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    PAK-DA Russian 5th generation bomber concept art

    Russia’s Strategic Bomber PAK DA May Take Off Earlier Than Expected

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    Work on the PAK DA strategic bomber is coming along at a good pace, according to the Chief of the Russian Air and Space Forces, Viktor Bondarev.

    The prototype PAK DA may hit the skies before 2021, the chief added.

    “Work on the PAK DA is coming along and the pace is suiting us. The challenge remains to raise the prototype into air by 2021, but if all continues at the current pace, it will take off even earlier,” Bondarev said.

    Russia’s prospective complex of distant aviation (PAK DA) is a proposed next-generation strategic bomber design. The project is currently being developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau.

    The PAK DA project was launched in 2009. The military intended to receive a single type of long-range bomber to replace the current Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3.

    The PAK DA will be a unique project in the history of Russian aviation since it will be a "flying wing" aircraft, a design never used before by Russian engineers. It will fly at subsonic speeds and the large wingspan and design features will provide the jet with reduced visibility to radar.

    Earlier, the Long-Range Aviation Commander Lieutenant-General Anatoly Zhiharev talking about PAK DA said that, “This is a fundamentally new plane with a new sighting and navigation system. This plane will be equipped with the latest communication systems and electronic warfare, and will have little visibility to radar.”

    Representative of the concern “Radio-electronic technology” Vladimir Mikheyev said that the new modification of the strategic missile is based on the principle of integrated modular avionics, allowing components to replace the on-board electronics and restore each other.

    The bomber will be able to set a course without the help of satellite signals. This will be possible thanks to the inertial navigation system, which will determine the course and speed of the aircraft due to the high-precision data acquisition devices — laser gyroscopes and quartz accelerometers.


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    • Looks good and powerful unlike the f-35
    • Baybars
      Russia needs to have this in service before the end of 2017 for it to have an impact on upcoming events.
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      Before satellite navigation (GPS,GLONASS) inertial navigation was the norm even though 3 axis gyro stabilization of a platform with a three XYZ accelerometers and analog integrators was rather imprecise and suffered from drift over time. This inertial navigation also still in use with submarines.
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      JPHin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams,
      You should not compare PAK DA to that mongrel F35 which is a limited strike bomber 'enhanced' with stealth but compare it to the B2 or the new LRS bomber to be developed.
    • in reply toJPH(Show commentHide comment)
      JPH, I know. The joke was about the waste of money on the f-35 (and yet that plane is fu**ed up).
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      HAs Zimbabwe got television yet?
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      davai Russia davai davi,, nadiri zadnica ameriky
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