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    Ansar al-Islam Front with SA-7 Strela-2 anti aircraft weapon

    Syrian Jihadists Flaunt Portable Anti-Aircraft Missiles (VIDEO)

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    Members of the Syrian terrorist group Ansar al-Islam Front have been seen in a recent video flaunting a store of shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles, the first known incident of jihadist forces possessing such weapons.

    The jihadists claim they have a "good number" of SA-7 Strela-2 missiles, which the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Ansar both plan to use against government aircraft in Quneitra and Daraa. The weapons are not shown being fired in the video, but one fighter remarked, "We, in Ansar al-Islam Front, have distributed several points of air defence to counter any attempt by the Syrian warplanes or helicopters which bombs points in Quneitra province. We have good number of these missiles," according to Middle East Eye


    Another fighter identified as "Abu Bilal" said, "We, in Ansar al-Islam Front and factions of the FSA, are distributing equipment and soldiers toward Tal al-Hara, Mashara, Sandaniya and Jabata. And in the coming days you will hear good news from Quneitra and its surroundings,” adding, "There are a lot of preparations for ambushes and units deployed on the front lines. There are units of air defence, infantry elements and other several sets of our factions and the factions of the FSA in Quneitra and its surroundings." 

    Ansar al-Islam was designated as a terrorist organization by the United Nations and many individual countries, including the US. The group is known for having close ties with the al-Qaeda and Daesh (so-called Islamic State) terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Nevertheless, this is not the first time in which members of Ansar al-Islam have received advanced and sophisticated weaponry. In the past, Ansar has also reportedly been among dozens of other “vetted” rebel groups that have received the US-produced BGM-71 anti-tank missile, which is delivered through Saudi Arabia. 

    The Hasan Mustafa blog explains: "Groups apply for missiles for specific operations, and small batches are supplied by the MOC (Turkey  and Jordan-based Military Operations Command) as needed. No more than a handful are given to a group at any time. In order to prove the rebel groups are not selling them or giving them away, each launch must be recorded and spent casings returned to the MOC. It is due to these requirements that there is such a wealth of knowledge regarding which groups have been supplied with and fielded these weapons." 

    The US had a long-standing policy banning Syrian rebels from receiving portable anti-aircraft missiles, out of fear that terrorist groups like al-Nursa or Daesh would use them against civilian aircraft, the US, or its allies. However, in September, Reuters reported that anonymous Washington government officials confirmed to the agency that Bashar Assad government’s successful operation in Aleppo "heightened" the possibility that the Obama administration would lift the ban on anti-aircraft missiles for opposition groups.  

    A stockpile of Soviet-made SA-7 Strela-2 missiles was reported missing from military facilities in Libya, after the ousting of Muammar Gaddafi. The missiles were known to fetch tens of thousands of dollars on the black market. There were reports of a covert CIA operation in Libya to locate and reclaim the missing missiles, to prevent them from getting into the hands of terrorist groups. It is not clear whether the missiles obtained by Ansar al-Islam come from that cache, or even if they are combat-ready. 


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    • Korz53
      Thank you USA!

      USA! USA! #1; - #1 supporter of terrorists.
      Hillary Clinton: “We Created Al Qaeda”. The Protagonists of the “Global War on Terrorism” are the Terrorists - www.globalresearch.ca/hillary-clinton-we-created-al-qaeda/5337222
      Hillary Clinton ADMITS The CIA Started & Funded Al Qaeda
      Hillary Clinton We created Al Qaeda
    • avatar
      Not supplied by Obama, not by Hillary, perhaps by CIA but more likely by British-French intelligence and even more likely by Saudi Arabia.
    • support
      I think these MANPADS were Hillary's Xmas gift to her inner-posse friends in Daesh. She paid for these shoulder-fired AA weapons with the money left over from donations to her campaign fund.
    • American Socialist
      Shame on America!
      I no longer want to hear Americans crying about "terrorism"!
    • avatar
      Animal that eat own vomiting is the dog, the nation go back to own former enemy is the US.
    • Hermes
      Support your local indians.
      America to the Margic -, and Sylvic races. Start reverse ethnic cleansing operations now.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      I guarantee you the west has something to do with arming the Syrian Rebels. That's because the west wants the Syrian Rebels to topple Assad. So it makes sense where these rebels would be getting their weapons. But obviously Russia will somehow get the blame ...
    • v76
      Strela's from the 70's.... I bet most missiles for these launchers are out of date and I'f be surprised if 50% actually fire.... guess we'll see on liveleak soon enough.
    • avatar
      Russia needs NEW SENSORS, to ID this from the AIR!!! Then, send SU 24's to BLAST the place with their groups!!!
      THIS will end the CIA trained cells ambushes.
      OBAMA should face a TRIBUNAL, U.K, NATO, E.U. They the ones that did all this mess.

      Meanwhile, Barricades are the best, and triple IF possible. The BEST is IF Russia can use 3D printers to build them. Looking like walls but filled with sand . The next need be more tough. BUT, if this breached, will trigger a response and hunt.

      Drones and cameras will support the barricades. And satellites. While maintaining corridors open.
      They KIDNAPPING Syrian civilians. And check and interview FSA and other mercenaries held civilians. Russia MUST demand free flow for them. ANd push in to give them AID.
      I still don't forget, when U.N said that some civilians that Russia was bringing aid, had signs of malnutrition.
      The civilians said that FSA was stealing the food and selling it to them . very expensive. Most likely for sex too. Russia MUST investigate and document this, before they kill them and claim it was Islamic State or bombings from planes.
      MAYBE I go search the video of the white helmets. And their FAKE hospitals. BEFORE Russia was asked to intervene.
    • avatar
      cast235in reply toKorz53(Show commentHide comment)
      Korz53, Thanks for digging the TRUTH. The ONLY thing she got extra wrong was the invasion of Afghanistan. I found that Afghan called Russia. Or the Soviets. Because, U.S NATO were using the Mujahedin, to TOPPLE the government.
      Just like ISIS is used to topple ASSAD.
      Well, Mc Cain was hugging Al Nusra and Al Qaeda elements in Syria. To open recruitment centers. With sanctions FOREVER, Syria , a BIG part was un employed. U.N was singing with Washington against Syria. Syria couldn't sell it's oil. ALL with accusations fabricated. Israel got in Syria at will . To destroy it's nuclear plants.
      So it was ISRAEL pushing the issue. And U.S followed. IF ASSAD would had renounce, U.S , E.U, U..K QUICKLY would had move to grab the oil and all in Syria. And Russia would had been kicked.
    • avatar
      IRAN should NOT let them INVEST nor buy their planes or NOTHING. They asking U.S permission to sell to IRAN.
      Russia China have all that too. A d as beautiful or better inside. It was United Aircraft that was STUPID and showed the interiors made by Pirinfarina. You NEVER EVER do that.
      They HID where BOEING was exposed,. Where their dreamliner, was shown. Even the curved wings design came from RUSSIA. And ALL Russia said it will do, they went did it first. RUSSIA MUST learn CORPORATE SECRECY.
      And get all those U.S based at innovation centers. Unless they building technologies in Russia.
      And some that west wouldn't allow.
    • Korz53in reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235, Oh they new that the Soviets were asked to come to Afghanistan by the Afghan’s Kabul government; They said that USSR invaded as to look as the US was the good guys defending Afghan’s from the evil Soviets to the US People.
      Now that the US had invaded the Afghans , again it is the US that is defending as the good guys the good Afghans from the bad Afghans. Ha ha ha ha !
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