03:05 GMT +325 February 2017
    Syrian army soldiers ride a motorcycle in the village of Salma, in the northwestern province of Latakia on January 15, 2016

    Russian Military Shows Liberated Syrian Town to Foreign Journalists (VIDEO)

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    A group of foreign journalists got a chance to visit the recently liberated town of Salma in the Syrian province of Latakia. The Russian military showed the journalists the mountain resort city which was recently retaken from al-Nusra militants and other terrorist organizations.

    The city once a thriving resort now lays in ruins with some areas still mined, but liberated from the stronghold of the terrorists. The journalists were able to witness the results of the Syrian army operation.

    American, European, Chinese and Japanese reporters learned that they were going into newly liberated Salma, just a few minutes before arriving in the city – due to security reasons. All of them were given helmets and bulletproof vests, Vesti News reported.

    It is noted that the representatives of the media could move freely through the streets of Salma, they were allowed to ask questions of anyone who they wished to interview.

    The correspondents of the largest Chinese TV channel said that he was struck by the openness of the Russian military.

    The Russian Defense Ministry also reported that it is not a one-off event — the coverage of the fight against terrorism will continue.

    Last week it became known that, with the support of the Russian air force, the Syrian army was able to establish control over the city of Salma, after it had been in the hands of terrorists for the past four years.

    During this time, Syrian government troops held positions on approaches to Salma. However, the offensive was made possible after air strikes, intelligence gathering, and a blockade.

    The strategically important city was once a mountain resort, which is home to about 10, 000 people. It now lies in ruins, with some areas still mined.

    Earlier a RT crew also toured the neighborhoods of Salma and saw that the army is moving towards Rabia district, where the main terrorist stronghold is situated. This area is also located in the immediate vicinity of the road to the Syrian-Turkish border.

    In addition, this week the representatives of Russian and foreign media were able to go on board the anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov, which is on duty off the coast of Syria.

    The guests were shown the armed ship, including anti-missile and anti-aircraft missile systems.


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    • And you have people who will tell you that Russia's airstrikes are uneffective..

      Well done!
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      Strange the US coalition cannot manage to do the same? I wonder why?
    • avatar
      jasin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, 4 years and nothing by that biased pro-terrorist bullhorn Syrian Observatory for Human Rights giving "news". As soon as Russia and Syria ares able, it allows reporters to go there and report what they see and talk to whoever they want. No "ally" of the US will do that.

      People should remember that this is Assad being open to the media too, letting them make their own reports.
    • avatar
      'The correspondents of the largest Chinese TV channel said that he was struck by the openness of the Russian military.'

      Things - even PR - are so much easier when you have truth on your side.
    • qvasko 15
      Great to prove!
    • avatar
      professor.hornblowin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, Well done indeed Russia, and of course the Syrian Army which has been under considerable strain for the past four years. Let the rebuild commence. Russian builders, architects, engineers, etc are welcome.
    • in reply toprofessor.hornblow(Show commentHide comment)
      professor.hornblow, I hope it will happen soon..and it shows one Russia build (relationships and buildings) while the us and "allies" destroy..
    • rogertidy
      I saw this report on television. Russia is doing a great job. The joy of the liberated people, who had been under terrorist control for three years, was obvious.
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      Where are the Turkmen?
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      Let Syrian citizens cooperate with the Army.This includes Iraq and Libya too.
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