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    Participants of Syria peace talks attend a meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan January 23, 2017.

    Saudis Offered Me a Bribe to Abandon Syrian Government, MP Tells Sputnik

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    Syrian Peace Talks in Astana (138)

    Saudi Arabia attempted to bribe parliamentarians in order to persuade them to oppose the Syrian government, an MP tells Sputnik.

    Mohammed Kheir Jasim al-Nadir said that while some Syrian leaders have indeed taken bribes from Saudi Arabia and stayed in the country, he refused the offer and went to serve Syria instead.

    "Saudi Arabia offered us money to break away from Assad and oppose the Syrian government. We were offered it (the bribe) at the house of the Syrian ambassador to Riyadh Mahdi Dakhlallah," al-Nadir said.

    "They tempted us with houses and money. They gave us a blank check which could be filled out with any sum, if we announced a U-turn. But, as they say, a person who is good does the right thing for their country, for their people. Nobody can be separated from their people, nobody can abandon their homeland. We are with Syria, with our land, with the valiant Syrian army."

    "Unfortunately, some Syrian leaders left for Saudi Arabia because of money. I had a Saudi passport, but I left everything and went to Syria," al-Nadir said.

    Earlier this week representatives of the Syrian government and opposition factions meet in Astana for talks brokered by Moscow, Ankara and Tehran, following a ceasefire in the crisis-torn country endorsed by the UN Security Council on December 31, 2016.

    As the talks ended on Tuesday, Syrian government and opposition representatives signed a declaration on a ceasefire monitoring mechanism to uphold the nationwide ceasefire agreement.

    Russia, Iran and Turkey also decided to establish a trilateral mechanism to monitor the ceasefire in Syria as result of the Astana talks, which are to be followed by a UN-mediated meeting in Geneva expected to take place on February 8.

    Syrian Peace Talks in Astana (138)


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    • American Socialist
      damn.. honestly, that's is highly honorable.
      i'll be honest, i am unsure if i would be as loyal to my country.
      money is money, regardless of which country i reside.
    • avatar
      Wish the French politicians are the same then the Syrians, hahhahah,
      French politicians are all corrupt from A to Z and the most corrupt is Sarkozy and Hollande at the higher level, Fillon and Co in the second list, Cope is one of the kings Le Pen big General, Dati is the mistress of the corruption she is a Big Big Madam, and all the Socialists are all big generals. Patriotism in France is dead with De Gaulle.
    • igybundy
      Both Assad and Asma's families are well off.. Not as rich as the other Arabs but well off families that are doing well in business.. They dont need money to live but if someone offers you a billion well.. If they did not have any ethics or morals about letting their people suffer they can go live well off in any country like many others have done in iraq, libya or syria.. Florida is full of people who took the money and ran..
    • avatar
      A love for one's country is one of the four automatic loves that psychologists remind us of, For those who did not love Syria, there is now no retreat, unless they do it in sackcloth and ashes. They, and their families, like Achan and his, should be buried where there houses once stood.
    • 2007harleydavidsonsg
      The old adage, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely ! Oil, black Gold, Texas tea. Let's hope that those whom truly love Syria as their homeland don't fall prey like so many.
    • 2007harleydavidsonsg
      I feel for the Syria people. They are stuck in the middle of three super powers and have been manipulated and treated like dogs. Let's hope this stops!
    • 2007harleydavidsonsg
      If the UN is to have any credibility going forward it must recognise what has happened to Syria! It must not continue! Repreations to Syria must be met !
    • avatar
      Antares Prime
      The Saudis are Daesh in sheep's clothing. Glad to see some people still have a conscience. The Syrians have always been proud, and many of their best and brightest can be counted on to stand firm in the face of any offers from cash-bearing Saudi hypocrites, among others.
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