12:15 GMT24 July 2021
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): While the authenticity of the video cannot be verified, it definitely has sent some chills down the spine of social media users.

    In a bid to keep their friends and followers, Indians who have been ordered to remain home are darting out of their homes for a quick run to pick up basic essentials and making it a point to post some videos and pictures on the side of their eerily deserted communities, which once were bustling with people around.

    On Friday, a popular meme page on Instagram called @tedthestoner that has over one million followers, posted a spooky video clipping of a road-side exercise machine being used by what seems to be a ghost. A screen recording of the video has also made its way to Twitter.

    ​The Mumbai-based admin of the Instagram page did not reveal details about the place where this video was recorded.

    As soon as the post was shared on Instagram, people began posting hilarious comments about the video. From “ghosts flexing” to Harry Potter’s “cloak of invisibility” – all sorts of comparisons arrived in the comments section.

    Some people also wrote that the sinister video caused them to loose sleep due to spooky thoughts, adding to the already-existing coronavirus scare.


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