      Last update: 12:27 GMT 12.06.2020
      12:27 GMT 12.06.2020

      This Week in Pictures: 6 -12 June

      After a very turbulent spring which was overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic, summer has finally arrived, bringing us not only hopes for a better life but also new turmoil.

    • Vintage Photos of Soviet Streets on Rainy Days
      Last update: 12:16 GMT 09.06.2020
      12:16 GMT 09.06.2020

      Vintage Photos of Soviet Streets on Rainy Days

      Wet weather brings out various things in people, as it is a perfect time to stay at home and read a book or watch a movie, listening to the raindrops falling outside. Rainy days might spoil your outdoor plans but they can never ruin your mood unless you allow it to.

    • Last update: 13:59 GMT 07.06.2020
      13:59 GMT 07.06.2020

      The Best of The Best: Russian Airborne Force Recruits Take Their First Parachute Jumps

      The Russian Airborne Troops are among the country's elite forces, remarkable for their high mobility and use of a large amount of specifically designed vehicles and a larger complement of heavy weaponry than most contemporary airborne forces.

    •  In this aerial view from a drone, residents paddle board and kayak in Lady Bird Lake on 20 May 2020 in Austin, Texas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that bars, wine tasting rooms, bowling alleys, skating rinks, bingo halls, aquariums, and equestrian events will be allowed to open on Friday, 22nd May despite a surge in confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the state.
      Last update: 13:03 GMT 06.06.2020
      13:03 GMT 06.06.2020

      Beauty of Earthly Landscapes Which Can Only Be Seen From Above

      A selection of incredibly beautiful photos that show the amazing beauty of our Earth. The uniqueness of the photographs is that all the pictures were taken from a bird's eye view and are not just photos, but indisputable proof of the greatness of the planet.