22:20 GMT24 June 2021
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    The US-led coalition carried out 25 airstrikes against Daesh (ISIL/the Islamic State) positions in Syria and Iraq, the US Central Command announced in a press release on Tuesday.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Monday’s airstrikes in Syria were conducted near four cities Hasakah, Hawl, Raqqah, and Mara, and destroyed multiple Daesh fighting positions, a Daesh building, a Daesh vehicle as well as wounded two Daesh fighters.

    “In Syria, coalition military forces conducted eight strikes using attack, fighter, and remotely piloted aircraft,” the release said. “In Iraq, coalition military forces conducted 17 strikes coordinated with and in support of the Government of Iraq.”

    The airstrikes near Iraq’s Ramadi destroyed several Daesh command and control nodes, weapons caches, buildings, a vehicle borne improvised explosive device, and wounded two Daesh fighters.

    The airstrikes on Monday in Iraq were also carried out near Fallujah, Kisik, Mosul, and Qayyarah, where they destroyed multiple tactical units, vehicles, bunkers, assembly areas, and wounded two Daesh fighters.

    The US-led coalition of 65 nations has been carrying out strikes against Daesh in Iraq since August 2014 and in Syria since September 2014, but without the approval of the Syrian government or the UN Security Council.


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