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    Syrian refugee children play with a wheelchair at the Al Zaatari refugee camp in the Jordanian city of Mafraq, near the border with Syria March 11, 2015

    Young and Broken: Syrian Boy Adjusts to Life Without Hands (VIDEO)

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    The war in Syria may be de-escalating, but the wounds and scars from the horrors endured are still fresh in the minds of millions of Syrians. Many of those who survived now live with physical traumas and immense emotional pain. One boy named Yahya told Sputnik Arabic how he is adjusting to life without his hands.

    A young boy named Yahya lives in the city of Qatana, in Damascus province. Before the war, he and his friends were just like most other boys, they loved football. 

    One afternoon, however, changed everything for the young boy. Yahya was playing football with his friends, when terrorists launched a mortar shelling of their district. 

    Everyone was terrified and ran for their lives. Yahya hid inside a transformer vault without realizing the dangers. He was electrocuted.

    It was a miracle that the boy survived, but to the boy’s horror, the doctors had to amputee both his hands.

    Since then, every day Yahya learns to overcome his difficulties. This requires colossal patience and perseverance, and his parents and relatives help him in every possible way. 

    Today the boy can write legibly and draw using his feet. 

    Yahya’s case is one of many incidents that have resulted from acts of militants and their indiscriminate targeting of densely populated civilian areas with mortars and rockets, which often result in casualties and serious injuries such as losing limbs and becoming paralyzed.

    Thousands of people just like Yahya have had to endure terrible ordeals at the hands of terrorists and the civil war. 

    The social and psychological problems associated with war are one of the most difficult problems faced by the Syrian government today. A large number of humanitarian cases need immediate and special attention, especially those related to the rehabilitation of children who were physically and psychologically affected.

    Syria is now slowly trying to find its post-war bearing which, a war which has claimed the lives of over 400,000 people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    With the elimination of the Daesh “caliphate”, the Syrian Army is continuing to advance against other Islamist militants, mainly situated in the north-western Idlib. 


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