00:11 GMT04 April 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): Currently, several parts of the world including India are temporarily locked down because of the China-originated coronavirus (COVID-19), which has killed over 13,000 people globally. It would not be wrong to say that humans are now more than ever realising the value of having a natural resource-rich planet.

    Socially distanced and isolated at homes, many netizens on Sunday took to social networking platforms to mark UN-recognised #WorldWaterDay.

    According to the UN, every day, two million tonnes of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste is discharged into the world's water supply. This is the equivalent of the weight of the entire human population of over seven billion people.

    Planet Earth’s larger bodies of water including rivers, seas, ocean, and in fact frozen glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland are either majorly polluted, or are melting rapidly by the day due to the increase in world population, brisk pace of industrialisation, and global warming among.

    Now, due to the current situation in the world caused by the coronavirus pandemic, humans are getting a better understanding about the deteriorating condition of the planet. A lot of people are exploring or discussing more responsible ways of utilising Earth’s elements – especially water which is indispensable for our existence.

    From planting more trees to saving as much water as possible in everyday life – netizens are tweeting all about it. #WorldWaterDay is even trending on Twitter in India.

    ​UN Water also shared special tips to handle water during the virus including guidelines to wash one's hands with clean water regularly.

    ​The coronavirus, which is known to attack the respiratory system of human beings, reportedly originated from an unsupervised animal market in the Chinese city of Whuan that sold exotic animals and birds like snakes and bats for consumption.

    The virus has infected over 300,000 people worldwide and an exact cure for the contagious infection has not yet been discovered.

    Given the circumstances, social media is calling the current situation – Mother Earth’s time for renovation and self healing.

    World Water Day was first formally proposed at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. The day is dedicated to advocating the sustainable management of water resources.


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