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    • Tear gas. Why? - Habibi, 24, Afghanistan.
    • It's very difficult to bring water home, especially in this weather. My brother does this every day, sometimes me and my little sister carry some also - Sultana, 11, Afghanistan.
    • People are breaking their legs trying to jump the fences. There is no other way, no chance - Mohammed, 27, Eritrea.
    • My country has a heart of darkness. When I sleep I have nightmares that I am still trapped in the prison in Sudan and can’t escape - A.K.A Dream, 27, Sudan.
    • The library makes me happy because I can get knowledge, also it passes the time, as there is nothing else to do all day. This is the life I am living, its difficult to explain, not only for me but for all people here - Mohammed, 27, Eritrea.
    • I like taking photos, to remember the memories - Sultana, 11, Afghanistan.
    • In the Jungle we feel as if we live in a chicken pen - Oshar, Sudan.
    • When fires happen in the ‘Jungle’, it’s like we are burning in Hell. They happen quite often as people use candles as they can’t afford gas to keep warm - Habibi, 24, Afghanistan.
    • This is my friend. I am proud of him because he doesn’t have any family here, he came from Afghanistan all by himself. He thinks he is 10 years old, but he doesn’t really know - Muzamil, 10, Afghanistan.
    • Education is the cure for racism - Oshar, Sudan.
    © Photo : Habibi/Welcome to Our Jungle 2015
    "Tear gas. Why?" - Habibi, 24, Afghanistan.

    "Welcome to Our Jungle" is a participatory photography project, based in a refugee camp known as the "Jungle" in Calais, France, which gives its inhabitants the skills to tell their own stories through the medium of a camera.

    The participants of the project, in association with Calais Action non-profit organization, demonstrated creativity and resilience, representing the inextinguishable light of the human spirit. 


    French Calais Port Closed After Several Migrants Rescued From Water
    'Convoy to Calais': British Humanitarian Aid Banned From Entering France
    Some 5,000 Refugees Still Living in Calais 'Jungle' Camp - MSF
    'Jungle' refugee camp, photographs, migrant crisis, camera, migrants, refugees, Calais, Europe, France
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