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    The S-500 Prometey, also known as 55R6M Triumfator-M, is a cutting-edge anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic missile system currently under development in Russia. Photo: An S-400 surface-to-air missile [SAM] system serving with the Guards Order of the Red Banner Aerospace Defense Missile Regiment.

    Russia’s Cutting-Edge S-500 Missile System to Begin Tests This Year

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    The first prototypes of the next-generation S-500 air defense system will reach completion and begin its pre-tests in 2016.

    This is a new generation system, capable of destroying aerial offensive targets as well intercontinental ballistic missiles and near space targets.

    The new system not only combines the best feats of the previous systems, but also offers completely new possibilities in the field of air, missile and space defense, according to the member of advisory council of the Military-Industrial Commission Viktor Murakhovski.

    Almaz-Antei Defense Company is working on a complex of S-500 ‘Promethey’ surface-to-air missiles from 2010.

    The long-range system is said to have a range of 600 kilometers (more than 370 miles). The system could simultaneously intercept up to ten ballistic missiles traveling at a speed of 5 kilometers per second.

    The technical aim consists of creating self-intercept medium-range ballistic missiles and intercontinental ballistic missiles with the possibility of changing trajectory midflight.

    The new complex also aims at destroying hypersonic cruise missiles and other aerial targets at speeds of higher than Mach 5 and as well as spacecraft.

    The Deputy Commander of the Russian Air Defense Lieutenant-General Sergei Razygraev said earlier that the S-500 can shoot down missiles in near space thus it will become an element of strategic missile defense.

    In June 2014 a long-range anti-missile for the new complex was tested successfully.


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      Yeah ,,,, Great news
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      test in Syria? Erdogan will see SU 35 S crossing the border fast!!!

      Clown is just looking for NATO support and defense. FREE.
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      The S600 should have hypersonic interceptors, highly maneuverable, and capable of hitting targets at 1 meter. Should be a great complex with all earlier systems packed in one package and then tripled..
      Non end of west diapers big trucks will begin.
    • FlorianGeyer
      We must soon expect a new Hollywood film that depicts a gallant US trans-gender hero fighting against all odds to scupper the maniacal designs of a resurgent Soviet Union.
      The hate maddened Senator McCain will have been elected (by the corporations) as the US President although he will be bi-sexual naturally. His Vice president will be a lesbian called Hilarious Binton.

      The American people will of course think that the Hollywood 'blockbuster' is an accurate account of real events and feel safe in the idea that the wish all other peoples of the world have is to be 'Just like an American'.

      Sadly they are deluded and the majority of Americans only excel in their mediocrity. The only hope for the US is for the few intelligent and honest Americans left to take charge.
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      Test is not as good as in actual combat use. Quick, try it on Syria war.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      Any turkish planes to volunteer as a target ?
    • Andreas Koppa
      I thought the S-500 was an improved S-400 but it is not. In fact seems to be a new concept. I wish I could see specs soon.
    • Drain the swamp
      By hooking the S-500 to Glonass and 24/7 satellite ICBM early warning, the stealth of the B2 Spirit and F35 has also been made obsolete. The night-time infra red trail is a dead easy give away and the 560mh B2 is a turkey v the 5km per second missile
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      ronin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      Hi FlorianGeyer,

      Dude I must say, you are a natural born script writer and very creative. Do you have an excerpt or a synopsis of that action adventure script?

      I am up to writing a script which would be based upon RoboCop where covert elements of the US police state industrial complex, Pentagon high ranking joint chief-of-staff who want to revenge in particular the attempt sinking of the USS Liberty by Israel. Russian engineers would jointly stage an operation in the outskirts of Tel Aviv. This would be achieved in part by utilizing the tunnels of Hezbollah that would include among other things, a cybernetic life-form type machine. The ultimate objective would to be to right the wrongs of Israel's police and military wrong doings towards the Palestinians which includes the unabated and uncontested killings and imprisonment of Palestinian children and collective punishment.

      The Zionist-Jew owned film industry, distribution channels and movie theaters would of course not show this film and would lobby heavily if information about its creation were leaked. The film would be funded by US patriots and wealthy individuals from other countries who sympathize with Palestinians and are against Israel's created apartheid. Film distribution would be made available free on the internet. Oathkeepers among others has shown interest.

      A Donald Trump like character would preside as president over the US and TPP would have shown its ugly face and be the new law for corporate sovereignty.

      When Americans get their education and world history from Hollywood films this would be a great vehicle to educate the mass ignorance of the American public.
    • siberianhuskyin reply toron(Show commentHide comment)
      Now isn't this scenario very nice and hope it will happen.
    • klod.infobeez
      Seems that the Universities in Russia are producing far better ingeneers than anywhere else in the world. Besides, they are success hungry and not money hungry.

      Well... The S-300 was already much better than the US lemon "Patriot", the S-400 is already deployed in operations, the S-500 is coming.

      The US should sell their weapons for scrap, hire teachers and build scholls...
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      Manimalin reply toJet fuel can't melt steel beams(Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, No, but soon the fearsome thunder of the magnificient F-35 will crush these funny rusty so-called-rockets! }:-)
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toron(Show commentHide comment)

      Thank you for your kind reply.
      Several years ago I read an on line book about a future civil war in America. I cannot find it any more. It was very well written and plausible.

      As for your script, its a fascinating subject that is being smothered by the perceived 'guilt' of the West and I am sure that when the truth is finally allowed to see the light of day that the anger toward the chosen will be rather violent.
      I leave you with this quote from Martin Luther King " I have a dream ".
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beamsin reply toron(Show commentHide comment)
      ronron, Nice comment especially your last paragraph which is true (unfortunately :/ )
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      vot tak
      "Promethey" = Prometheus. The Greek hero who defied the Gods and stood by his belief in support of Man. A very fitting name for this defensive system.
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      ronin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)

      Again I must say, it is refreshing and is entertaining to read your post above. After reading an article, with no hesitation, I go for the postings to get more substance, this was one such post.

      Thank you.
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