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    German Air Force Will Not Inform Russia of Flight Plans in Syria

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    German Defense Minister said the country's Air Force will not inform Russia about the flight plans in Syria.

    BERLIN (Sputnik) – Russia will not receive any flight plans or other information on Germany’s Air Force operating in Syria, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Tuesday.

    “I would like to specify once again, images and information on where we’re flying is maintained exclusively by the participants of the [US-led] coalition that I was talking about. These will not be presented to Russia,” von der Leyen said on Germany’s N24 television station.

    “Only who’s flying where will be told to Russia in order to avoid collisions,” she added. 

    The German defense minister added that Berlin would only share information on "who's flying where" with Moscow to avoid collisions in the Syrian airspace.

    Russia has been conducting anti-terrorist airstrikes in Syria since September 30 at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    On November 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin reaffirmed calls to the international community for united efforts in the fight against the Islamic State (IS, or Daesh in the Arab world) jihadist group, outlawed and classified as a terrorist organization in Russia, in Syria.


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    • Mikhas
      Going arrogant fascists again are we?

      There were no Russia or Russian s-400´s around when the German LUFTWAFFE on the exact day of the Nazi onslaught on Serbia started to rain death over the country again in -99. This as their first priority as a united nation.

      Now however there are and despite the usual bullshit threats, that is a fact that will sober the Nazi schwein...
    • Ingimundar
      What could possibly go wrong?
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      dvdgrg09in reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, Not exactly, it is that NATO's strategic goal is to weaken and ultimately defeat Russia globally. In the past this may have meant to destroy Russia, i.e. break it into pieces. I am not sure that goal, which many people may still have, is viable any more. But the goal of forcing Russia to accede to US hegemony is still there, albeit somewhat hazy I think nowadays. So Syria is simply a new NATO "front", in addition to Ukraine. However, I don't see the reasoning, because unless NATO wants a big shooting war they cannot avoid defeat in Syria. For NATO, the competition is about money (and power), but for Russia, Syria, and even Iran, Iraq and Lebanon it is about God and Country. In this war, Russia wins!
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      marcanhaltin reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, I am less inclined to be so precocious as to assume that I know anything that you refer to. I would rather play with the words you seem to want to use as an expert on things, choosing rather to be sardonic even rather than sarcastic. To date, I have yet to meet the experts on discussion that take me beyond the materials we just both read. I want to keep my sanity by admitting I know just enough to be a smart alec. That does not seem to be your purpose however. When it comes to reading skills, none of is that far behind the other. It is in how we conclude out reading that sets us apart.
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      sepheronxin reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)
      coolerheads, i know I am right. If you want to learn more, search it rather than making up detection tracking distances. Even youtube has a video of Su-35 detecting target of 3m^2 at 390km. If you think Russia is lying about its aor defense systems, you are simply a simple minded fool. There is a reason why Almaz antey is one of the worlds largest defense companies and has long time experience. And hence why many countries are excited about it.

      You know who lies about performance? West, especially US. Look up Saudi Arabias performance with PAC-3. Pathetic. Can barely deal with Scud B's. And the Eurofighter lost to Su-30MKI quite badly in recent exercises with India.
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      dvdgrg09in reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, forget the psychoanalysis and get on the topic.
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      marcanhaltin reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, I don't know how to refer to circular thinking. Do you think I need therapy?
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      dvdgrg09in reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, yes.
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      coolerheadsin reply tosepheronx(Show commentHide comment)
      sepheronx, I wouldn't believe everything you see on YouTube. Sukhoi has their claims about the SU-35, Boeing has their claims about the F-18, Airbus/BAE have their claims about the Eurofighter, and Almaz has their claims about the S-400. I also wouldn't judge the claims based on the size of the company. Boeing's revenues are about 12 times those of Almaz and about 70 times those of Sukhoi, but again that doesn't really mean much. Also, 3m^2 is approximately the frontal radar cross section of the F-18 or the Eurofighter. I wasn't referring to either of those when I said "Stealth Aircraft". The radar cross section of the F-22 is reported to be about .0001 m^2, or approximately 1cm^2 from any angle (front, side, rear, top, bottom). At what distance can any current Russian radar lock onto a 1cm^2 object? The best intel we have is from the 2012 Red Flag exercise. The longest distance at which a Eurofighter could get a missile lock on an F-22 was reported as "within just a few kilometers". Whether that means 3km or 10km is highly classified. The Eurofighter's CAPTOR AESA radar is reported to be one of the most sensitive in the world. Also in the testing India did between the SU-30 and the Eurofighter, it wasn't quite as lopsided as you claim. The SU-30 was found to be more agile and superior in close-quarters combat. The Eurofighter was deemed to have better avionics and radar and be more effective in long-range combat. Interestingly enough though, those two weren't the only aircraft India tested in those trials. They actually decided to go with the Dassault Rafale as their next primary fighter, finding it to provide more overall value than either the Eurofighter or SU-30.
    • avatar
      ...and people say Sputnik commentators are incoherent...
    • avatar
      Why such an antagonistic approach? With the exception of Russia and Iran all of the other countries in Syria are violating international law. The flowers of the west are flagrantly violating international law. What titanic hypocrites. HYPOCRITES. President Putin always counters with a very measured response-to his great credit- but how long can this continue? Maybe a very dramatic line needs to be drawn in the sand to wake the people of the world up the looming disaster being thrust upon the world by the psychopathic neocons=america/israel.
    • Ivan Buckeyein reply toConcernedCitizen(Show commentHide comment)
      ConcernedCitizen, I agree with you. Mr. Putin has been very measured in his response to various instigations by the U.S. The U.S. is playing a very dangerous game.
    • avatar
      It's official German government is schizophrenic. US vassal Germany on orders from its Master the US. did anyone bother to inform the ignorant bitch von der Leyen that Russia has a no fly zone established under agreement with the democratically elected Assad government. Obviously this fool is obtaining the same advice as Obongo is getting from his own schizophrenic military advisers who are telling him there is NO MILITARY OPTION in Syria. Goodbye German aviation, arrogant to the end.
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      Eudoxiain reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)
      coolerheads, The US wouldn't know which way its asshole was pointing. The semi illiterate Ashton Carter doesn't even know how many nuclear warheads Russia has aimed at the US and vice versa (his own words during a recent Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing). One would think as Secretary of Defense, Head of the Pentagon and the Warmonger in Chief's No 1 military adviser would know this off the top of his head one would imagine, but no his answer was to quote "I don't know I'll have to get back to you on that" Dunford No 2 highest military commander in the US and the CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that Russia had a massive nuclear arsenal but provided no information on the USs. In a clear cut and dry case of Dumber and Dumber. Mr Magoo (Carter) was also asked if the CJCS was still supplying the moderate rebels with weapons Magoo replied he was "not familiar with that acronym" then turned to look at Joseph Dunford the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who happened to be sitting right next to him - FUCKING SCHIZOPHRENIC FOREIGN POLICY to the core LOLOL.................what a pathetic joke.
    • avatar
      Germany begins its first action over Syria with an act of stupidty .
    • GwanSoon Lee Tattoos
      Syria should not let Germany Know that they are being targeted either. Once again the US led coalition which has created this whole situation, and sat on their hands for years is still pulling the strings and giving the orders with their Nato bluntskulls. Yeah, go fight now that Russia has taken care of more than 75% of the criminal element.
    • avatar
      What is this a free for all?I , dont like what I'm hearing....if feigning friendship with hidden agendas nothing can prevent the end they bring upon themselves...that small window slams shut when in their hearts they have made the choice ...the rest is as deserved
    • avatar
      Children of countries that were defeated in the WWII were educated to hate Russian, and obey their patron, i.e. the USA. This is the same what ISIS is doing in Syria and Iraqi territories. Do not expect different from the Japanese.
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      sepheronxin reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)

      Yes, and the video is Russian and actual footage of the radar itself in use. So you can go take a hike.

      As well, you are aware that Boeing does multitude of business and Almaz Antey and Sukhoi do one? Of course you wouldn't have figure that one out yourself, now would you?

      As well as your claim about the Eurofighter, none of that was actually claimed by anyone, you are either making it up or reading it off of a brochure.
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      German ignorance at its best, risking confrontation.
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