21:04 GMT +327 February 2017
    A Syrian man runs for cover as smoke rises from buildings nearby following a reported bombing attack, Aleppo, Syria (file photo)

    Russian MoD Accuses Turkey of Ongoing Hostilities in Syria's Aleppo, Idlib

    Middle East
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    Ankara is fully responsible for ongoing hostilities in Syria's Aleppo and Idlib provinces as Turkey ensures steady supply of weapons to terrorists and keeps shelling groups of Kurdish militia fighting against al-Nusra Front, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.

    HMEIMYM (Sputnik) — Last week, Russia and the United States reached an agreement on the ceasefire in Syria. The cessation of hostilities took effect at midnight on Saturday, Damascus time, generally holding across the country despite reported minor violations.

    "Truck convoys with materiel and weaponry cross the border from Turkey to Syria round the clock. They are headed exclusively to areas controlled by al-Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham terrorist groups," Lt. Gen. Kuralenko, commander of the Hmeymim-based Russian center for Syrian reconciliation, told reporters.

    Earlier, the Russian center on Syrian reconciliation said that it was receiving reports from the Syrian General Staff and Kurdish armed groups supporting the ceasefire, that complain of continuing artillery shelling from Turkey.

    "Artillery shelling of Kurdish militia units, fighting against Nusra Front, continues from the territory of a Turkish border post near Yanankey," Kuralenko said, adding that these actions hinder the restoration of peace and reconciliation in the Aleppo and Idlib provinces.

    On February 13, Turkish artillery began shelling positions held by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), a Kurdish group with links to the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), in Syria's Aleppo Province.

    On February 25, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that the truce in Syria is not obligatory for Turkey to follow if the country feels a threat against its security.

    The Russian center on Syrian reconciliation registered 27 violations of the ceasefire regime in Syria in the last 24 hours, with most of them having taken place in Aleppo, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.

    "In the past 24 hours, 27 violations of the ceasefire regime were registered (Idlib — 7, Damascus and Homs — 4 in each, Daraa — 3, Latakia —1). As before, the greatest number of violations happened in Aleppo — 8 cases, " the ministry said in a press release.


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      Moderate Terrorist
      Russian and Syrian airforces should target those convoys which are coming from Turkey!
    • Blackie
      So what, just arm the Kurds to the teeeth against the invaders,
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      "Truck convoys with materiel and weaponry cross the border from Turkey to Syria round the clock. They are headed exclusively to areas controlled by al-Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham terrorist groups,"

      Hope they are being blown up before they get a mile past the border. If not, why not?
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      Turks that supporting the terrorists from ISIS/Daesh had shelling the Kurds and Syrians which is the war crime against humanity!!! only Russia can protect these civilians,I hope the Russia will punish these Turkish dogs for their war crimes!!! the americans nor the EU do not say a word about Kurdish genocide committed by the Turks (in the same way as the West do not condemned the war crimes against Palestinians committed by the Israeli soldiers!) the west are so corrupt,the only light and hope is Russia,China,Iran and President Assad!!!
    • No Name
      "Truck convoys with materiel and weaponry cross the border from Turkey to Syria round the clock. They are headed exclusively to areas controlled by al-Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham terrorist groups"...

      So so! If you KNOW IT, why don't you BOMB them? :-(
      This all is a SHOW. Truce exactly BEFORE taking Aleppo, discussions with Saudi-Arabia, bla-bla..
      What is it? Do you sell "50% Assad for 100% Crimea + 50% Donbas?
      The SAME twilight-show like in DONBAS. And people die and suffer. .
      Either you don't stick your nose somewhere or you bomb the sh** out of the enemy.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toNo Name(Show commentHide comment)
      No Name,

      Do you have no shame ?
    • No Namein reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)

      What for shame? To tell the TRUTH about this twilight-policy? This is the reality, man. Don't paint somebody in white or black. A KGB-man wasn't isn't and will NEVER BE a Saint.
      "THEY from UP THERE" play a higher chess-match than some regional conflicts.
      The MAIN problem of RUSSIA is the deformed PERCEPTION injected in the European Populations by the Zion-Propaganda. Image "sustained" by the BEHAVIOR of the Soviet soldiers in Berlin-1945.
      You should LISTEN to your enemy when he sais soomething intelligent (and cruel at the same time !):
      " Only BATTLES are won on military battlefields, THE WAR is won in the minds and souls of the Public Opinion" __said the (maybe) most intelligent PROPAGANDIST alive in these days: Ra'anan GISSIN, the ex-Spokesman of the Israeli Government.
      His idea was all that TROLL-mess you find on Internet, all these HASBARAS full with Zion-propagandists and the daily bombardments with Zion-crap on TV and in the PRESS.
      And THIS is the Main-War Russia has to win: the SYMPATHY and ACCEPTANCE among the Public Opinion in the Western Countries.
      THIS is what Put.in does now, Donbas here, Syria there.. The MAIN problem Russia has is this continuous "Dracula-sation" of Russia.
      IN LONDON, Bonaparte was described at his time as children-eater and blood-drinker :-))..
      The School in spitting sh*t on somebody has a looooong -long TRADITION in the Psychological Warfare "Dracula" is just an example: The Romanian Principe surprised the SAXONS in Transylvania SELLING CANONS to both sides: him AND the Ottoman Turks. And he went to them and impaled a few "bosses" there. Immediately the propaganda-drums started thru all Western-Europe with that ridicule story about Dracula and drinking blood..

      I don't have to be ashamed, you shall be about that low IQ that doesn't help you see further than your nose-pick.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toNo Name(Show commentHide comment)
      No Name,

      Well, where shall we start. There is a lot in what you say but little understanding of history in why you say it. A failing of all empires has been the hubris of their people and an acceptance by many that their empire is blessed by whichever god they worship and I use the word 'god' loosely , as that can be the personal belief in themselves.

      If you sit back quietly and reflect what military achievements the US military has had in the last 70 years or so, all of them thus far have involved far weaker opponents and arguably that applied in WW2 as well.
      The biggest failure in US policy in my opinion has been 'diplomacy'. Again all empires have in the end failed miserably in the diplomatic arena, which as you rightly say , 'loses' the war. I would also say that failed diplomacy also squanders the lives of the US military who die in winning the battles.

      Anyway, we are were we are and I fervently hope that sane minds will prevail and avert a global disaster that will hurt the wealthiest nations far greater than those currently living in poverty. Poverty that can largely be laid at the doors of the oligarch classes of the world who worship themselves above all others.

      You may have heard of it, but if not, may I suggest that you research the doctrine of the Frankfurt School in the 1930's.
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      Iraq's former Hussien has nothing on hEradagainoncetoooften and his mini, Ahmetyomama, but he was hung for the same crime of attempted genocide of the Iraqi Kurds.
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      marcanhaltin reply toFlorianGeyer(Show commentHide comment)
      FlorianGeyer, You are right, Florian, but it is senseless to point out the obvious, isn't it, when the lights are on but no one is home to answer the door.
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