21:38 GMT30 November 2020
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    While the US soldiers receive turkeys, gifts, and the new Star Wars movie, troops from the UK are “generously” given £1 each to fund their Christmas festivities.

    Just as British Prime Minister Theresa May wraps up her Christmas speech thanking the UK's 500-man strong contingent in Afghanistan, then they were given a meager £500 to celebrate Christmas. That's a mere £1 each.

    "They haven't even sent us enough for a coffee. The Americans send in more money to feed the stray cats on their compound," complained one soldier according to The Sunday Times.

    This has left British soldiers living on means well below those of their colleagues in contingents from other countries. Whereas the American forces could feast themselves on a banquet of turkeys, gifts, decorations, trees and enjoy it all while watching the new Star Wars film, members of the Yorkshire Regiment found themselves bartering with the Americans to get some of their Christmas goodies, The Sunday Times reports.

    While the Ministry of Defense explains that their Christmas festivities are locally arranged, one soldier was keen to point out that even the Danes and Mongolians seemed to be "doing more."

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    But while their Christmas lunch was served on Friday rather than on Christmas, morale among the British contingent was at least raised by all the gifts and other packages that were sent to them from friends and loved ones back home.

    "It has been staggering to see the number of parcels that have arrived for us from friends and family," said one British officer to the newspaper.

    Meanwhile, the British PM decided to spend some time celebrating with British troops stationed in Cyprus, who seemed to be doing relatively better.

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