02:47 GMT19 January 2021
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    The Russian military aircraft operating near the British border did not violate the UK's airspace but the Royal Air Force (RAF) said that they could create a "hazard" by causing civilian airlines to change routes in order to avoid flying to close to the aircraft.

    RAF's Typhoon jets scrambled from Lossiemouth on Saturday to intercept two Russian Tu-142 operating over the North Sea near the UK's airspace. The Typhoons were escorted by an RAF Voyager tanker aircraft to provide air-to-air refuelling.

    The RAF noted that it was critically important to "carefully monitor" Russian aircraft when flying close to UK airspace.

    "To deter this provocative activity and mitigate the risks associated with Russian military aircraft flying in this busy international airspace, RAF Typhoons shadowed the two Russian Bears and closely monitored their movements", the RAF said in a press release.

    ​At the same time, the Russian military regularly registers foreign reconnaissance flights, namely that of the US and NATO states, close to its border over the Baltic and Black seas. Just earlier in the day, the Russian Defence Ministry's National Defence Control Centre said that Russian fighter jet Su-27 was scrambled to intercept a reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force over the Black Sea.

    According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, such actions could potentially escalate tensions between the states.

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