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    The Middle East in the Wake of Paris: The Era of Regime Change is Over

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    Middle East
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    Given the recent attacks in Paris and the ongoing chaos in Libya and Iraq, Western leaders who continue to pursue their post-9/11 war on terror should realize that they have failed to “remake the world in their own image” and any attempt to topple a regime in the Middle East will wind up giving power to “hard-line Islamists”, according to US media.

    The post-9/11 war on terror has failed, and from now on it won’t be part of a ”neoconservative project to remake the world in our own image,” according to a political analyst Emile Simpson.

    Any attempt to topple a regime in the Middle East will only end up providing power to hard-line Islamists, he said in an article published in Foreign Policy magazine.

    The author uses Syria as an example.

    Self-defense fighters' training center in Syria
    © Sputnik/ Mikhail Viskresensky
    Self-defense fighters' training center in Syria

    “Syria makes plain that we don’t, actually, have an alternative to Assad,” he says.

    “Whatever Assad’s personal fate, dissolving his regime means removing any vestige of state order that remains in Syria, and replacing it with even more chaos.”

    “And surely we’ve learned by now that things can always get worse. Syria merely confirms the lesson the West should have learned from Iraq: that the freedom agenda in the Muslim world is dead.”

    Abdullah Ahmed walks outside his home that was damaged in a bombing in Fallujah, Iraq. The U.S. and its coalition allies have carried out more than 1,000 strikes in Iraq since its campaign began in August - as well as hundreds more by American and Arab air forces in neighboring Syria.
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    Abdullah Ahmed walks outside his home that was damaged in a bombing in Fallujah, Iraq. The U.S. and its coalition allies have carried out more than 1,000 strikes in Iraq since its campaign began in August - as well as hundreds more by American and Arab air forces in neighboring Syria.

    The author also elaborated that Iraq, where the West tried a “heavy footprint strategy”, and Libya, “where it opted for a light one”, had only proved that “the idea that Europe or the United States can actually execute democratic change by force has been exposed as a fallacy”.

    “The notion that regime change leads to a better democratic or a humanitarian outcome is decidedly false,” he stated.

    Any potential armed opposition movement in the Muslim world now becomes a potential jihadi branch and the West can’t risk that, he added, acknowledging that any legitimate government is definitely better than any suggested opposition group.

    The role of intervention, post-Paris, will be exactly the reverse of the post-9/11 model, he further predicts. Interventions will occur, he says, but only to back fragile governments — not unseat them — without attaching any guarantees of future democratic transformations.

    “We should no longer doubt that gaps in fragile states in the Muslim world will be filled by anything other than hard-line Islamists. Sure, there were always terrorist networks like al Qaeda that could set up bases in ungoverned space. But 14 years later, we see how the information revolution has massively catalyzed the formation of jihadist networks.”

    Iraqi family stands inside their home hit by an airstrike in Fidhailiya area in eastern Baghdad, Iraq.
    © AP Photo/ Hadi Mizban
    Iraqi family stands inside their home hit by an airstrike in Fidhailiya area in eastern Baghdad, Iraq.

    The author says that it has been somewhat fashionable to attack the state since the early 1990s, when liberal interventionists could make claims about the “responsibility to protect.”

    Meanwhile, the neo-conservatives were able to make hypothetical claims about democratic regime change that look ridiculous in hindsight, after the nightmare of Iraq.

    “That world is now gone, and the state will reassert itself with a vengeance — that’s what Paris means,” he stated.


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      Syria's President Assad was an impediment to the plans of Qatar (gas pipeline to Mediterranean), Israel (Oil in Golan heights, security), US (strategic advantage in M. East), S. Arabia (Wahabist dominance), Turkey (territorial claims, gaining against Kurds), and others. The rest about lack of democracy is false and mere propaganda. (For example, are S. Arabia and UAE democracies and examples for human rights?)
    • avatar
      Sorry, but I think the author has it completely backwards !

      "neoconservative project to remake the world in our own image"

      The goal was chaos since the beginning, the mujahideens (jihadists) financed by Saudis and armed by the US in Afghanistan, since the worldwide conversion of muslims to Saudi hardcore wahabism and salafism, all this with the protection of the US-Saudi military pact...

      Neoconservatives (and neoliberals likes Soros and friends) call it creative destruction, and I believe nothing sums it up better than Michael Oren (former lSraeIi ambassador to the US) quote "We'd prefer an al-Qaida run Syria, to an Assad victory". Why compete against the others, when you can simply destroy the competition ?

      And the inital plan was to topple Assad to isolate Iran, then attack Iran ! It didn't work as intended, obviously, so the US/lS/Saudis tried to play good cop bad cop and divide and conquer, playing nice with Iran while punishing Russia with the coup in Kiev.

      Europe was too lazy to the neoconservative trio, so they are also punished with massive immigration and now, they are back to the terrorists attacks against Russia, France and in Africa, this is clearly not finished, yet.
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      Alexey Yarmolenko
      Anglo Imperialism is now officially Terminally Ill.
      It must now either decide to send the world down in flames with it, or else take its place as one of several world Powers, the dominant force being China, with strong support of Russia and Iran.

      We shoud rejoice because now the moderate Muslims, Orthodox Christians, Orthodox Jews, Catholics and Hindus of this world have more power.

      For decades, Anglo America supported Wahabi Islamic Terrorism, along with Protestant and Zionist extremism. They have now been exposed and these movements will decline!
    • Panagiotis Brd
      Exactly .
    • avatar
      Lies lies lies. The freedom movement in the Middle East is dead. There is less freedom in America then the Middle East. In America the state owns your possessions and infringes on or Denys your constitutional rights but through the use of the media the slaves of America don't know the truth of what's transpired.
      The terrorist American government is against freedom more then it is against anything else.
      Look at the track record of three of the criminal American government friends in the Middle East, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Yes aren't they models of freedom.
    • choticastile
      This analyst tried and although he speaks some sense, he is not prepared to go all the way and call out the existence of terrorism for being the mainly falsely created US backed and promoted force it is. The states in the ME who had been subjected to US "interventions" -- which everybody knows were and are actually manipulated and advance planned invasions, have woken up to this evil agenda of ZIOUS and its rank file of neocon modern day colonial imperialist full spectrum global dominance strategy -- so the Kill Switch to this western archaic agenda is turning on superbly and Saudi, Qatar, Israel and Turkey too, part of the US "coalition" (evil plot is a better word), will feel the pain of the full switch on -- which, by the way is at long last happening in Africa too.

      US et al, both arrogant and unbelievably obtuse or plain stupid -- don't want to learn that their horrific Regime Change game is over -- a dead and rotting fish in the poisoned ocean of their own creation. BTW, the only countries, currently run by out and out corrupt Regimes are the western alliance countries and their despot lackeys in the Gulf.

      "Meanwhile, the neo-conservatives were able to make hypothetical claims about democratic regime change that look ridiculous in hindsight, after the nightmare of Iraq."

      Politely described, perhaps even bending towards US insistence on, "political correctness" -- which is nothing else but the western liars' way to cover up more BS. But yes, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and Somalia and Sudan and Ukraine -- the list goes on to include older death and destruction adventures, just calling to mind Vietnam?? Mmmm... all are examples of ungodly, inhuman nightmares created by the US et al in the name of Regime Change and spreading western style REGIME "democracy!"
    • Syden A D
      Regime change days have truly ended , it's time for true democracy and diplomacy .....meets has no reason to preach what it can't practice
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