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    Daesh  terrorists pass by a convoy in Tel Abyad, northeast Syria (File)

    From Pills to the Pillory: Daesh-Linked Pharmacist from UK Detained in Syria

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    Shouldn't Have Quit His Day Job: Daesh UK Pharmacist Detained in Syria From Pills to the Pillory: Daesh-Linked Pharmacist from UK Detained in Syria

    Anwar Miah, a British national who claims to be a pharmacist from Birmingham, has been arrested in Syria on suspicion of being a member of the notorious terrorist group Daesh, the BBC reported.

    A video of his capture by Kurdish forces in the eastern province of Deir ez-Zor a month ago, posted on Twitter, shows a blindfolded Miah saying he has spent the past four years working as a medic in territory when it was under Daesh rule.

    "I'm a qualified pharmacist from the UK. I've been working in the hospitals since I came," said Anwar Miah, who is reportedly being held in a prison in northern Syria, guarded by US special forces.

    At least three other Britons suspected of being members of Daesh are currently in Kurdish and US custody in Syria.

    Shafi El-Sheikh and Alexanda Kotey, a two-man terrorist cell, are Londoners who were allegedly nicknamed “The Beatles” by their surviving captives because of their English accents.

    The nickname belied the cell’s brutality.

    In 2014 and 2015, they held more than 20 Western hostages in Syria and tortured many of them. They beheaded 27 American, British and Japanese journalists, aid workers and Syrian soldiers, boasting of the butchery in videos released to the world.

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    Daesh’s beheadings, often carried out on camera, horrified the world soon after the terrorist group took over much of Iraq and Syria in 2014.

    The group also committed wide-scale atrocities including massacring thousands of Iraqi troops and civilians and taking sex slaves.


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