10:56 GMT27 February 2021
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    GENOA  (Sputnik) - The formation of a new government in Italy, which may be referred to as an emergency government, is the moment when political parties need to put aside their differences and work for a common aim of overcoming economic and sanitary crises, Matteo Luigi Bianchi, member of the Italian parliament from the Lega party, told Sputnik.

    "A government like that of prime minister Draghi is an emergency government that will have to focus almost exclusively on certain issues, that is economy, labor, and the fight against the pandemic. These are the arguments that unite all political forces. We need to work on that. When the 2023 elections come, the parties will have plenty of time to emphasize their different views, goals, values and ideologies, but today the fundamental need is to get out of the economic and sanitary crises," Bianchi said.

    The legislator stressed that after Conte stepped down, having failed to find strong support from the parties, President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella invited Draghi to form a new cabinet. In such cases, a technocratic government is usually established, but Draghi made an unprecedented move and composed a cabinet both from technocrats and politicians from completely diverse political forces.

    "We must keep in mind that this is not a coalition government, not a government that is the result of a political agreement between the parties, but it is the government of the President of the Republic Mattarella who tasked Prime Minister Draghi with forming the government. So it is clear that Draghi has tried to find a balance between the political forces that have expressed support," Bianchi said.

    The legislator added that such a diverse composition of the cabinet would demand the Italian leadership "to develop the art of parliamentary diplomacy as much as possible."

    On Saturday, the new Italian government with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, former European Central Bank chief, at its head was sworn in. It was formed after weeks of a political crisis that played out on the differences among the previous coalition forces about the approaches to economic recovery and resulted in the resignation of former Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte.

    The new Italian government cabinet of ministers includes representatives of the right-wing Lega and Forza Italia parties, centrist and left-wing Democratic Party and Free and Equal party, as well as populist Five Star Movement. As a result, the new government is a true blend of political forces from the whole range of the political spectrum. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Draghi's cabinet will face the vote of confidence in the parliament.

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