10:17 GMT +326 March 2017
    Syrians walk past a portrait of President Bashar al-Assad in the capital Damascus on March 15, 2016

    Assad and Syria Victimized by 'Biased Approach' of Western Media

    Middle East
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    Western media outlets are seeking to tarnish the image of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is "a good person", Lamak Kuder, chairman of the Syrian Students Union in Serbia, told Sputnik.

    In an interview with Sputnik's Serbian edition, Lamak Kuder, chairman of the Syrian Students Union in Serbia, reproached Western media outlets for their repeated attempts to demonize Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    At the beginning of the interview, Kuder said that he had never imagined that Syria would ever become embroiled in a civil war, adding that he could have envisioned it happening in any country except his.

    "Our country has always been open to receiving representatives of different nations and religions. And we all were shocked with what has happened. The West brilliantly orchestrated everything, and the [Syrian] conflict has started," Kuder said.

    In this regard, he specifically underscored the Western media's role in fueling the conflict, citing such news networks as the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, which he said "were much more luxurious than our state TV" and which "have created a new picture of Syria."

    "At first I believed them but one day I realized that all this was a lie. They prompted ordinary people to take to the streets so as to put pressure on the authorities. Just two percent of the population participated in the protests, but the media reported about the crowds. And then the process of arming these people began," Kuder said.

    He also touched upon the liberation of Aleppo from terrorists, describing this northern Syrian city as "the heart of Syria, both from an economic and any other point of view."

    "A week ago our army, with the help of Russia and Iran, liberated Aleppo. Everyone was so happy as if during a grand wedding that was being celebrated across Syria," he added.

    In this vein, he also recalled that there hadn't been any protests in Aleppo for three years when terrorists entered the city and held its citizens hostage.

    Asked about his thoughts on Bashar Assad, Kuder pointed to the Western media's incessant efforts to demonize the Syrian President.

    "Syria's President Bashar Assad is a man whose image differs from what is painted by the West. I think he is a good man, and if he had not enjoyed the support of the majority of the population, he would not have been president," he pointed out.

    Kuder recalled that Assad was a friend of Jacques Chirac, but then Chirac turned on him. He said that "Assad was also a friend of the entire Europe" until the situation drastically changed.

    "The Western media uses a biased approach to covering the situation in Syria. I admit that we should need more democracy, but President Assad was quick to launch reforms which were opposed by Western countries. We were accused of allegedly helping the terrorists," according to Kuder.

    "We were told that Syria must change, but we were not allowed to do it all by ourselves," he concluded.


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    • sapper
      Not to mention that when things were getting really disastrous he DID NOT abandon his people but STAYED on with them, thereby accepting responsibilty for his position as head of state. That is true leadership and courage!!
    • Anton KOMAROV
      we had all hoped with Trump's victory that the insane military/industrial complex goons behind the neocon agenda would accept the changes.However these madmen (like Soros)are so convinced of the righteousness of their cause that they are unable to admit defeat and will continue to irritate and try to undermine any positive moves until they are removed from power.Tedious little people who do not understand that the one constant in life is change and no empire ,no matter how great ,has been able to resist with the passage of time.so more dissension and callous atrocities will occur for the time being.
      Syria was treated in this horrible fashion for largely one reason.

      America has been creating for years a kind of cordon sanitaire around its Middle East colony, Israel.

      That's what the illegal invasion and virtual destruction of Iraq was about.

      America did not want to take the international pressure against another blatant invasion, so it selected this terrorist-horror in Syria.

      It had some willing local partners to assist: Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey. Also included was assistance from several NATO allies such as Britain and France.

      A terrible shameful history of events made all the more shameful for being led by the Nobel-winning, first black man to be President.

      This effort included the destruction of Libya and the killing of a man who had been s good leader for his people.

      It includes the Saudi horrors inflicted on Yemen.

      And it includes the coup which ended Egypt's only democratic government and the re-installation of a dictator.

      If there is one thing Israel seriously dislikes it is either democracies or independent-minded leaders anywhere near its borders.
    • Dar...
      Studying to become a Doctor specialising in ophthalmic surgery for children isn't going to be on the CV of a ruthless dictator.

      I recall a western magazine, (National Geographic I think it was), doing a biographical article on Assad when he returned to Syria. The west was keen to see him back then as a reformer who wanted to bring even more plurality and open democracy to Syria. (Which he did).

      That was before he refused to bow down on bended knee to the USA. He refused to sacrifice his people and their country on the altar of power-hungry American greed. He and his family have stood with their people through the horrors of their long ordeal.

      I'm not an expert on Syria but didn't the Americans assassinate his brother?

      I'm a Western European but I refuse to believe any lies about Assad or Russia. I'm sure that many people in Western Europe think like I do.

      I'm celebrating every success of the Syrian Army and Russia. I hope you crush our enemies out of existence and may 2017 bring peace and prosperity to Syria and much deserved respect to Russia. I can't wait for Assad to win a landslide electoral victory after the war is over.
    • avatar
      Because the MEDIA is run DIRECTLY BY WASHINGTON.
      the DICTATORS of the OBAMA REGIME want the regime change still.
      U.S, NATO, E.U, U.K, and friends, armed all that people , attacking the Syrian government.
      Now they taking back Syria. And about killing Russian ambassador, wait until Russia pinpoint who sent that. BEWARE.. Get a MARS trip with no return. Oh wait, Russia CAN get you there..
      expect a MASSIVE ATTACK as not seen YET, on ISIS. And whomever is with them as friends.

      ASSAD is demonized and Russia for go against the interests of Washington of a ONE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, ONE U.S Policy.
      I still think Washington is full of STOOGES. As this could bring WW3. Russia , China and many others, won't allow on country to RULE the world.
      All those hundreds of thousands dead, will be on Mc Cain, Obama , Carter and others hands. Add Merkel, Hollande, U.K, Canada , Even ISRAEL is in it. And is VERY DANGEROUS. Specially when Russia is in Syria. I think Israel should rethink strategies before the BEAR , comes OFF hibernation. Good for Israel having good ties with Russia. But don't go to sleep. Because, IF an AX comes, Israel doesn't need to have it's name mentioned. Trump or no Trump, the world will end up split. And how.
    • KnightRdr877
      I am curious how many years it will take to rebuild the destruction of the very large city. Lives lost, property destroyed .. all for what?
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