06:02 GMT23 January 2021
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    Moscow has condemned the UK actions against Sputnik and RT when personal data of these media outlets' journalists were published, according to Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

    "We have a negative attitude to this, and, in fact, we have expressed absolute misunderstanding and disappointment at various levels in connection with what is happening now in the UK regarding journalists and Sputnik and RT", Peskov stressed.

    The Kremlin understands the publication of the UK journalists' data in Russian media as a response, but what The Times did was unprecedented, Peskov said.

    "No, we treat it with understanding", he noted, saying that the UK's actions were "absolutely unprecedented, not conforming to civilised norms, not complying with the general rules of attitude to the media, not conforming to the principles of media freedom, and, most importantly, causing a direct threat to security of these same individuals who work in the Russian media in the UK".

    The Russian envoy to the UK has commented on the situation, saying that if London shuts down RT, the same measures will be taken in relation to BBC in Russia.

    The statements come after the Times published on 23 December a list of journalists working at Sputnik's UK bureau in Edinburgh and listed their positions.

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    Earlier in December, the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom) stated that RT had breached the regulator's broadcast rules by failing to provide impartial news coverage in seven programmes aired in March and April, a decision in which RT, in turn, has expressed its disappointment. The watchdog said it was considering imposing statutory sanctions on the broadcaster.


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