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    Massive Explosion Hits Beirut's Port, Leaving Dozens Dead and Thousands Injured (79)

    Many people have been injured after an explosion rocked Beirut, Lebanon, causing significant damage to houses in the nearby area, LBC TV reports, citing the health minister.

    A powerful explosion has taken place near a port in Beirut, Lebanon, a Sputnik correspondent has reported.

    According to Sputnik’s correspondent, the explosion was preceded by a small pop, with black and white smoke appearing five minutes after.

    The blast was so powerful that the windows of surrounding houses and shops were destroyed kilometres away from the epicentre, the report said.

    Numerous photos and videos of the explosion, as well as white plumes of smoke rising above buildings, have emerged on social media platforms.

    According to initial reports, the explosion is not a terrorist act.

    Unconfirmed reports from various correspondents suggest that Lebanon's capital was rocked by two explosions, with one of them taking place in the port and the other near former Prime Minister Saad Hariri's residence in the city centre.

    The explosion comes amid a tense situation in the country. Lebanon has been suffering from its worst economic crisis in 30 years, prompting mass nationwide demonstrations to break out across the country since October 2019 and which resulted in the resignation of then-Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government.

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    • 03:44

      Ship Whose Ammonium Nitrate Possibly Exploded in Beirut Detained in 2013, Spanish Ministry Says

      The Rhosus ship, whose cargo of ammonium nitrate could have exploded in Lebanon's Beirut, was detained in July 2013 in the port of the Spanish city of Seville, the Spanish Transport Ministry reported.

      According to the ministry, the Moldovan-flagged vessel Rhosus, owned by Teto Shipping Ltd., was detained on July 28, 2013 by the Paris MoU organization.

    • 03:08

      Russian Emergencies Ministry's 2nd Plane With Aid, Experts Lands in Blast-Hit Beirut

      Russian aircraft with an airmobile hospital, doctors, rescuers of the airmobile unit Tsentrospas and a laboratory of Rospotrebnadzor to detect COVID-19 arrive in Beirut after the devastating blast

      Russian Emergencies Ministry's 2nd Plane With Aid, Experts Lands in Blast-Hit Beirut

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Russian Emergencies Ministry's second plane with aid and experts has landed in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, which was devastated by a huge explosion on Tuesday, the ministry said.
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    • 22:37

      Trump Says Nobody Knows Yet What Happened Regarding Explosion in Beirut

      US President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House that nobody knows yet exactly what happened with respect to the massive explosion at the port of Beirut yesterday.

      "They don't really know what it is, nobody knows yet," Trump said on Wednesday. "We're looking into it very strongly. You have some people who think it was an attack and you have some people who think it wasn't."

      US President Donald Trump speaks as he departs the White House in Washington, DC, on July 31, 2020 en route to Florida.

      ‘How Can You Say Accident?’: Trump Reiterates Possibility That Beirut Blast Was an ‘Attack’

      During a news conference Wednesday, US President Donald Trump reiterated the possibility that the explosion in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, on Tuesday was an attack.
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    • 21:38

      White House Chief of Staff Meadows Says US Hasn’t Totally Ruled Out that Beirut Blast Was Due to Attack

      White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows also said that Trump shared with American people on Beirut blast what he had been briefed on.

    • 20:50

      World Bank Offers to Help Assess Damage in Beirut, Develop Reconstruction Plans

      The World Bank said on Wednesday that it has proposed using its experience with disaster recovery to help Beirut make a quick assessment of damage from Tuesday’s explosion and begin drafting plans to rebuild.

      "Building on global experience from disaster-hit countries, the World Bank Group stands ready to deploy its expertise to undertake a rapid damage and needs assessment and to develop a reconstruction plan as per international standards," the World bank said in a press release.

      The World Bank also expressed willingness to help mobilize public and private funding for reconstruction of Beirut, the release said.

    • 18:49

      Most of US Military Believes Beirut Explosion Was Accident, Secretary of Defence Esper Says

    • 18:30

      Beirut Governor Raises Estimate of Damage From Port Blast to $10-$15Bln

      "The damage to the country is greater than it was announced, and could range from $10 billion to $15 billion", Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud said.

      Earlier in the day, the official estimated the amount of damage from the explosion at around $3-$5 billion.

    • 18:26

      Beirut Explosion is Third Biggest After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, British Scientist Says

      A shockwave is seen during an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon August 4, 2020, in this picture obtained from a social media video

      Beirut Explosion is Third Biggest After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, British Scientist Says

      Beirut’s mayor has already likened the tragic incident with the notorious bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima, which happened almost exactly 75 years ago.
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    • 18:22

      Russian Satellite Shows Dreadful View of Aftermath of Destructive Explosion in Beirut's Port

      Aftermath of Beirut Explosion

      Russian Satellite Shows Dreadful View of Aftermath of Destructive Explosion in Beirut's Port

      The massive explosion that hit the Lebanese capital's port damaged over half of Beirut’s buildings and roughly 300,000 people have been made homeless, the city’s Governor Marwan Abboud has said.
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    • 17:35

      First Russian Emergencies Ministry Plane With Aid Lands in Beirut

      First Russian plane with humanitarian aid arrives at Beirut airport

      Russian Emergencies Ministry's 1st Plane With Aid Lands in Beirut - Video

      BEIRUT (Sputnik) - The Russian Emergencies Ministry's first plane with aid to Lebanon landed in Beirut, a Sputnik correspondent reported from the scene.
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    • 17:00

      Russia Sends Five Planes With Humanitarian Assistance to Beirut

      A Russian Emergencies Ministry's truck with humanitarian aid drives into a cargo plane heading to Beirut, a day after a massive explosion in the port of Lebanon's capital, in Moscow Region, Russia, in this still image from handout video taken August 5, 2020

      Medicine, Doctors, and More: Russia Sends Five Planes With Humanitarian Assistance to Beirut

      The deadly explosion, which levelled the Lebanese capital's port and severely damaged nearby areas, left at least 80 people dead and thousands more injured. The city's hospitals are filled to the brim and countries around the world are rushing to offer their assistance.
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    • 16:53

      Pompeo Spoke With Lebanon's Prime Minister to Express US Condolences

    • 16:27

      Reports of Israeli Planes Over Beirut Ahead of Explosion Are Fake, Lebanon's Interior Minister Says

    • 16:19

      Death Toll From Beirut's Blast Rises to 135, Lebanon's Health Minister Says

      According to the minister, some 5,000 were wounded and dozens are still missing.

    • 15:18

      Probe Into Circumstances of Beirut Port Blast Will Take 5 Days, Interior Ministry Says

    • 14:55

      Beirut Mayor Sheds Light on Dangers of Ammonia Vapour Released After Explosion

      Aftermath of a massive explosion is seen in Beirut, Lebanon

      Beirut Mayor Sheds Light on Dangers of Ammonia Vapour Released After Explosion

      A massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital on 4 August. The epicentre of the blast was the Port of Beirut, and according to the city’s Governor Marwan Abboud, over half of the buildings in the Lebanese capital were damaged.
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    • 14:34

      Lebanon Needs No Foreign Aid With Probe Into Beirut Blast, Interior Minister Says

      "Lebanon does not need foreign specialists to take part in the investigation, we have enough investigators", Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi said as quoted by the local media.

    • 14:15

      Lebanon Declares Two-Week State of Emergency in Beirut

    • 14:09

      Queen Elizabeth II Offers Condolences to Families and Friends of Deceased and Injured

    • 14:05

      UNICEF in Beirut Suffers Injuries, Moves Relief Supplies For City's Recovery

      “UNICEF is coordinating very closely with authorities and partners on the ground to respond to the needs including of health and other front-line workers. We have provided drinking water to the staff at the Beirut port and are supporting the Ministry of Public Health to take out what is left of stored medicines and vaccines in a warehouse at the port,”  the agency’s Lebanon Representative Yukie Mokuo said. “We are on the ground and will do everything possible to provide much-needed assistance today and in the long run.”

    • 14:01

      Beirut Blast Death Toll Reaches 108, Over 4,000 Injured, Authorities Say

      Lebanese Health Minister’s adviser Reda Al Moussawi also said that Beirut had already received humanitarian assistance from Kuwait, Qatar and Greece, adding that the authorities were waiting for aid from other countries, including Russia, France, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

      "Greece has sent a medical team with health equipment to help treat those injured", Al Moussawi added, noting that the authorities were now studying Tunisia’s offer to treat a number of victims in its hospitals.

    • 13:51

      Lebanon Orders House Arrest for Beirut Port Authority Officials, Reports Say

      "Everyone in the Beirut Port Authority who has been involved in the storage, security and inspection of explosives in the Port of Beirut since 2014 will be placed under house arrest", the country's minister for the displaced, Ghada Shreim, told Lebanese media.

    • 13:49

      Four More Russian Planes With Aid Expected to Leave for Beirut in 24 Hours

      "The next four planes of the ministry are scheduled to leave within the next 24 hours", the ministry's press service said.

      Earlier in the day, an Il-76 with a mobile hospital took off from an airport in Moscow.


    • 11:49

      Aftermath of Deadly Explosion in Beirut - Photos

      Aftermath of a massive explosion is seen in Beirut, Lebanon
      © Sputnik / Zahra El-Amir
      Aftermath of a massive explosion is seen in Beirut, Lebanon
      © Sputnik / Zahra El-Amir
    • 11:42

      Iran's Red Crescent to Send 9 Tonnes of Food, Medical Aid to Victims of Beirut Blast

      "At the first stage, the Red Crescent will send to Lebanon 2,000 food packages of up to nine tonnes, as well as drugs and necessary medical supplies, within 72 hours in a bid to provide humanitarian assistance," IRCS head Karim Hemmati said in an official statement.

      Hemmati also expressed the intent to deploy field hospitals in Lebanon and send medical specialists to help treat those injured.

    • 11:15

      French President Macron to Travel to Lebanon on Thursday for Talks With Top Political Figures in Wake of Deadly Blast

      PARIS (Sputnik) – French President Emmanuel Macron will leave for Lebanon on Thursday in order to affirm Paris’ solidarity with the Lebanese nation following the powerful explosion in the port of Beirut, the Lebanese Council of Ministers confirmed on Wednesday, according to the presidential office.

      "[President] Macron will travel to Lebanon on Thursday and meet with the country’s political officials", the Elysee palace said earlier in the day, as quoted by the BMF TV broadcaster.

      The explosion has left over 4,000 people injured, and more than 100 killed. A large number of the world’s countries, including Lebanon’s Middle East neighbours, have already offered their assistance to Beirut and extended their condolences over the tragic incident.

      According to Beirut’s governor, half of the city’s buildings have been damaged, and hospitals are overcrowded over a large number of the blast’s victims.

    • 10:39

      Lebanese President Calls for Urgent Investigation Into Deadly Blast to 'Mete Out Punishment' for Those Responsible

      "Shock will not prevent us from assuring — first of all, the families of those killed and injured, and all the Lebanese people in general — that we are committed to continue the probe, to disclose the circumstances of the incident as soon as possible, to bring officials to justice and to impose the most severe punishment on them. We will publicly reveal the results of the investigation that the commission will conduct", Lebanese President Michel Aoun said in the beginning of an urgent cabinet meeting on the incident, as quoted by his office.

    • 10:00

      Worldwide Offers of Help Keep Coming as Death Toll in Beirut Blast Rises

      ATHENS/ BEIJING/ WARSAW/ DOHA (Sputnik) - Countries across the world continue offering help as Lebanon confronts destruction caused by the massive Beirut blast.

      The Greek Air Force’s C-130 plane with a group of rescuers on board took off for the devastated Lebanese capital on Wednesday morning.

      The aircraft carries 13 members of the first special disaster management unit, a rescue dog, two vehicles and special equipment.

      "Our country has immediately responded to the Lebanese government’s request through the European Civil Protection Mechanism to send assistance to deal with the consequences of the deadly explosion that occurred in Beirut on August 4 … A search and rescue team from fire departments departed [for Beirut] in the morning", Greece’s General Secretariat of Civil protection said.

      The secretariat remains in constant contact with both the Lebanese authorities and the European Civil Protection Mechanism to provide further assistance if necessary.

      The Chinese Foreign Ministry has also offered help and extended condolences to the families of the victims.

      "China is ready to provide assistance to Lebanon within its capabilities to... deal with this incident", spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a briefing.

      In addition, Poland has offered concrete help. The State Fire Service is ready to dispatch a search and rescue team consisting of 39 rescuers, four dogs and, if necessary, chemical protection specialists as early as Wednesday.

      King Abdullah II of Jordan has ordered sending a military field hospital to the neighbouring country, according to the PETRA news agency. Qatar and Iraq earlier reported that they will also send field hospitals to Lebanon.

    • 09:46

      France Sending Tonnes of Medical Aid to Beirut Following Massive Explosion

      "We are deploying a civil security detachment and several tonnes of medical equipment to Lebanon. Emergency workers will also reach Beirut as soon as possible to strengthen the hospitals. France is already engaged", Macron wrote on Twitter.

    • 09:42

      Tourist Ship Reportedly Sinks Over Beirut Blast Killing Two Members On Board

      An ambulance drives near the site of Tuesday's blast in Beirut's port area, Lebanon August 5, 2020. REUTERS/Aziz Taher

      Tourist Ship Sank Over Beirut Deadly Blast, Two Crew Members Killed, Reports Suggest

      BEIRUT (Sputnik) – A tourist ship has drowned following the powerful explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Tuesday evening, Voice of Lebanon reported.
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    • 09:42

      Beirut Governor Says Blast Leaves Up to 300,000 Homeless, Damages Top $3 Bln


      "About 300,000 people have been displaced in the Lebanese capital after the port explosion. The cost of the destruction exceeds $3 billion", Abboud said, as quoted by the Al Mayadeen broadcaster.

      Earlier in the day, the official estimated the amount of damage from the explosion at around $3-5 billion.

    • 09:21

      Lebanese Economy Ministry Says No Fear of Food Crisis After Blast Hit Beirut Grain Storage

      "We are not facing a 'flour crisis." We have about 35,000 tonnes of flower and four ships loaded with 25,000 tonnes of flour, We will try to deliver it directly to the port of the city of Tripoli," Mohamad Abou Haidar, the director general of the country's Economy Ministry, told the LBCI News portal.

    • 08:45

      Beirut Governor Reports Death of 10 Rescue Workers After Port Blast


      "We lost 10 members of the Beirut Fire Brigade", Governor Marwan Abboud said, as quoted by the LBCI broadcaster.

      Abboud also estimated the damage from the explosion in the city's port at about $3-5 billion.


    • 08:37

      Lebanese Defence Council Says Repair Work at Port Hangar Could Be Cause of Beirut Blast

      Мощный взрыв в Бейруте - столице и крупнейшем городе Ливана

      Repair Work at Beirut Port Hangar May Be Cause of Explosion, Lebanese Defence Council States

      DOHA (Sputnik) – A meeting of the Lebanese Supreme Defence Council said that a massive blast in the port of Beirut on Tuesday evening might have been the result of maintenance work at the site, as a door to the port hangar, where explosive materials were being stored, did not close properly, LBCI reported.
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    • 08:24

      All You Need to Know About Deadly Blast in Beirut

      A general view shows the aftermath at the site of Tuesday's blast in Beirut's port area, Lebanon August 5, 2020

      Deadly Beirut Blast: All You Need to Know

      As daylight broke in the Lebanese capital, authorities resumed the search for survivors and dead bodies trapped under rubble after the Beirut port was shattered by a giant blast on the evening of 4 August.
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    • 08:23

      Hospitals in Beirut Are Overflowing With Wounded, Situation is Catastrophic, Lebanese Minister Says

      Hospitals in Beirut Are Overflowing With Wounded, Situation is Catastrophic, Lebanese Minister Says

      An enormous explosion killed around eighty people and wounded several thousand in the Lebanese capital on Tuesday, wreaking havoc on the city.
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    • 08:20

      Number of Turkish Citizens Injured in Beirut Blast Rises to Six, Foreign Minister Says

    • 08:17

      UNIFIL Says Almost 50 Peacekeepers Injured in Powerful Blast in Lebanon’s Beirut

      "Forty-eight UN staff workers were injured, [as well as] 27 members of their families and three guests", UNIFIL spokesman Farhan Haq told the Al Jazeera broadcaster.

    • 08:08

      Iranian Leader Expresses Condolences to Lebanese President After Beirut Blast

      "On behalf of Iranian nation and government, I offer my sympathy with families of the victims, your excellency and people of Lebanon", Hassan Rouhani said, as quoted by the IRNA news agency, expressing hope that those injured would swiftly recover.

    • 07:32

      UK to Provide Lebanon With Technical Support and Financial Aid, Junior Minister Says

      "The government is working urgently this morning on what we can do to help the Lebanese government with technical support and of course working with our allies to provide financial assistance", UK junior Education Minister Nick Gibb told BBC radio.

    • 07:02

      Russia to Deploy Mobile Hospital in Beirut to Provide Assistance to Victims of Devastating Explosion

      Men walk at the site of an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon August 4, 2020

      Russia to Deploy Mobile Hospital in Beirut to Provide Assistance to Victims of Devastating Explosion

      Moscow has announced it will help Beirut recover after a major blast killed dozens and wounded thousands in the Lebanese capital, destroying multiple buildings and rattling the city.
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    • 06:45

      Five Staffers of Dutch Embassy Injured in Beirut Explosion

      Five staffers of the Dutch Embassy in Lebanon were injured in the dramatic explosion in the port of Beirut, Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said.

    • 06:29

      UK Minister Says Too Early to Speculate on Cause of Devastating Explosion in Beirut

      "The Lebanese authorities are of course investigating the cause of that tragedy and before we have the results of that inquiry it is premature to speculate", British Junior Education Minister Nick Gibb says.

    • 05:56

      No Russians Among Those Gravely Injured, Embassy Says

      There are no Russians among those gravely injured in the powerful explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Tuesday, the Russian Embassy told Sputnik. The damage done to the building of the Russian diplomatic mission in Beirut will not affect its operation, the embassy assured.

    • 05:44

      Two Philippine Citizens Killed, 8 More Injured in Massive Explosion in Beirut - Reports

      Two citizens of the Philippines were killed and eight more were injured as a result of a powerful explosion in the port of Beirut, CNN Philippines reported on Wednesday, citing Philippine Charge d'Affaires to Lebanon Ajeet Panemanglor.

      According to the official, 11 more Filipinos remain missing after the blast.

      The media stated that the Filipinos who died in the blast were at their employers' homes when the accident happened.

    • 05:34

      Death Toll From Beirut Explosion Reportedly Reaches 100

      The explosion in Beirut has left over 100 people dead, AFP reported, citing the Lebanese Red Cross. According to the head of the organisation, more victims remain under the rubble.

    • 05:22

      Hezbollah Calls for National Unity Following Devastating Explosion in Beirut

      “This painful catastrophe along with its unprecedented repercussions and damage requires a national stand by all Lebanese people and powers in a bid to overcome this ordeal”, Hezbollah said, as reported by Al Manar.

    • 05:21

      Lebanon's Security Service Began Ammonium Nitrate Investigation Five Months Ago, Reports Say

      A drone picture shows the scene of an explosion at the seaport of Beirut, Lebanon, Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020.

      Lebanon's Security Service Began Ammonium Nitrate Investigation Five Months Ago, Reports Say

      BEIRUT (Sputnik) - The Lebanese National Security Service launched an investigation five months ago in connection with the discovery of a large amount of ammonium nitrate in the port of Beirut, Lebanese television channel OTV reported, citing its own security sources.
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    • 03:41

      Qatar, Iraq Sending Field Hospitals to Lebanon to Help Those Injured in Blast - Reports

      Fully equipped field hospitals from Qatar and Iraq to assist victims of the Beirut port blast will arrive in Lebanon on Wednesday, Lebanon's National News Agency reported.

      It said two field hospitals, each designed for 500 beds, will be sent to Lebanon by Qatar.

      Another hospital will be sent by the Iraqi authorities. Baghdad also pledged to send fuel to Lebanon.

      The authorities of Kuwait also promised to send medical aid to Lebanon.

    • 02:47

      Australian Killed in Beirut Explosion, Prime Minister Morrison Says

      Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said an Australian had been killed in the Beirut explosion.

      “It is very distressing, and I can confirm there has been one Australian that has been killed,” he told the Sunrise program on Wednesday as quoted by the Seven News website.

      “Which is terribly devastating and obviously, we can’t give more details about the specifics at this time, but our sympathies to all of the people in Lebanon," Morrison said.

    • 01:54

      Beirut Port Blast Victim: 'I Saw Something Like Exploding Fireworks'

      Smoke rises from the site of an explosion in Beirut

      Beirut Port Blast Victim: 'I Saw Something Like Exploding Fireworks'

      On 4 August, a giant blast took place in a warehouse at the Port of Beirut leaving at least 78 people dead and over 4,000 injured.
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    • 00:30

      Death Toll From Beirut Blast Rises to 78, More Than 4,000 Injured - Reports

      The death toll from a powerful explosion in the port of Beirut has increased to 78 people, more than 4,000 people were injured, the Al Jazeera television channel reported citing the Lebanese Health Ministry.

      "The death toll from the blast increased to 78, more than 4,000 were injured," the channel said.

    • 22:28

      Trump Says Sounds Like Lebanon Blast Was a 'Terrible Attack,' US Ready to Assist

      Trump has also said that the US military believes that Beirut blast was an attack with a bomb of some kind.

    • 22:08

      Lebanese Prime Minister Calls for Announcing State of Emergency for Two Weeks

      Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said it was necessary, after an explosion in Beirut, to declare a state of emergency in the city for two weeks.

      "Prime Minister Hassan Diab stressed the necessity to declare a state of emergency in Beirut for two weeks," President Michel Aoun's office said on Twitter.

      This statement was made by the head of the Lebanese government at an emergency meeting of the Lebanese Supreme Defense Council.

      President Aoun called for an urgent session of the Council of Ministers to be held at noon on Wednesday in the Baabda palace to discuss recommendations of the Supreme Defense Council to cope with repercussions of the blast in Beirut.

    • 21:54

      Lebanese President Says 2,750 Tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate Stored Without Safety Measures 'Unacceptable'

      Lebanese President Michel Aoun has said that that 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse for six years without safety measures was "unacceptable".

    • 21:42

      Lebanon's Health Minister Says Death Toll Rises to More Than 70

    • 21:16

      Beirut Blast 'Seriously' Injures UN Peacekeeping Crew, Damages Vessel

      A UN peacekeeper of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) stands at a lookout point in Adaisseh village near the Lebanese-Israeli border, southern Lebanon December 21, 2015.

      Beirut Blast 'Seriously' Injures UN Peacekeeping Crew, Damages Vessel

      The United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon announced late on Tuesday that one of its ships and several of its naval peacekeepers had been injured in the explosion at the port of Beirut.
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    • 21:03

      Lebanese Supreme Defence Council Declares Beirut Emergency Area

      The Lebanese Supreme Defense Council, following an emergency meeting in connection with an explosion in the port of the capital Beirut, declared the city an emergency area, Sky News Arabia reported.

      According to its data, the council recommended that the government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab declare a state of emergency in the capital.


    • 20:56

      WHO Sending to Beirut Medical Supplies for 500 Injured, Kits for 500 Surgeries

      The World Health Organization (WHO) is sending medical supplies to treat some 500 wounded as well as kits for some 500 surgeries after a massive explosion in Lebanon, WHO spokesperson Inas Hamam told Sputnik on Tuesday.

      "Based on a request from the minister of health immediately after the blast, WHO is dispatching trauma kits containing emergency medical supplies enough to treat 500 injured people and surgical kits containing supplies to treat 500 people requiring surgical care," Hamam said. "Additional supplies will be dispatched as needed."

      “WHO is in constant contact with the local authorities (both the minister of health and hospitals treating the wounded) to further clarify needs and ensure immediate support,” Hamam said.

    • 20:18

      Netanyahu Instructs Israeli National Security Council Chief to Discuss Possible Aid to Lebanon With UN Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process

    • 20:17

      Death Toll in Beirut Port Blast Reaches 63, Over 3,000 Injured - Lebanese Health Minister

    • 20:16

      Countries Around the World Offer Help to Lebanon Following Deadly Blast

    • 20:09

      Israeli Army Says It Is 'The Time to Transcend Conflict', After Blast Occurs at Beirut Port

    • 19:42

      Death Toll in Beirut Port Blast Reaches 50 - Lebanese Health Minister

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The death toll resulting from a massive explosion that took place in the Lebanese capital of Beirut increased to 50, the country’s health minister, Hamad Hassan, said on Tuesday.

      "Fifty people have died, and 2,750 others left injured as a result of the explosion at the Beirut port", Hassan said, as quoted by Al Mayadeen broadcaster.

    • 19:42

      Lebanese Prime Minister Says Those Responsible for Beirut Blast to 'Pay Price'

      CAIRO (Sputnik) - Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said during a public address on Tuesday that those responsible for the explosion in the port of Beirut "will pay the price."

      "What happened today will not go unpunished, and those responsible will pay the price", Diab said.

      The prime minister also called on friendly countries to lend a helping hand to Lebanon.

      "We will cooperate at the level of responsibility, and I urge you to unite to heal the nation's wounds", the prime minister said.

    • 19:34

      Armenian Embassy Building in Beirut Damaged Following Powerful Blast - Foreign Ministry

      Armenian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Anna Naghdayan told Sputnik that one ethnic Armenian died during the blast, and the Armenian-populated districts of the Lebanese capital were affected during the incident.

    • 19:32

      Beirut Hospitals Suffering From Overcrowding After Massive Blast, Lebanese Health Minister Says

    • 19:29

      Lebanese Health Minister Reports Increase in Beirut Port Blast's Death Toll to 40

      DOHA (Sputnik) - The death toll resulting from a massive explosion that took place in the Lebanese capital of Beirut has risen to 40, the country’s health minister Hamad Hassan told the Al Jazeera broadcaster on Tuesday.

      "Forty people have been killed. About 2,500 are injured. These figures may grow", the minister said.

    • 19:19

      Lebanon Asks WHO, Qatar to Help Provide Medical Assistance to Victims of Beirut Port Blast - Health Ministry

      "We communicated with the World Health Organisation over the delivery of a plane filled with aid, as well as with Qatar over the operation of field hospitals", Hassan said.

      Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the emir of Qatar, has offered his condolences to the Lebanese government and the victims of the explosion, and said that he would dispatch field hospitals to Beirut to provide urgent medical assistance.

    • 19:15

      Beirut Port Blast Was Equivalent to Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake, Jordanian Seismologists Say

      "The explosion that occurred at the Beirut port this evening was equivalent to 4.5 magnitude on the Richter scale", Jordanian seismological observatory said on Tuesday.

    • 19:14

      At Least 30 Killed, Over 2,500 Injured in Beirut Blast - Health Minister

    • 19:01

      Israel Has Offered Humanitarian, Medical Aid to Lebanon After Beirut Blast, Defence Minister Says

      The Lebanese authorities have earlier refuted the initial reports that the blast was caused by a fire at a fireworks warehouse near the port..

      Israel Has Offered Humanitarian, Medical Aid to Lebanon After Beirut Blast, Defence Minister Says

      A powerful explosion hit the port of Beirut earlier today resulting in dozens of people killed and thousands injured. It began as a short bang, five minutes later white and black smoke emerged and then a powerful blast followed, launching a heavy stream of red smoke into the air.
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    • 18:47

      Over 2,200 Injured in Beirut Explosion, Numbers Likely to Rise, Lebanese Red Cross Says

    • 18:41

      Russia's Putin Sends His Condolences to Lebanese President Over Casualties and Massive Destruction After Explosion in Beirut, Kremlin Says

    • 18:25

      Additional Military Units Moving to Explosion Site in Lebanese Capital Beirut

      Additional units of the Lebanese armed forces are moving towards the Beirut port area where a powerful blast occurred on Tuesday, a Sputnik corresponded reported from the scene.

      According to one of the military officers, soldiers were deployed to maintain order and help medical and civil defense personnel working on site.

    • 18:19

      At Least 70 People Killed in Beirut Explosion, Lebanese Red Cross Says

    • 18:16

      Iran Fully Prepared to Render Assistance in Any Way Necessary, Foreign Minister Says

      "Our hearts are with the Lebanese people in this great disaster. Mercy for the martyrs, patience and solace for the families of the victims and recovery for the wounded. Peace from God and mercy to this proud nation", Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated on Twitter.

    • 18:11

      Main Cause of Beirut Port Explosion Still Unknown, It is Necessary to Wait for Results of Investigation, Lebanese Interior Minister Says

      "It is better to wait for the results of the investigation. Initial information indicates the presence of a huge amount of high-yield explosives, but the main cause of the blast is so far unknown", Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy told the MTV channel.

      "Preliminary information indicates that there were high explosive materials that were confiscated a long time ago", he added.

      Around 80 percent of the fire is under control, according to the minister.

    • 18:05

      Egyptian President Sisi Offers His Condolences Over Massive Blast in Lebanese Capital

      "My sincere condolences and sympathy to our brothers in Lebanon, the government and the people in connection with the tragic explosion that took place today in the Lebanese capital of Beirut", Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi said in a statement.

    • 18:00

      US Working With Lebanon to Find Out if Americans Were Affected by Beirut Explosion, State Dept. Says

      "We are working closely with local authorities to determine if any US citizens were affected", the State Department spokesperson said on Tuesday.

      The US government is urging Americans in the affected areas to contact their families and communicate with local authorities if they need help, he spokesperson added.

    • 17:55

      Russian Embassy Employee Received Minor Injuries From Explosion in Beirut, Spokesperson Says

      A female employee of the Russian Embassy in Beirut received slight, non-life-threatening injuries after an explosion in the city's port, the embassy's representative told Sputnik.

      "The glass broke, the person just got hurt", the representative said.

    • 17:51

      Secretary-General of Lebanon’s Kataeb Party Killed in Beirut Blast, Reports Say

      Smoke rises after an explosion was heard in Beirut, Lebanon August 4, 2020

      Kataeb Party Leader Reportedly Killed in Beirut Explosion

      Earlier today, Lebanon's capital Beirut was hit by a powerful blast in its port area, reportedly affecting half of the city and leaving scores of casualties. At least 10 people were killed, according to media reports.
      Read more
    • 17:49

      Lebanese Prime Minister’s Wife and Daughter Injured in Beirut Blast, Reports Say

    • 17:42

      US Ready to Offer 'All Possible Assistance' to Lebanon Following Massive Explosion Near Beirut Port

      EDITORS NOTE: Graphic content / A helicopter puts out a fire at the scene of an explosion at the port of Lebanon's capital Beirut on August 4, 2020. (Photo by STR / AFP)

      US Ready to Offer 'All Possible Assistance' to Lebanon Following Massive Explosion Near Beirut Port

      A powerful explosion took place near a port in Beirut on Tuesday, with witnesses saying that the blast sent devastating shockwaves across the Lebanese capital.
      Read more
    • 17:30

      Lebanese Prime Minister Declares Wednesday National Day of Mourning After Beirut Blast Kills at Least 10

    • 17:27

      Lebanese President to Convene Supreme Council for National Defence for Emergency Meeting in Evening to Discuss Beirut Port Blast, Reports Say

    • 17:25

      Sodium Nitrate Confiscated From a Ship a Year Ago and Stored in Warehouse Could Have Caused Blast in Beirut, Reports Say

      Sodium nitrate confiscated from one of the ships over a year ago could have exploded causing the powerful blast on Tuesday in the port of Beirut, the Lebanese LBCI TV channel reported, citing sources.

      Earlier in the day, the head of the Lebanese General Security Directorate, Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, refuted the version of pyrotechnics exploding in the port of Beirut, saying that these were other explosives that had been stored for a long time.

      According to the LBCI’s sources, Ibrahim was talking about confiscated sodium nitrate.

    • 17:19

      Washington is 'Closely Tracking' Explosion in Beirut, White House Press Secretary Says

      "We're tracking it closely and just rest assured that we're taking a very good look at that", White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a press briefing.

    • 17:17

      Israel Denies Responsibility for Massive Blast in Beirut, Knesset TV Says

      A damaged vehicle is seen at the site of an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon August 4, 2020

      Israel Denies Responsibility for Massive Blast in Beirut, Knesset TV Says

      The powerful blast that occurred near the centre of the Lebanese capital and left many people injured has already been described as a "national disaster akin to Hiroshima" by the city's governor.
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    • 17:11

      Helicopters Extinguishing Massive Fire After Blast Hit Beirut Port in Lebanon

      Lebanese authorities mobilized helicopters to distinguish the blaze that engulfed the Port of Beirut in Lebanon following a strong explosion, a Sputnik correspondent reported from the scene.

    • 17:09

      UN Does Not Know if Beirut Blasts Were Man-Made or Accidental, Spokesman Says

      "We do not have information about what has happened precisely, what has caused this, whether it’s an accidental or man-made act", spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters. He added that the UN would withhold comment until more information is available.

    • 17:08

      Blast Occurred in Port Area With Highly Explosive Material, Not Explosives, Lebanon's Internal Security Chief Says

    • 16:58

      Port Explosion Affected About Half of Beirut, Governor Says

    • 16:49

      At Least Ten People Killed in Beirut Blast, Reuters Reports, Citing Sources

    • 16:47

      Aftermath of Giant Explosion That Shook Lebanon's Capital - Video

      A picture shows the scene of an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. A large explosion rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut. The blast, which rattled entire buildings and broke glass, was felt in several parts of the city.

      Aftermath of Giant Explosion That Shook Lebanon's Capital

      A large explosion occurred in the vicinity of Beirut’s port earlier today, with multiple reports of people injured and damaged buildings.
      Read more
    • 16:46

      Beirut Governor Calls Explosion a 'National Disaster Akin to Hiroshima'

      "A fire brigade of 10 people arrived at the scene. What happened is very similar to what happened in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They drove to the scene and disappeared. This is a national disaster for Lebanon. We do not know how we are going to deal with this", Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud said.

    • 16:44

      Contact Lost With One of Fire Brigades Sent to Extinguish Blaze After Explosion in Beirut, Governor Says

      Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud said that communication was lost with one of the fire brigades, which went to the accident site. The location of the brigade currently remains unknown.

    • 16:40

      Facade of Russian Embassy Building in Lebanon Damaged After Explosion in Beirut, Representative Says

    • 16:34

      At Least One Person Died in Blast That Rocked Beirut, Reports Say

    • 16:34

      Beirut Blast Epicentre Was in Pyrotechnics Warehouse Near Granaries in Port of Beirut, Reports Say

    • 16:21

      Lebanon’s Health Minister Calls on Hospitals to Immediately Mobilise and Save Lives of Injured People

      The Lebanese health minister has called on all hospitals in the capital to immediately mobilise and save the lives of the wounded, while the budget for this will be allocated from the ministry's treasury.

    • 16:19

      Lebanese Electricity Supplier's Office in Beirut Completely Destroyed

    • 16:17

      More Than 30 Red Cross Teams Are Working on Site

      More than 30 rescue teams are helping those injured as the result of the massive explosion, Lebanon’s NNA news outlet reported, citing the Red Cross.

    • 16:08

      Watch as Powerful Explosion Rocks Beirut

      A picture shows the scene of a huge explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut on August 4, 2020.

      Watch Moment Powerful Explosion Rips Through Lebanese Capital Beirut

      A Sputnik correspondent said that the explosion was so powerful that it shook buildings. The blast was preceded by a small pop and minutes later, smoke started rising above buildings. There are no reports of casualties or damages.
      Read more
    • 16:08

      Several Buildings Were Destroyed in Blast, There May Be People Under Rubble, Red Crescent Reports

    • 16:07

      Communications and Electricity Not Working in Some Areas of Lebanon’s Capital After Blast

    • 16:03

      Mass Chaos in Streets of Beirut in Aftermath of Explosion - Photos

    • 15:55

      Witnesses Report Broken Windows and Furniture After Blast - Photos

    • 15:52

      Powerful Explosion Rocks Beirut's Port - Video

    Live Updates: Lebanon Declares Two-Week State of Emergency in Beirut
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