11:33 GMT +320 February 2017
    Russian first stealth fighters T-50 performs during MAKS-2011, the International Aviation and Space Show, in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow. File photo.

    Brains Over Brawn: Russian Armed Forces More Powerful Than NATO

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    Technical expertise and engineering ingenuity have turned Russia’s military into a force to be reckoned with.

    Russia’s advanced electronic systems and technical expertise have shifted the global balance of power in Moscow’s favor, according to Austrian media sources.

    The Russian armed forces’ ability to conduct multiple military operations and to carry out precision airstrikes has baffled the Western powers. The clever implementation of modern hardware and the formidable skill of its technical experts allow Russia to remotely engage enemy forces in a variety of ways, be it an airstrike carried out by Su-24 attack aircraft which entered service back in 1974 or a salvo of state-of-the-art cruise missiles launched from thousands of miles away.

    But just as Russia continues to develop new and formidable weapons, like the PAK FA (T-50) fifth-generation stealth fighter, Russian scientists have also developed technologies which allow supposedly outdated military hardware to perform on par with its top-of-the-line modern analogues.

    For example, military aircraft outfitted with SVP-24 system can deploy unguided bombs with practically the same precision as guided munitions. SVP-24 uses the GLONASS navigation system (though it can also receive additional data from reconnaissance planes and early warning stations) to constantly compare the positions of the aircraft and the intended target. The system then computes an "envelope" (speed, altitude and course) for the aircraft, inside which the unguided bombs are automatically released exactly at the precise moment when their flight will bring them right over the target (with a 3-5m accuracy).

    SVP-24 also measures all of the relevant environmental parameters, and can be employed during high altitude bombing, putting the aircraft out of MANPADs’ reach.

    "Ever since Putin became president for the second time, Russia has actively invested in developing its armed forces, making them highly sophisticated, mobile and effective, not to mention numerous," NATO General Hans-Lothar Domrose told Contra Magazin.

    The general suggested that in order to restore the balance of power, Russia and NATO should engage in disarmament talks.


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    • Mikhas
      The Anglo-zionazi west is blinded by it´s old racist and Russophobe post-colonial mindset.

      The black degenerate and disgustingly perverted gay-parrot, acting as "POTUS, Obongo said , or rather repeated what his white masters says, "Russia doesn´t produce anything" and "Russia will fail in everything" etc.

      That has been "exceptionalistan´s" position al along. While the west was busy shaping the world according to its own wishes in a never ending hubris, Russia were perfecting it´s defences. As a result Russia is now 30 years ahead of anything the western fascists can come up with, in especially missile ballistic missile and rocket technology (S4-500, Iskander,TOR, BUK etc), also electronic jamming tech. Not to mention Armata and stealth fighters.

      US "superiority" over the high seas, inherited from the Brittish, is no more. There are a lot of sitting ducks just waiting to find their destiny in the abyss by supersonic missiles, in case of open war.
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      Russian war machine flexing just like Putn posing...both seeking relevance to combat impotence. NATO would crush Russia like a pancake.
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      blah blah blah blah blah
    • Truth Hunter
      Interesting update, and to be expected, yes, Russian military leaders have been sitting back and learning the tactics and strategies of the western countries, plus they have learned Allied technologies "by hook or crook", then mixed it all together, plus western loans, and BAM !!! a new and improved Russia.....
      I saw this coming years ago, as Russia and China were to "quiet"... a dead give away .
      And don't forget the Clintons and various industries in the U.S. that sold missile guidance technology to China, which allowed Chinese missiles to reach the U.S. for the first time in history.
      This transfer of technology was all planned , for many reasons by high level persons with financial and or political goals.
      As it is said.... "nothing new here folks, move on"... .
    • Kim Kyu-Un
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      Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
      Sing with me, just for today
      Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

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      Dream until your dream comes true
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      Dream On Dream On, AHHHHHHH
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      NATO lol... Joke of the century.. RUssia is more powerful than U.S and NATO combined. It's mostly about tactics. It does not matter how many are they in Numbers, the more they are, the more they are vulearble. Wars now are not like in those days where you believe in Number of Armies. Just a system is enough to detroy millions of armies in Seconds.
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      Old forces of Russian engineering know how, still got it, can run rings around Western engineering superiority, Read RBTH.
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      teddy j
      GOOD for RUSSIA and for the World.
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      teddy jin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, it's russian ingenuity - bottom line.

      and the ability to do more with less money.

      since i am a classical pianist -- and all my adult life have had the blessing to have studied and worked closely with russian teachers --

      ONE thing that always almost mystified me -- and of course their teachings showed me why --

      was how -- in contrast to all other musicians -- pianists in particular --

      the russian teachers and players could DRAW From even the WORST banged up pianos the most beautiful, gorgeous rich tapestry of sound...

      one of my russian teachers that was unfortunately only teaching in some small community school since he did not have the ''right connections" when he emigrated to the USA -- (BUT LUCKY FOR ME!! for meeting him there) -- even if he himself was once a prominent concert artist with his own tv show in the USSR -- AND taught at the moscow conservatory -

      endlessly surprised us - with the lessons -...

      when -- after we would play a piece -- and he'd listen to give comments later -- and he'd demonstrate what he meant at HIS piano which was so banged up , so old, - and so on --

      and out of the instrument would come these glorious, glorious sounds...such warmth , like you're being enveloped in a nice warm sea ...

      and put us to shame that we were complaining about ''this bad piano -- the keys don't respond the way i want..the sound is so brittle, etc".
      while he would turn an even worse, older piano into something like a magic box -- and out came a world of sounds that you never imagined could come from such a dead piece of wood....

      russians are -- well -- just like that.
      my point being: the russians have that ''magic" of doing something with what others would not dare to measure themselves with -- because it is just an unworkable condition -- and THEN bring out something magical.

      same with their approach to such things as technology, science, engineering, jets and ships and bombs!
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      slimyfoxin reply toJg38691(Show commentHide comment)
      Jg38691, If your statement would be correct NATO and USA would do that as soon as they would feel strong enough. Whole idea 2013 to create Ukraine mumbo jumbo was to have excuse to impose sanctions and to bring Russia on its knees. The whole idea was to create massive public resentment and cause unbelievable chaos in Russia and then trigger internal fights and that would mean end of Russia as we know it now. Russia would become much worst than Ukraine as USA and NATO would get directly involved in that internal war of attrition.

      USA and NATO massively underestimated cunningness and intelligence of Vladimir Putin, who took the helm of sinking ship after USA puppet B Yeltsin nearly successfully criminalised, destroyed and sold country to the cheapest bidders - USA, he proved to be master and in the class of its own in diplomacy, leadership and public support. He successfully made U turn and Russian ship unnoticed by our western warmongers sailed in safe harbour to be not repaired but completely rebuild to the latest technological achievements.

      If you recall it was looking quite imminent for NATO attacking Russia but they decided to wait for after May as at mean time Putin did not give them excuse for attack, and also if you know military doctrine than you would understand that west would need about 9 - 12 months of intensive preparations including media war, which they started but their media was first victim of this war. After the May NATO realised that Russia is very strong and it has capabilities to destroy USA and NATO. As the time passed by Russians revealed more and more absolute cutting edge technologies and basically they overtook our western military garbage long time ago.

      At mean time when they has success after success we had crash after crash. Useless F-22, Garbage F-35, obsolete and outperformed F-15, F-16, F-18, Eurofighter, Saab and Rafale.

      Russia has confirmed electronic warfare at least 20 years before us, and so on. Read USA military magazines such as Defence, Jane's weekly and so on and you will stop with stupid dreams.

      We are lucky that Putin is more intelligent than all our leaders (criminals) together as otherwise we would be already roasted either by FOAB or nuclear devices. Get grip before you get stupid.
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      slimyfoxin reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, I understand what are you talking about, as my son is taking piano lessons from a Russian piano teacher and it is true what you said, they are simply magicians in their expertise. Over here in Germany and in particular in Berlin we have quite a lot of Russian music teachers and they are doing miracles. Thanks to them we have shortage of places as so many kids wants to learn music. I have to admit, you are lucky man being able to do what you obviously love the most. I wish you all the best in your life.
    • Ann in reply toJg38691(Show commentHide comment)
      Jg38691, If you weren't so stupid, you'd be hoping instead that we never have to find out for sure. Civilized society doesn't need warmongers like you.
    • Ann
      ivanwa88, Well, when they wave stupidity right under your nose, you're bound to react to the pungent odor.
    • Ann in reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, Anything that can contain the globalist warmongering elites IS good for the world. There is one problem - what would happen IF the globalist elites managed to usurp Russia as they have the United States govt?

      Think about this with me. They quietly too control of the most powerful military, to use it for their own purposes. That was their plan to bring the world to their knees in subjugation. NOW, the US is no longer the unchallenged champion. Now, if the globalist NWO elites were still scheming, and I suspect they are - wouldn't the next logical course of action, be to quietly usurp the new most powerful military for their own purposes? Anyone care to chime in, please?
    • Ann in reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, that was a beautiful analogy TJ.
    • avatar
      teddy jin reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, it's true.... excellence...real thought given to things they do..and an inner quality of authenticity in quality and artistry that also appears in other things they do.

      even in jet fighters...the shapes -- while we ARE talking about war and death machines-- but not even that -- the commercial airlines - the supersonic airlines...the tanks, the ships...their SHAPES are reflections of the utility --

      the SUKHOI T-50 , S-34, S-35 ...

      they look at beautiful and elegant as what they demonstrate in performance...

      power, speed, maneuverability, endurance, variety, adaptability, precision, ruggedness...ease of usage and maintainance...

      the corvettes that carried those huge cruise missiles from the caspian...

      the kremlins across the country...the churches...the finely embroidered veils of the young girls in the church during christmas eve...

      the fashionable sense of duma speaker Valentina Matviyenko...or maria zakharova...

      then you go to the poetry, the music, the trucks and tractors, the heavy artillery......the sleekness yet great size and power of the TUPOLEV bombers - flying all in a circle - 13,000 Kilometers of flight from north-west russian coast to mediterranean to deliver precise hits on ISIL in syria...

      When russians decide it IS TIME TO do something PROPER -- NOTHING surpasses them.
    • Ann
      I love this blog! I feel so at home here.
    • avatar
      teddy j
    • avatar
      teddy jin reply toearlw35(Show commentHide comment)

      VERY TRUE.

      and the russians - -again and again =-- AND NOT really JUST in military terms -- but equally important in all other terms..culture, music, literature, dance, politics, diplomacy and state=-craft , even NOW as we can see in economics and all other aspects within it -- agriculture, machinery, building infrastructure, technology, medicine, science,..

      they are IN FACT SUPERIOR pound for pound to ANY western ''claims of being superior" at.

      a lot had to do with russia's ''economy" quite isolated - by design or AGGRESSIVE rigging of global relations by the WEST, particularly BRITAIN AND THE USA -

      THAT russia's economy was mainly sufficient to simply hold the USSR - and now -- RUSSIA - together. a very large country , resources , population , needs and challenges that have had to be attended to - instead of the profligate OVER-FUNDED WESTERN ''Armies" ...

      but when lookng at the history of russia's technologies -- which thankfully for the world were NOT used in a huge global shooting game -

      and many not expanded - it is CLEAR that just the 1960's or soviet era mlitary technologes, the airplanes, etc...were ALREADY far ahead - at least n concept -- and actual design and perofrmance than the ACTIVE most advanced american armaments and technologies to a large degree.

      it isclearly one reason why the soviet era - and now ''old" SU-24\S could so QUICKLY and smoothly be upgraded - adopted -- evolved -- to present-day most advanced levels........

      while those of the USA'S ''most advanced" from the 1960's REMAIN trapped there with no more evolution for advancement.

      it shows that RUSSIA'S TECHNOLOGICAL and engineering design, conceptual, and production and performance STANDARDS and achievements not ONLY were AHEAD of their time - they REMAIN so today. and will continue to be ...

      PRECISELY BECAUSE that is how GOOD the russians are when they set their minds to it -- and have the critical reasons ...NOT like THE usa

      That makes 'ADVANCES" FOR NOT GOOD REASON - only and mainly to ''conquer and rule and dictate"

      BUT they ALWAYS get a RESPONSE - such as from RUSSIA - above all -- that gives them a dose of REALITY

      that they - the USA -- and the west - are DELUSIONAL if they think they can

      ''one-up" russia in order to eventually ''conquer". .

      GOOD FOR RUSSIA -- WE -- the rest of the world - NEED AND TRUST in your strength and defending JUSTICE AND REAL FAIRNESS AND FREEDOM FOR NATIONS in the world -

      from AMERICAN EMPIRE of destruction and cruelty.
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      Manimalin reply toJg38691(Show commentHide comment)
      Jg38691, I missed you, trolleytard?!? I`m getting reckless... }:-)
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