00:10 GMT28 February 2020
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    Political Turmoil in UK as Boris Johnson Struggles to Deliver Brexit (58)

    The heated talks in the British Parliament last night led to overall 21 expulsions from the Tories’ ranks, as they publicly rejected the much talked-of no-deal EU divorce plan. However, even the procedure and timing happened to be of interest in this unfolding political theatre.

    A three-hour late-night debate on Brexit appeared too tense and exhausting for many, and Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg was no exception. 

    He stretched out, half-seated, on the House’s leather bench and apparently dropped into a sweet sleep and revelling in the dream world. He didn’t even move as opposition benches insistently shouted out requests at him to sit up and literally wake up to the importance of the agenda.

    The sight of Rees-Mogg slouching on the sofa naturally couldn’t go unnoticed in today’s era of smartphones, with actor Hugh Lauri branding the behaviour "insolent" and "insufferable", as the respective picture set off on a big journey across the Internet.

    Others viewed the awkward moment as an allegory denoting limbo in Parliament amid the urgent need to resolve the longstanding Brexit crunch, while there were also those who perceived the complacent posture of the Commons head as a cue that the resolutions had already been made at some grand elitist level and that traditional democratic procedures could thus be ignored

    Torrents of creative fits flooded social media, and some photoshopped Jacob Rees-Mogg’s facial expression onto a number of pieces of art and TV series snapshots, linking the underlying plot to what is going on in Parliament:

    UK lawmakers demanded on Tuesday that they take full control of the urgent parliamentary agenda after opposition MPs prepared a bill that would block a no-deal EU exit, which is slated for 31 October, by delaying the Brexit date. Johnson, in his turn, earlier threatened with a general election if the bill was passed – a move that is not certain to be okayed by Labour, although Jeremy Corbyn has been baying for it.

    Earlier on Tuesday, during the crucial vote in Parliament, one Tory MP, Phillip Lee rebelled in the middle of Johnson’s fiery speech, defecting to the Lib Dems, meaning that the Tories no longer hold a majority in the legislative body.

    Political Turmoil in UK as Boris Johnson Struggles to Deliver Brexit (58)


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