00:00 GMT02 October 2020
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    Large-scale demonstrations against the government's decision to raise fuel prices and increase fuel taxes started in France in November. Even though the French authorities later discarded their plans, the yellow vests protesters, dissatisfied with the government's social policies, turned into a nation-wide movement.

    The yellow vests take to streets of Paris and other major French cities on 23 February protesting for the fifteenth straight weekend.

    According to the French Interior Ministry, a total of 41,500 people participated in marches throughout the country last Saturday, a clear drop from the peak of 282,000 at the beginning of the movement. The organisers of the protests, though, have reportedly said that the number was higher. 

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    • 16:10

      Yellow Vests Protesters Throwing Smoke Grenades at Police Near Eiffel Tower

      The protest in Paris, which began peaceful, has turned violent, with protesters throwing smoke grenades at the police near the Eiffel Tower.

      Police used a teargas.

      Some of the protesters was detained.

    • 16:09

      Act 15 of Yellow Vests Continues: Follow Sputnik France Correspondent

    • 16:05

      Over 11,000 People Protest Across France

      Some 11,600 yellow vests protesters demonstrated across France at 2:00 pm local time, including 4,000 people in Paris, AFP reports, citing French Interior Ministry data.

      According to the official figures, mobilization for Act 15 was slightly higher compared to the previous week at the same time, when some 10,200 demonstrators protested across France, including 3,000 in Paris.

    • 14:50

      Protesters Gather at Chambord Castle

      Several hundred yellow vests protesters have gathered at Chambord Castle in central France for a picnic in the sunny weather while activists have reportedly blocked access to an Amazon platform in the southwestern city of Toulouse.

    • 12:03

      Banker on Why President Macron Should be Backed, Not Ousted

      A protester takes part in a demonstration of the yellow vests movement in Paris, France.

      Yellow Vests Crisis: Banker on Why President Macron Should be Backed, Not Ousted

      The French economy is facing challenges that can't be solved overnight, Fabien Chalandon, a French private investor, banker, and writer, has told Sputnik. He opined that President Macron should be supported in his attempt to tackle the country's problems, adding that the president's ouster wouldn't remove the problem.
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    • 11:56

      Yellow Vests Take to the Streets of Paris

      Five separate demonstrations were reportedly organised in the French capital.

    • 10:37

      Yellow Vests Take to the Streets in Rouen

      Yellow vests protesters walk in the streets of the French city of Rouen to mark the fifteenth week since the start of their anti-government movement.

    • 10:10

      People Gather to Participate in Yellow Vests Movement - Reports

      Judging by the posts of Facebook users, at least 17,000 people are ready to take part in the Yellow Vests protests on 23 February.


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