01:52 GMT20 June 2021
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    An Israeli intelligence officer, whose name has been kept concealed and who was in prison on charges which have remained highly classified, died in jail two weeks ago after suffering from "a serious condition".

    An unnamed Israeli intelligence officer, who was indicted on an unspecified top secret charge or charges and died two weeks ago while in prison, has been buried in a civilian cemetery and has not received any of the recognition shown a soldier who died in the line of duty, local newspaper Haaretz reported citing anonymous sources.

    Haaretz made contact with the officer's friends and acquaintances, who told the newspaper that he was regarded as "a genius in his field".

    “He could do in a few hours things that others would need days or weeks to complete. He made computers look slow the way he thought,” one of the acquaintances described him.

    "Once in a generation, you see someone with abilities like his. The joke was that he would alert our early-warning systems before the systems knew something was up. He was loved by everyone and had the best sense of humour,” another told Haaretz.

    The officer died in a hospital two weeks ago, nine months after being indicted in military court. The information about his offence or offences has been barred from the public.

    According to a statement by the military tribunal, obtained by Haaretz and Ynet, the circumstances of his death will be investigated, but the probe will similarly be conducted under a gagging order and its findings handed over to the military prosecutor.

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