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    Su-25 jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces at the Hmeymim airbase, Syria

    Russian Air Forces Destroy 1,900 Terrorist Facilities in Syria Over a Week

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    Middle East
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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    Russian aviation in Syria has destroyed nearly 1,900 terrorist facilities during 510 sorties February 4-11, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj.-Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Thursday.

    MOSCOW  (Sputnik) – According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russian jets have conducted 510 sorties and destroyed almost 2,000 terrorist targets:

    “Over the last week from February 4-11, Russian aircraft in the Syrian Arab Republic have completed 510 sorties, during which airstrikes were carried out against 1,888 terrorist facilities in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia, Hama, Deir ez-Zor, Deraa, Homs, Hasakah, and Raqqa,” Konashenkov told journalists. 

    Russian military jets have killed two influential terrorist field commanders in the Syrian province of Aleppo, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj.-Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Thursday.

    "As a result of airstrikes by Russian Aerospace Forces airplanes, terrorists suffered a heavy loss. Two influential field commanders were killed in the province of Aleppo," Konashenkov told journalists.  

    In particular Konashenkov stressed that a key stronghold in the area of Kalaz-Tahtani has been destroyed together with the terrorists' leader — Abu Mager, also known as Farid al-Misri. The ministry's spokesman also added that another dangerous terrorist commander was eliminated in Aleppo as well.  

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russian Su-25 attack aircraft destroyed 9 ammunition trucks in Latakia, killing 40 terrorists:

    “Su-25 attack jets discovered three motorcades with equipment and arms for militants along the Karyatein-Homs road. An airstrike was carried out against the terrorists’ grouping of equipment. After final reconnaissance was finished, nine large trucks with weapons caches, two armored vehicles, and over 40 militants were destroyed.”  

    Konashenkov also noted that the terrorists in Aleppo are deserting "massively." 

    "The terrorists are marching people towards the Turkish border, so that later they may hide among the locals. The terrorists put down their weapons and try to dissolve in the crowd — they know that Russian warplanes and the Syrian Army would never strike civilians," Konashenkov said.

    The Russian Defense Ministry also stated that many Syrian opposition groups  have started to share intelligence with Russia and the Syrian Army: 

    "The cooperation with the Syrian opposition groups has been very fruitful so far. Lots of them are shifting towards the Syrian government." 

    Russia has been launching airstrikes against Daesh targets in Syria at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad since late September 2015. A US-led international coalition has been launching airstrikes against Daesh in Syria since September 2014, without the approval of Damascus or the United Nations.

    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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    • Drain the swamp
      The British government is not providing triangulation of the inmarsat satfones given to the head choppers by the CIA, otherwise ALL of the leaders including baghdadi would be in Hell by now.
    • Good news to hear. It will take firm and unwavering Russian commitment to Assad Syria to win the day. No cease fire agreements should be struck with the enemy under the humanitarian guise. But Syria still represents but one front in many defending against Zionist NATO invasion after invasion.

      Still largely surrounded by Zionist NATO aggressors, it will take nothing short of a miracle to save Syria. Given the geography and grave disparity in the correlation of forces, a victory would rank amongst Russia's greatest accomplishments.

      *** Free Viktor Bout and All Pro-Russians, tortured, missing, murdered and or falsely imprisoned, in USA and NATO Secret Prison Axis, Account For All, Remember and Lawfully Avenge All Forevermore.***
    • klod.infobeez
      "The terrorists are marching people towards the Turkish border, so that later they may hide among the locals. The terrorists put down their weapons and try to dissolve in the crowd — they know that Russian warplanes and the Syrian Army would never strike civilians,"

      Got it, the MSM-reading zombies ?
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      Nice don't forget to bomb them when they run away as well.
    • avatar
      If you are interested is having really detailed information and relevant analysis of the situation in Syria than I would strongly suggest you to have look and explore this YouTube channel:


      It is really good and it has very relevant analysis on military and political situation on Middle East. Really good news channel.
    • avatar
      I wonder whether these two influential terrorist field commanders were of the "Aleppo Brothers" Davutoglu just pledged to help defend www.rt.com/news/331968-turkey-syria-intervention-aleppo
    • avatar
      Now Daesh have cut their wages, no surprise the opposition are ready to chat to the Government Forces of the day?
    • avatar
      anne00mariein reply toklod.infobeez(Show commentHide comment)
      klod.infobeez, The MSM reading zombies, will never get it. They believe everything from Western MSM. Those that have woken up, got it long ago.
    • Blackie
      good they got 2
    • FlorianGeyer

      Turkey will be a good new home home for their erstwhile DAESH and their affiliate pals. I would not go so far as to wish Turkey to descend into civil war but I would not lose much sleep if it did.
    • Mother Gorillain reply toBlackie(Show commentHide comment)
      Blackie, do not expect this to be like the battle of the Somme in WW1 where real men fought in hand to hand combat, and in one battle there were 200.000 Germans dead, and the same on the French side. Bodies everywhere, rats, gore, hunger, sickness and people out of their minds because of horrific terror from going over the top.
      When these ISIS fighters reach their limit, they'll just leave and go on a holiday to the EU, from where they'll then return in due course for some more videos of beheadings. The map Sputnik published the other day showed it as well, the bulk of Syria is either desert or controlled by IS, the Russians, Kurds, Syrian government troops, and now the Turks and the West are just nibbling at the margins. And the Western powers can't really kill IS, because they have all infiltrated its ranks. Wonder whether it's the same for Russia?
    • avatar
      and as the terrorists leave to hide, they will wait for another day to repeat the 'exercise'.:(
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, agreed. Not too sure about their promo but I do like the content of their 'reports'.
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