23:31 GMT +322 November 2019
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    • l'Hotel of Ice in Quebec, Canada
    • Icehotel in the Northern Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi
    • Icehotel in the Northern Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi
    • Giant igloo in Pyeongchang, South Korea
    • Finnish Snow Hotel, dedicated to the Game of Thrones series
    • First Dutch ice hotel in the city of Zwolle
    • Romanian Ice Hotel at Balea Lake
    • Igloo-Hotel 'Mountain Terrain' in Kamchatka, Russia
    • An igloo village in San Simone di Valleve, near Bergamo, northern Italy
    • Saranac ice palace in the US
    © AFP 2019 / Anne Barot
    L'Hotel of Ice in Quebec lives up to its name - the 36-room building is made of giant igloos, with animal fur covered benches and two connected bars. Thousands of people come here every year for the "ultimate Nordic experience".

    What could be better during the winter season than a nice, warm room with a traditional fireplace, hot tea and comfy armchair? Well, in fact, there is something way cooler - both, literally and figuratively.

    Snow and ice are, obviously, the best materials for building during winter — they are cheap and almost endless, so you just need to have the technology. These hotels and palaces, of course, would have a hard time enduring the summer heat, but who cares, when you can make fairy tales become real?

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