03:54 GMT13 May 2021
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - During the Syrian conflict, the activists of the White Helmets non-governmental organization have been involved in "the most odious provocations" and their evacuation from the Middle Eastern country has revealed their true nature and hypocrisy, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday.

    "It is well known that the White Helmets has been involved in the most odious provocations during the Syrian conflict. It was carrying out activities only on the territories controlled by Islamic radicals. It was preparing blatant fakes, which were then used as a pretext for making accusations against the Syrian authorities," the ministry said in a commentary.

    "It is symbolic that the White Helmets activists have opted to flee Syria with foreign support thus revealing their true nature and exposing their hypocrisy to the whole world," it added.

    The foreign ministry also stressed that the United States had done nothing to separate Syria's so-called moderate opposition forces from terrorist groups. "Presently, Syrian forces with support of Russia are restoring law and order in southwestern Syria creating conditions for restoring a peaceful life," the ministry added.

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    On Sunday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that the Israeli authorities had evacuated the White Helmets activists along with their families from Syria to a "neighboring country" at the request of Canada, European countries and the United States. According to local media, about 800 NGO members have been transported through Israel to Jordan.

    The Syrian Foreign Ministry has condemned the evacuation of the White Helmets' personnel from the country, slamming it as a "criminal operation" conducted by Israel, whereas Washington has welcomed the transfer of the NGO's members, calling them ‎"brave volunteers, who have saved thousands of lives."

    The White Helmets, also called the Syrian Civil Defense, declares the rescue of civilians in war zones as its fundamental aim. However, the non-governmental organization has been repeatedly accused of establishing links to jihadists as well as disseminating Western-sponsored propaganda.


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