18:58 GMT +324 March 2017
    Terrorist Chemical Weapons Factory in Aleppo

    EXCLUSIVE: Sputnik Reports From Terrorist Chemical Factory in Aleppo (VIDEO)

    © Sputnik/ Nour Molhem
    Middle East
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    Recent search operations in eastern Aleppo have confirmed that chemical weapons were indeed used during the conflict – but by terrorists, not government forces

    Sputnik correspondents managed to explore makeshift factories in eastern Aleppo used by terrorists to build bombs laced with poisonous chemicals.

    A source in the Syrian military confirmed that this type of ordnance was used by the terrorists against the Syrian army; one such attack occurred in the southwestern area of the city in the vicinity of the al-Assad Military Academy.

    Analyses indicate that chemicals used by the terrorists were made in the US while the bombs were manufactured on site. Furthermore, the mark UN 3082 is clearly visible on the chemical canisters discovered at the terrorist factory.

    Canisters found at a terrorist chemical weapons factory in Aleppo
    © Sputnik/ Nour Molhem
    Canisters found at a terrorist chemical weapons factory in Aleppo

    Earlier this year Samer Abbas, spokesman for the Syrian National Authority monitoring the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, contacted the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and presented documented proof of terrorists using sulfur mustard ordnance against civilians in Syria. OCPW declared that a special committee to confirm the veracity of these documents needs to be created, but so far have apparently refrained from pursuing this line of inquiry for reasons unknown.

    Meanwhile, Russian Defense Ministry experts collected evidence of terrorists using chemical weapons in Marana Um Hosh village located to the south of Aleppo.


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    • Jammy
      Looks like cleaning chemicals too me so will the police be knocking on my door if i store bleech ? Can we talk about the Sarin chemicals that Turkey was giving ISIS please or have we forgot all about that now that Russia and Turkey have kissed and made up again.

      Germans used Cyclone-B in prision or war camps for cleaning that got renamed "Death Camps" as facts were turned into propaganda and this story seem to have the same smell about it as the holly-hoax story thats being feed to people as history.

      Maybe Russia needs to stop complaining about what the enermy is doing and should send boots on the ground in to stamp them out in Syria because the kill rate today is about one dead terrorist a day and you don't win wars at that pace do you now.
    • AnomicDust
      All your terrorist's WMD belong to us.
    • avatar
      UN3082, on the list of substance classified, by CAMEO chemicals there are ten substance whom can be: so un analysis of the residue is necessary but, even with basic notions of chemistry, it's easy to say that none is something as food...
    • avatar
      unfortunately, these days, it is accepted that terrorists will use any and all forms of killing and that the usg and / or its agencies fully support them for their own ends. The perpetrators will, in all probability, take away fat pensions into retirement.
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