15:23 GMT +323 March 2017
    The sun rises while smoke is pictured near Aleppo's historic citadel, as seen from a government-controlled area of Aleppo, Syria December 6, 2016.

    Syrian Army Controls 93% of Aleppo - Russian MoD

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    Middle East
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    The Syrian army controls 93 percent of the whole territory of Aleppo, the Russian General Staff said.

    "As a result of a successful advance, 52 districts of eastern Aleppo have been freed from militants. Over the past 4 days, territory controlled by militants decreased by one third. The Syrian army controls 93% of the city's territory," Sergei Rudskoy, the chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate, said at a news briefing.

    The Russian General Staff said that Aleppo's residents report torture, public executions by the so-called "moderate opposition," the Russian General Staff said.

    "Civilians who escaped from terrorists talk about new crimes committed by militants of the so-called moderate opposition in eastern Aleppo. Cases of torture, public executions and massacres of the population have been confirmed."

    Over 3,000 Aleppo residents returned to their houses in the city, Rudskoy said. He said that dozens of tonns of humanitarian aid are delivered to liberated Aleppo districts on a daily basis.

    More than 1,000 militants have surrendered arms and left eastern Aleppo, 953 of them have been granted amnesty, Gen. Lt. Sergei Rudskoy said.

    "Thus, the Syrian government fully fulfills its obligations to help return participants of illegal armed groups to peaceful life."

    Russian and Syrian warplanes have not carried out airstrikes around Aleppo since October 18, he said.

    "I emphasize that such results [in Aleppo's liberation] have been achieved only by Syrian army's ground forces."

    According to Rudskoy, 21 facilities, including two schools and two mosques, have been cleared of explosive devices in Aleppo over the past 24 hours.

    Over 1,040 settlements have joined the ceasefire in Syria, the General Staff said.


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    • NATOisEVIL
      Excellent news, but I doubt it would get much covering in the "western" countries.
    • avatar
      RECORD all. Get U.,N to be witness and authenticate tapes. For a war tribunal IF they are identified.
      Just FINISH the job. No more distractions.
      Perhaps time to TAP CSTO and RATS. Their job could gaine a lot of experience. Barricading Aleppo. Creating checkpoints.
      Inside that city checkpoints MUST be established by police and anti terror gov forces, to contain car bombs and search find explosives caches inside. Arms contraband.

      Russia could ask China, Iran to contribute with humanitarian aid IF they are not engaged. Russia have the means for distribution and gaining experience under fire.

      Russia MUST train harder to avoid all type of missiles, penetrate anti aircraft and missile shields.
      But very hard. ANd train pilots etc about it. This will in the future be useful. Even passenger jets. There are such maneuvers. Train everyone.
      Because Russia may face many Aleppo's with way more equipment from NATO.
    • avatar
      Lived through 15 years of war torn country, never observed a communist group that could be considered "Fuckenn Moderate". Communist is communist, no moderate communist. Syria terrorist is Terrorist, no suck sicken to the stomach moderate terrorists. Even the democrat and republican are said to have own political view, but when time to fight a war, they are one. So which one is the moderate? Democrat or Republican?
    • avatar
      China to start reconstruction of Syria soon
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