06:30 GMT18 June 2021
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    Since the beginning of the week, Israel and Gaza have been engaged in a heavy exchange of fire, causing multiple casualties on both sides. As the fourth straight day of violence continues in the region, no end appears in sight, despite numerous calls from the worldwide community for urgent de-escalation.

    Tensions on the Israeli-Gaza border continue to run high as the biggest escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in recent years has entered its fourth day.

    The Israeli Army is bracing for a land operation in the enclave after Palestinian militants continued rocket fire overnight.

    In total, some 1,750 rockets have been fired into Israel since the beginning of the flare-up, killing at least six people. Meanwhile, Israeli aistrikes on Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets have cost some 67 people their lives.

    Follow Sputnik's live feed to find out more about the escalation of Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

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    • 09:57

      Mideast Quartet to Convene Later on Friday Amid Escalating Tensions, Berlin Confirms

      BERLIN, May 14 (Sputnik) - The Middle East Quartet (the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia) will convene later on Friday amid escalating regional tensions; Germany expects Russia to make a positive contribution to settling the conflict in the Gaza Strip, the German Foreign Ministry's spokesman, Christopher Burger, said.

      "All those who can have a positive influence must contribute now. As it was said, the Middle East Quartet will convene today ... Russia is a participant of the format," Burger told reporters, asked about Berlin's expectations from Moscow regarding the crisis settlement.

    • 09:44

      Knife-Wielding Man Neutralised Near West Bank Settlement, Several Troops Injured, IDF Says

    • 09:04

      Russian, Israeli Diplomats Agree on Need to Urgently De-escalate Regional Tensions, Moscow Says

    • 08:29

      Austrian Leader Kurz Flies Israeli Flag on Chancellery Building’s Roof in Vienna to Express Solidarity with Israel

    • 08:28

      Iron Dome Has Intercepted a Hamas Drone, IDF Says

    • 08:26

      IDF Says Israeli Jets and Aircraft Have Struck Multiple Hamas Launch Sites and Observation Posts in the Gaza Strip

    • 07:36

      Hamas Military Wing Claims to Have Launched Drone Strike on Chemical Plant Near Gaza Border

      An Israeli worker uses a hose to clean at the scene  where a mortar fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza hit a factory in the southern Israeli kibbutz of Nir Oz,Thursday, June 5, 2008

      Hamas Military Wing Claims to Have Launched Drone Strike on Israeli Chemical Plant

      Earlier, the Israel Defence Forces said that a total of 1,800 rockets had been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip since tensions started to escalate, 430 of which fell inside the Palestinian enclave.
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    • 05:21

      Israeli Army Did Not Enter Gaza Strip, But Launched Attacks on Targets Inside Enclave, IDF Says

      Israeli soldiers fire a 155mm self-propelled howitzer towards the Gaza Strip from their position near the southern Israeli city of Sderot on May 13, 2021. - Israel faced an escalating conflict on two fronts, scrambling to quell riots between Arabs and Jews on its own streets after days of exchanging deadly fire with Palestinian militants in Gaza.

      'We Were Ordered to be Prepared': No Boots on the Ground in Gaza, Israeli Military Says

      The IDF had earlier announced on Twitter that Israeli air and ground troops were attacking in the Gaza Strip.
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    • 05:12

      Gaza Health Ministry Says Death Toll Rises to 115, 600 People Injured

    • 04:51

      IDF Says 160 Aircraft Dropped 450 Missiles on Gaza Tunnel Network

      Around 160 aircraft carried out a massive attack on a network of tunnels supposedly dug up by Hamas under Gaza City, the IDF says.

      According to the Israeli military, some 450 missiles were dropped on 150 targets during the 40-minute air campaign in northern Gaza.

      The military is yet to determine the extent of the damage inflicted to the tunnels, described by IDF spokesperson Hidai Zilberman as a “strategic asset” to Hamas.

      Zilberman has also clarified that the IDF ground troops remain on Israel's side of the border and didn't cross into the Gaza Strip.

    • 03:55

      Israeli Air Defense Intercepts Drone Heading From Gaza Strip to Country's Territory, IDF Says

    • 03:51

      Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad Armed Groups Lose About 200 Fighters in Recent Conflict With Israel - Report

    • 03:14

      Rocket Sirens Heard Over Several Israeli Settlements East of Gaza City

    • 02:52

      Biden Administration Admits Ceasefire Is Unlikely in Coming Days, Calls on Qatar to Persuade Hamas to Stop Rocket Fire - Report

    • 02:46

      Red Sirens Alerts Heard Over Southern Israel's Eshkol East of Gaza Strip

    • 02:18

      Palestinian Hamas Armed Branch Says Launched Around 100 Rockets at Israel’s Ashkelon

      Rockets are launched by Palestinian militants into Israel, in Gaza May 13, 2021.

      Hamas Military Wing Says Fired 100 Rockets at Israel’s Ashkelon

      CAIRO/GAZA (Sputnik) – Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Gaza Strip-based Hamas Islamist movement, said on Friday that it had fired 100 rockets at the Israeli city of Ashkelon.
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    • 01:53

      Israeli Artillery Resumes Shelling Near City of Beit Hanoun in Northeast Gaza - Reports

    • 01:32

      Red Alert Sirens Heard Over Southern Israel as Gaza Launches New Barrage of Rockets - Reports

    • 00:52

      About 350 Palestinians Injured in Clashes With Israeli Police Over Past Day, Red Crescent Says

      CAIRO (Sputnik) – The clashes between the Israeli police and Palestinians have left 349 Arabs injured within the past 24 hours, the Palestinian office of the Red Crescent said on Friday.

      “The whole number of injuries and traumas, registered today by our brigades in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, stands at 349,” the organization said.

      Most injuries in the West Bank have been caused by rubber bullets and tear gas used by the Israeli police, while in the Gaza Strip, 206 people have been injured by the Israeli airstrikes.

    • 00:06

      UN Secretary General Calls for 'Immediate' End to Deadly Hostilities in Israel, Gaza Strip

      U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addresses the media during a joint news conference with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas after a meeting in Berlin, Germany, December 17, 2020.

      UN Secretary General Calls for 'Immediate' End to Deadly Hostilities in Israel, Gaza Strip

      Earlier, reports surfaced indicating that the UN Security Council would be convening on Sunday to hold discussion regarding the ongoing clashes along the Gaza Strip between Hamas and Israeli troops.
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    • 23:21

      Videos: IDF Launches Strikes, Taps Ground Forces Amid Rocket Exchanges Along Gaza Strip

      An Israeli mobile artillery unit fires near the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, May 12, 2021

      Videos: IDF Launches Strikes, Taps Ground Forces Amid Rocket Exchanges Along Gaza Strip

      The largest confrontation at the Gaza border in recent years began on Monday evening, preceded by violent clashes between Arabs and Jews in Israel. Since then, Palestinian militants have fired over 1,700 rockets into Israel, killing six Israeli civilians and one serviceman. Retaliatory attacks have been launched by Israel against Gaza.
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    • 20:52

      IDF Says Jet Fighters Struck Hamas' Cyber Unit in Gaza City in Joint Operation

    • 20:41

      Israeli Military Says Attacked Two Anti-Tank Squads in Gaza, Overall Destroyed Seven Overnight

    • 20:31

      Approximately 1,750 Palestinian Missiles Launched Towards Israel, IDF Says

      Streaks of light are seen as Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system intercept rockets launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, as seen from Ashkelon, Israel May 13, 2021.

      Total of About 1,750 Rockets Launched From Gaza Strip Toward Israel, Israeli Military Says

      TEL AVIV (Sputnik) - About 1,750 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel since the conflict escalation, the Israeli military said on Thursday, adding that 300 of them exploded in the Palestinian enclave.
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    • 19:50

      Rocket Fired From Gaza Strip Lands Near House in Israeli City of Ramle - Reports

    • 19:29

      IDF Says Israeli Fighter Jets Attacked Hamas' Internal Security HQ

    • 19:24

      Death Toll From Israeli Strikes on Gaza Strip Reaches 103, at Least 580 Wounded - Report

    • 19:13

      Israeli Iron Dome Aerial Defense System Intercepts Missiles Over City of Ashkelon - Video

    • 18:59

      US Pulls Out 120 Military Personnel From Israel Amid Tensions With Gaza

      WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States has withdrawn around 120 military personnel from Israel amid escalating violence in the region, a US European Command (EUCOM) spokesman Charles Prichard told Sputnik on Thursday.

      “Approximately 120 DoD personnel arrived in Germany from Israel today via a C17 aircraft based out of Ramstein Air Base. We made the decision in coordination with Israel,” Prichard said.

      The group was in Israel for a routine planning event, which was scheduled to wrap up this week, he added.

    • 18:14

      France Orders Police to Ban Rallies in Paris Amid Israel-Palestinian Tensions

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) – French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin on Thursday instructed the Paris police department to ban manifestations linked to the ongoing violent tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

      Earlier on Thursday, a peaceful rally in support of Palestine was held in Paris’s Place de la Republique. It involved several dozens of participants who were later dispersed by the police. A similar action was also planned in the French capital on Saturday.

      "In Paris, I asked the Prefect of Police to ban the demonstrations on Saturday in connection with the recent tensions in the Middle East. Serious disturbances to public order were noted [in similar demonstrations] in 2014. Instructions were given to the Prefects to be particularly vigilant and firm", Darmanin tweeted.

      The police reacted by issuing an order prohibiting the demonstration planned for Saturday.

    • 16:42

      Israeli Forces Bomb 4 Apartments of High-Ranking Hamas Operatives

      TEL AVIV, May 13 (Sputnik) - The Israeli military has attacked four apartments of high-ranking members of Hamas in the Gaza Strip that were used to plan military operations, the Israel Defence Forces press service said on Thursday.

      "An Israeli Air Force fighter jet struck an apartment belonging to a deputy commander of Al-Qassam Brigades [Hamas military wing] in the north of the Gaza Strip. In addition, the IDF attacked three apartments belonging to the commanders of the Sajaya and Shabura regiments in the northern part of the Gaza Strip and the commander of the Deir al-Balah regiment in the central area of the enclave. All apartments were used to plan and conduct the recent Hamas attacks", the statement said.

      Large-scale clashes broke out from May 7-10 between Palestinians and Israeli police, leading to the sharpest escalation in the Gaza Strip in recent years. Riots began in two areas of East Jerusalem at once - near the Temple Mount and in the Sheikh Jarrah quarter, where several Arab families are being evicted by the Israeli court decision.

      Palestinian militants have launched over 1,600 rockets from Gaza toward Israel. The effectiveness of the Israeli missile defense system Iron Dome is estimated at around 90%. Six Israeli civilians and one military man have died since the beginning of the escalation of the conflict. Israel has fired retaliatory strikes against Gaza, attacking about 600 military targets of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. According to the enclave's health ministry, the number of Palestinians killed in three days increased to 83, and 487 people were reportedly injured.

    • 16:42

      Some 1,500 People Take Part in Anti-Israel Demonstration in Bremen, Germany Amid Gaza Flareup - Photos

    • 16:36

      Israel’s Defence Ministry Approves Call-up of Additional 9,000 Reservists

      "Defence Minister Benny Gantz has authorised the IDF [Israeli Defence Forces] to recruit an additional 9,000 reservists as a matter of urgency in line with operational needs following an assessment of the security situation", the ministry said in a statement.

    • 16:17

      Israeli Military Conducts Air Strike on HQ of Hamas Commander in Charge of Drones

    • 16:05

      President Macron Urges 'Definite Relaunch' of Talks for 'Durable and Fair' Israeli-Palestinian Peace

    • 15:41

      Israel Not Interested in Escalation, But Has Right to Defend Itself, Israeli Envoy to UN Says

      UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) - Israel does not seek escalation with Gaza but has the right and duty to defend itself, Israeli Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, said in a letter to the UN Security Council seen by Sputnik.

      “The State of Israel is not interested in an escalation. However, Israel has the right and duty to defend its people and sovereignty and will continue to do so vigorously”, Erdan said in a letter dated 12 May.

      The ambassador said since Monday morning, more than 1,500 rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli communities, resulting in seven fatalities and hundreds of more people being injured.

      “As of today, millions of Israeli civilians are under relentless attacks by these terrorist organizations and are forced to remain in shelters”, he said.

      Erdan also pointed out Israel continued to ensure freedom of worship for Muslims on the Temple Mount. According to him, hundreds of thousands of Muslims visit the site every year, and this status quo will not change.

      Large-scale clashes broke out from 7-10 May between Palestinians and the Israeli police, leading to the sharpest escalation in the Gaza Strip in recent years. Riots began in two areas of East Jerusalem at once - near the Temple Mount and in the Sheikh Jarrah quarter, where several Arab families are being evicted by an Israeli court decision.

    • 15:31

      Hamas Claims to Have Launched More Rockets on Israeli Cities on Wednesday

    • 13:55

      Op-ed: Why Russia is Right to Call for Mideast Quartet

      Smoke and flames rise from a tower building as it is destroyed by Israeli air strikes amid a flare-up of Israeli-Palestinian violence, in Gaza City May 12, 2021.

      Russia’s Right Call for Mideast Talks

      As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupts once again this week, Russia makes the right call for a broader framework of negotiations for efforts to find a lasting peace.
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    • 12:16

      Situation in Gaza Strip As Israeli-Palestinian Tensions Escalate

      A Palestinian man walks past the remains of a tower building which was destroyed in Israeli air strikes, amid a flare-up of Israeli-Palestinian violence, on the first day of Eid al-Fitr holiday, in Gaza City May 13, 2021

      Situation in Gaza Strip As Israeli-Palestinian Tensions Escalate

      The IDF has so far launched attacks on around 600 military targets belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. These include strategic Hamas buildings.
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    • 12:10

      Netanyahu Vows to Attack Thousands of Hamas Targets

      "Using the batteries of the Iron Dome gives us the ability to attack, and the IDF [the Israeli Defence Forces] has already attacked hundreds of targets, soon there will be more than a thousand, and we continue to strike at Hamas, protecting our citizens", the prime minister said.

    • 11:57

      Hamas Says It Has Launched Dozens of Rockets at Israeli Cities, Including Tel Aviv

      GAZA STRIP (Sputnik) - Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Gaza Strip-based Hamas movement, said on Thursday that it has launched dozens of rockets at Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities.

      According to the statement, the cities of Netivot and Beer Sheva were targeted.

    • 11:46

      Israeli Official Denies Hamas' Claims of Rocket Fire on Israel's Ramon Airport

      CAIRO (Sputnik) - The military wing of the Gaza Strip-based Hamas Islamist movement said on Thursday that it had fired a rocket toward the Ramon International Airport in southern Israel shortly after flights were re-directed there from the Ben Gurion airport.

      "We have now launched the most destructive Ayyash 250 missile with a range of over 250 kilometers at the Ramon airport in southern Palestine, located 220 kilometers from the Gaza Strip", the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades wrote on Telegram.

      The wing noted that this move is a limited response to the elimination of Hamas leaders by the Israeli Air Force.

      However, an Israeli official told Reuters that the airport had not been targeted by rocket fire and was operating as usual.

      Earlier in the day, authorities of Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport decided to reroute all incoming flights to the Ramon airport because of ongoing rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.


    • 11:40

      Major European Airlines Halt Israel Flights as Crisis With Palestine Mounts

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Major European airlines, including Austrian Airlines, British Airways and Lufthansa, have suspended flights to Israel due to the conflict on the border with Gaza, Israeli media reported on Thursday.

      German company Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines stated that they would not carry out flights from Frankfurt, Vienna and Munich on Thursday and Friday, the Haaretz newspaper reported.

      In addition, authorities of Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport decided earlier on Thursday to reroute all incoming flights to the Ramon airport in the country's south because of ongoing rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

      A day prior, an American Airlines spokesperson told Sputnik that the company had canceled its flights to Tel Aviv for May 12-13 due to the escalation of violence in the region. Among those who temporarily stopped their flights to Israel are also United Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

    • 11:36

      Air Raid Sirens Sound in Tel Aviv, Beersheba and Ashkelon

    • 11:26

      Russia's Aeroflot to Cancel Flights To and From Tel Aviv

    • 10:23

      Gantz Orders Deployment of Police Reinforcements Across Israel to Quell Arab-Jewish Unrest

      MOSCOW/TEL AVIV (Sputnik) - Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz has ordered the call-up of 10 Border Police units and deploy them across the country in a bid to suppress ongoing clashes between Arab and Jewish communities, The Jerusalem Post newspaper reported on Thursday.

    Live Updates: IDF Says 160 Aircraft Dropped 450 Missiles on 'Strategic' Hamas Tunnel Network in Gaza
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