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    Russian Jets Withdraw From Syria (72)

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to withdraw the main contingent of Russian forces from Syria caught the international community off guard. Here is what leading French politicians and intellectuals said regarding the pullout of Russian troops from Syria.

    Earlier on Monday Putin announced the Kremlin would start withdrawing its main forces out of Syria, stating that the Russian military has accomplished its anti-terrorism mission.

    Many leading French politicians seem to agree that Putin's decision to get the Russian military out of Syria was a good, strategic decision, according to RT France.

    "Putin's decision is a good thing. He could no longer continue to leave Russian troops in Syria without jeopardizing international relations. Especially considering the recent ceasefire deal in Syria agreed with the United States," former French Foreign minister Roland Dumas shared his thoughts.

    According to French politicians, Putin showed that Russia isn't an aggressor as mainstream Western media was trying to portray the country after Moscow began its airstrikes in Syria against Daesh militants.

    "Russia demonstrated that it's not that big and scary grey wolf as we were told for many months," Vice-President of the Front National Florian Philippot said, adding that Russia showed it's willing to work with others and respect the ceasefire agreement.

    Thierry Mariani, a prominent member of the Union for a Popular Movement party, thinks the Russian military succeeded in Syria.

    "It's a wise decision because [Daesh] now is on the defensive. And Russian troops are no longer required to remain in Syria, where they might be at risk. It's a completely understandable decision and it confirms the success of [Russian] strategy in recent months," Mariani explained.

    Some had doubts Russia achieved all of its objectives in Syria, but nonetheless the Kremlin's order was a well-calculated decision.

    "I hope the objectives of the Russian Federation in Syria were indeed achieved, although I'm a bit skeptical. In any case I think Vladimir Putin did the right thing by not leaving the Russian military in Syria on a permanent basis. This once again proves that he's a leader with whom you want to have a dialogue, instead of trying to isolate him, as do Western leaders," said Bruno Gollnisch, a French academic and Member of the European Parliament.

    Yves De Kerdrel, the editor-in-chief of the French weekly Valeurs Actuelles, said the Russian military operation in Syria was a successful anti-terrorist campaign that should be taken as the future example of how to carry out effective military operations.

    "President Putin showed, in contrast to other great powers, in particular the United States during its campaign in Iraq, that he intervenes only to solve a problem. And when the problem is solved, he leaves and withdraws his troops. It was a great operation from the military point of view," De Kerdrel said. 

    Russian Jets Withdraw From Syria (72)


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