06:01 GMT +321 February 2017
    The eastern Aegean Sea.

    Turkey Violates Greek Airspace 22 Times Within 24 Hours

    © AP Photo/ Emre Tazegul
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    Turkish Air Force violated Greek airspace 22 times on Monday, the Greek General Staff said.

    ATHENS (Sputnik) — The violations took place over the islands of Samos and Chios in the eastern Aegean Sea and over Lemnos and Lesbos in the northern part of the sea, the General Staff said, adding that two "virtual dogfights" between Greek and Turkish aircraft took place.

    On Wednesday, Greek media reported that at least six Turkish fighter jets, flying in a single formation, violated Greek airspace.

    Turkey's air force is known to violate the neighboring country's airspace almost on a daily basis. Turkish incursions reached a peak in 2014, when the number of violations reached 2,224, according to University of Thessaly figures based on Greek military data.

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      wht do u expect on a BACKWARD nation like Greece
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      So all are controlled by the world bankers called askenzai org. there is no country left free,
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      Go drop a few planes, and problem solved.
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      Greeks are treated like third class citizens in the EU.
      Greece has a financial problem which was encouraged and enlarged by the Troika.
      She was shown no mercy when it was negotiation time. The German bully did not consider that Greece was not given a cent for war remunerations and also that Germany's huge war debts were forgiven by other countries. Soon afterwards, IMF changed the rules, yes change the rules, not stretch the rules, to accommodate a country that was not yet in the EU but which they wanted to entice into the EU. Better a stranger than a friend!
      Greece has to face almost all of the refugees coming in to Europe after the pressure release-valve has been actuated in Turkey, at the whim of the government, register them, lodge them etc and what help do they get from the people who are spending millions of dollars running around in government aircrafts from country to country looking for a solution to solve the problems, when some of the problems may be solved at the customs point.
      Meanwhile, the valve-release operator is well paid to the tune of billions of dollars, first installment is over 3 billion dollars and more to come, with an unlimited amount of support for their dirty work in the area of Greece/Turkey and Syria and a promise to bring them all to the chosen promised land of milk and honey where the streets are paved in gold.
      Greece will survive and may seek other alignments in business, economics and politics.
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      I do believe *if* Turkey, attacked *Greece* already *Assurances* have been given by *Russia* and *other* nations.

      However *some* nations which offer assurances are there to force a nation into adverse action! Not speaking strangely or in riddle about Russia, but about another nations with Decades of this experience and history of account written.
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      lianasammartinoin reply togoldcamshaft(Show commentHide comment)
      goldcamshaft, greek elites take the money and people do not see anything....the problem is at home!!
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      Why doesn't Greece fire at one of them? They are both flying F16s.
    • Mikhas
      How about Greece starting to defend their nation from these Turkish backward jihadist barbarians?

      They are both NATO countries and i would love to see how Washington would sort that out....It would at least keep NATO busy for a long time.
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      Turks are pushed into their own destruction by their #1 ally, and it is just a matter of time (I would say next few months) they will face mighty bear and that will be a point of no return.
      God save innocent hardworking Turks who are not affiliated to this suicidal Turkish government.
    • sophm0e38in reply toZhukov(Show commentHide comment)
      Zhukov, Turkey's occupation of Cyprus, desire for more Greek land and John Kerry's recent visit to Cyprus (where he quite happily crossed over the green line) have something to do with that.

      Turkish regime must be so happy at the moment.
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