19:01 GMT27 October 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): Brain aneurysms cause half a million deaths annually, according to research. Game of Thrones actor Emilia Clarke, a.k.a Daenerys Targaryen battled two nearly fatal aneurysms, a bulge or ballooning in bloods vessel which can be fatal.

    Indian researchers have developed a stent to divert the flow of blood from aneurysm-affected blood vessels that will be an alternative to the surgical treatment of the condition.

    The result of a federally-funded medical research laboratory in Kerala, the low-priced technology is ready to undergo clinical and medial trials before commercial use.

    The spontaneous rupture of blood filled vessel can result in bleeding into the space around the brain which can cause brain haemorrhages, further leading to paralysis, coma or even death.

    The developed flow diverter stent will be flexible and adaptable to the shape and course of the vessel, reducing the risk of movement of the device. It also promotes healing of the vessel wall removing the pressure of blood flow on it.

    The surgical treatment for ballooning of brain blood vessel involves opening of the skull and a tiny metal clip is placed on the neck of the aneurysm to stop blood flow to it. However, there are non-surgical methods to treat the condition.

    The stent has been researched and developed by Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology in Kerala.


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